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tour download section. here you can download simpsons files. and yes, flies.


What a beautiful movie-a-like game trailer! Check The Simpsons Minutes to Meltdown game trailer and be touched. Visit Springfield for an amazing adventure with the Simpsons. Guide Homer in a race against time as he tries to prevent a meltdown at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant.
The Simpsons (working title) Premiere Event video

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Dan Castellaneta Radio
Interview was online at
internet August 1999.
Interview is cut on four parts.
Playing time is approximately
30 minutes.

Harry Shearer and Dan Castellaneta
Late Night with Conan O’Brien fall 2002. Pretty exciting show – Dan and Harry do the voices of the Simpsons characters and audience wants more! Worth a look.
Dan Castellaneta
Dan Castellaneta, voice of Homer Simpson visited on Conan show february 2000. Dan had theatre show called Alchemist going on same time so they talked about the new play and of course The Simpsons! Playing time 6:27.
Nancy Cartwright
Nancy visited on Conan O’Brien show november 2000. They talked about her book about Bart and Nancy and of course Nancy throw some quality Simpsons phrases during the interview. Good show!
Hank Azaria
Hank is voice of many characters on the Simpsons. Can you remember even all? Well, watch this clip and you will be pleasently surprised of his voice.

Animatic Error
Episode CABF16 had an animatic error on one sequence and you can see it by downloading file which goes frame by frame forward. Playing time about 10 seconds.

Matt groening drawing Bart
How fast Matt Groening draws one Bart Simpson?

Toon Zone News got the chance to sit down briefly with Pamela Hayden, the voice actress who provides the voice of Milhouse, Rod Flanders, Sarah Wiggum, Janey Powell, and several other supporting characters on the show. They provide short audio clips some of her answers, where the transcript would lose the way Hayden shifted into character for her response. Or where it was just funnier to hear her response rather than read it.

TZN: Where does Milhouse come from?
HAYDEN: (As Milhouse) Heh-heh…Milhouse-land. And I used to..over the summers, I’d live with my nana in Italy, and not a lot of people knew that, so that’s why I speak fluent Italian. Bueno noche! (laughter)
TZN: Sometimes, we’ll hear other voice actors tell us, “Oh my God, the animators mimicked what just I did in the booth.” Ever seen them doing things like that with Milhouse?
HAYDEN: Well, not so much with Milhouse, but for example, when I do Janey (starts doing Janey) Like…she’s a…little girl…and, like, a lot of times, they’ll…uh move around a lot…and ….like, they’ll kind of fidgeting back and forth…and the breath…and that’s why the breathing is different because they’re little. (stops Janey) So, just the movement will be like on camera, how a certain walk or voice will change the character, I think that’s how it does for voice overs for me. That…getting that stance and how a character would move, even though you’re not moving. You don’t want to be off-mike and mess up the sound guy (laughs).
TZN: What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever had to do…
HAYDEN: (Mock indignant) I don’t do…NUDE VOICEOVERS! What are you saying?!? (laughs) I think that’s happened more actually on Saturday morning cartoons, where you’re doing the voice of a fly, and they’ll say, “Uh…yeah, that’s good, but don’t do an animated fly. Do the voice of a REAL fly.” (laughs) That sort of stuff. You go, “Oh…OK….’I was just talking to Buzz the other day…'”

Teaser 3
Teaser 2
Teaser 1
Trailer 1
Trailer 2
Trailer 3
International Trailer 1
International Trailer 2
International Trailer 3
The Simpsons Movie trailers and teasers. You can watch them at Apple’s trailer page, too.
The Spider-Pig sequence
Look out, he’s a Spider-Pig!
Chainsaw Gag
Whipping Dogs
5 Options
Beef Jerky
Grand Theft Walrus

The Simpsons Arcade
The Simpsons Arcade [1.2 mb] game from the year 1990.
Bart Simpson Audio Check
My Name Is Bart, and I Am Funky
Unreleased cut from the Yellow Album.
Homer quote file
Homer quote file [800 kb] from the interactive lumicel Six Degrees of Homer Simpson where you actually put your hand in front of the sensor to trigger a sound clip.
1-800 Collect
Inside the Actors Studio
James Lipton.

Homer in MasterCard
Homer in MasterCard ad [800 kb] Homer Simpson is going to the Super Bowl on Sunday. He will headline a 30-second MasterCard ad – one of several funky spots airing during Sunday’s Big Game. The Homer spot, part of MasterCard’s ongoing “Priceless” campaign, is titled “The Simpsons” and highlights a typical day for Homer, who runs some errands so he’ll be able to spend more time with Marge and the kids.
Intel Pentium
C.C. Lemon advertisement
Budweiser Wassup Ad
Spoof version of the famous Budweiser Wassup Ad [4.1 mb] made with the Simpsons.
The Simpsons Hit & Run tv

Milhouse Divided
Bart After Dark
Burns Baby Burns
Hurricane Neddy
I Am Furious Yellow
Gump Roast
Dancin’ Homer & Dead PuttingLisa’s Date with Density
Simpsons Safari pt.1
The Old Man and the Key
Who Shot Mr. Burns
These are preview promos from Australian television Channel Ten promoting the Simpsons show (about 3000-4000 kb each)

Virtual Springfield
The Simpsons Hit & Run
Season One DVD trailer


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