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ah,. i just love these documents. it’s like you can go back in time by reading these.


Frisky Business cel
Cel press release
Season 1
Press release about season 1. Pretty rare!
Planet Simpson
Official release about Chris Turner’s Planet Simpsons book.
350th episode celebration says it all!
Episode Following Super Bowl
Super Bowl press release.
Season 5 DVD
DoveĀ® Styling Sets for Women Free
Marge Simpson as a mannequin. Season 10 DVD
Yeah x 2!

Season 16 Page
Our own preview page.
Season 17 Preview Page
Our own preview page
Season 19 Page
New episodes listed.
Brands on The Simpsons
You see them in everyday life – can you see them on the Simpsons, too?
Title Parodies – A Guide
For example: There’s No Disgrace Like Home – ?There?s no place like home,? chants Dorothy in Fleming’s 1939 film version of ?The Wizard of Oz?
Lisa’s Top 10 Episodes
Yeardley Smith’s list.
THOH: Twilight Zone References
Treehouse of Horror and classic TV show together hand in hand.
A short history of special guests and episodes
April 19, 1987: The Simpsons make their TV debut as an animated short on ?The Tracey Ullman Show.?
Last episode: What Should They Do
Fan’s thoughts what should they do with the last episode of The Simpsons.
Errors on The Simpsons
Small scale document pointing out some errors on The Simpsons.

Continuity: Episode vs. Series / Character
This page should help you answer those nagging questions like “Where is Springfield?” and “Why don’t the characters age?”
Errors on The Simpsons

Continuity has always been a strong part of the Simpsons, at least up to Season 7. Not that the writers didn’t make goofs, but they rarely made glaring errors such as the one committed in 4F23. Only until Season 8 have we begun to see the errors in continuity used to make a joke.

Freqently asked questions
aka FAQ.
Simpsons letter
Official letter.
Did You Know
Did you?
Nice to know
General information about the show.
Definition of D’oh
Webster’s New World Dictionary.
Worker & Parasite
From the Itchy & Scratchy cartoon.
Simpsons cels
ABC of Simpsons cels.
Simpsons movie
Old page about Simpsons movie. Interesting if everything is t r u e.
[email protected]
Homer’s e-mail address which was used in episode. All his actual replies are also here which fans received when they tried the address.
Digital cartooning
The Simpsons and how it is processed these days.
Matt Groening’s Portland
His native city lives in the heart and pen of The Simpsons creator.
Portland Allusions
Matt Groening did more than name ?Simpsons? characters after Portland streets. The names for many of the show?s oddball characters came from family members, old friends and other obscure personal reference.
Stanley Kubrick and The Simpsons
Lessons from the season 5 dvd
The “facts” gleaned from the DVD’s commentaries, deleted scenes and extras.
Details on season 6 dvd
Press release.
How do you contact Matt Greoning or The Simpsons?

Here’s answer.
Who has turned down a chance to guest star on the Simpsons?

A short list.
Visual Process of the Simpsons
The first step in ‘visual’ production on The Simpsons is the storyboard process. The script (and then the dialogue recording) is done by the writers and voice talent before it reaches the storyboard process, as well as a few musical cues by Alf Clausen… but visualisation is also big part.
Creation Theory
So how is each Simpsons episode created? Mike Scully explains the process of how a vague story idea is transformed into a broadcastable episode.

The Simpsons Movie Mini Review Page
Lot’s of details about movie, review by me (or some sort), photographs from the theater, NHC says corner… The Simpsons Movie is here! Still under development.

Why do you like the Simpsons?
There are many reasons why The Simpsons are so damn good, actually. The many millions of fans will tell you that. I know my personal reasons are most likely no different, but I thought I’d give it a shot anyway. And more!
Simpsons vs. Futurama
What fans of The Simpsons thought when Futurama first season aired on the television?
What makes you laugh on the OFF

We had little survey on the site in 2004 asking what makes people laugh on the Simpsons.
My first Simpsons
Here are some writings from ‘My First Simpsons’ -contest on August 1999 on this site.

if you’re really reading this i would like to saythe simpsons folder you