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Have you ever tried to make a flaming Moe?

(warning: all try outs are at your own risk!).

7f16Oh brother, Where ar…
7f18 brush with greatness
8f08 flaming Moe’s
8f21 Otto Show
9f05 Marge gets a Job
9f07 Mr. Plow
9f19a Krusty gets Kancelled
9f19b Krusty gets Kancelled
9f22 cape feare
1f01 Rosebud
1f05 bart’s Inner child
1f06 boy Scoutz N the Hood
1f11 bart gets famous
1f12 Lisa vs. Malibu Stacy
2f04 bart’s girlfriend
2f15 Lisa’s Wedding
3f03 Lisa the Vegetarian
3f12 bart the fink
3f21a Homerpalooza
3f21b Homerpalooza
3f23 You Only Move Twice
3g01 The Springfield files
4f14 The brother from another…
4f21 The Secret War of Lisa
4f22 The city of New York vs. H
The Last Temptation of…
5f19 When You Dish Upon a Star
5f23 The Joy of Sect
aabf23 beyond blunderdome
babf02 Hello gutter, Hello fadder
babf03 eight Misbehavin’
babf07a grift of the Magi
babf07b grift of the Magi
babf08 The Mansion family
babf10 alone again, Natura-
babf12 Pygmoelian
babf13 bart to the futur
babf15 Last Tap dance in…
babf16 Kill the alligator and Run
babf17 Insane clown Poppy
babf19a behind the Laughter
babf19b behind the Laughter
babf20a a Tale of Two
babf20b a Tale of Two
babf20c a Tale of Two
babf21a Treehouse of Horror XI
babf21b Treehouse of Horror XI
cabf07 Tennis the Menace
cabf10 day of the Jackanapes
cabf12 New Kids on the blecch
cabf15 I’m goin’ to Praiseland
cabf17 Simpsons Tall Tales
cabf19a Treehouse of Horror XII
cabf19b Treehouse of Horror XII
cabf19c Treehouse of Horror XII
cabf20 Homer the Moe
cabf22a The Parent Rap
cabf22b The Parent Rap

fabulous Simp-pics made by visual designer Jari Paananen from finland. These features finnish icons such as Moomin characters, Nokia, Ville Valo from HIM and more. Pics have been published also in paper called Valo in finland.
extreme Duudsons
finnish flag and Tarja Halonen
President of finland.
chief Wiggum and Moomin’ troll
Nokya phone
Peter franzen and Irina björklund
Two celebrities from finland.
Teemu Selanne and Mighty Ducks
Jean Sibelius
finnish music at best.
Väinämöinen and Kantele
Ville Valo from HIM
Me Simpsonit cover
Springfield Town
all the characters included. Try to find them all!

Pulp fiction drawings These are drawn by animators of the show while they didn’t had anything else to do. It is rumoured that there are about 30 of them but only these are published on the internet + one which isn’t added here for Pg.
(‘and you will know…’) (car scene) (awakening) (Pigs) (gun) (car scene 2) (Resteurant) (Resteurant 2) (Pleasure) (Homer eating hamburger) (We’re talking about hollies holes…)

dabf02She of Little faith
dabf04 Half-Decent Proposal
dabf06 The bart Wants What it Wants
dabf07 The Lastest gun in the West
dabf09 The Old Man and the Key
dabf11 Weekend at burnsie’s
dabf13 I am furious Yellow
dabf16 The frying game
dabf18a Large Marge
dabf18b Large Marge
dabf19a Treehouse of Horror XIII
dabf19b Treehouse of Horror XIII
dabf20 bart vs. Lisa vs. 3rd grade
dabf22a How I Spent My Strummer
dabf22b How I Spent My Strummer
eabf04 The Strong arms of the Ma
eabf05a barting Over
eabf05b barting Over
eabf14 Old Yeller-belly
eabf15 brake My Wife, Please
eabf16 The bart of War
eabf18 My Mother the carjacker
eabf20 The President Wore Pearls
eabf21 Treehouse of Horror XIV
eabf21b Treehouse of Horror XIV
eabf22 The Regina Monologues
eabf22b The Regina Monologues
fabf02 ‘Tis the fifteenth Season
fabf06 Margical History Tour
fabf09 Smart and Smarter
fabf11 Wandering Juvie
fabf11 Wandering Juvie
fabf12 My big fat geek Wedding
fabf13 The Way We Weren’t
fabf15 Simple Simpson
fabf18 fraudcast News
fabf19 Sleeping With The enemy
fabf20a all’s fair In Oven War
fabf20b all’s fair In Oven War
fabf20c all’s fair In Oven War
fabf23 Treehouse Of Horror XV
gabf02a Homer & Ned’s Hail Mary
gabf02b Homer & Ned’s Hail Mary
gabf02c Homer & Ned’s Hail Mary
gabf02d Homer & Ned’s Hail Mary
gabf02e Homer & Ned’s Hail Mary
gabf03 Pranksta Rap
gabf04a There’s Something about
gabf04b There’s Something about
gabf04c There’s Something about
gabf06 The goo goo gai Pla
gabf09 The father, Son & Holy guest
gabf10a Don’t fear The Roofer
gabf10b Don’t fear The Roofer
gabf10c Don’t fear The Roofer
gabf11 The Heartbroke Kid
gabf13 a Star Is Torn
gabf15 Home away from Homer

burger King has supporting the Simpsons show from the early 90’s with different kinds of toys and themes. Here are burger King Spooky Halloween panflets from 2001 which supported its collectible figurine set. The set includes 15 classic characters from the Simpsons in goulish Halloween alter egos.
apu Nahasapeemapetilon) (barney gumble) (bart Simpson) (charles M. burns) (Ned flanders) (grampa Simpson) (Julius Hibbert) (Homer Simpson) (Lisa Simpson) (Maggie Simpson) (Marge Simpson) (Milhouse Van Houten) (Seymour Skinner) (Willie)

faN aRT
50 images of fan-art from an old and defunct website donated to us!
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50

MaRge IN PLaYbOY 2009
The Simpsons have found an interesting means of marking 20 years of broadcast. The matriarch of the Simpsons clan, Marge Simpson, will be gracing Playboy magazine?s November cover. If life imitates art imitates life, since Hugh Hefner has already been on The Simpsons, it is no surprise Marge will pose for Playboy. for the first time in its illustrious history spanning the likes of pin-ups such as Marilyn Monroe and cindy crawford, a cartoon character will grace the cover of Playboy magazine.
IMage 1
IMage 2
IMage 3
Devil in Marge Simpson

all 5 at 300 dpi

Tracey Ullman logo
Marge Simpson
bart at the barbershop
Marge and kids

grampa and kids

Kids at car
Maggie and Lisa ready

Kids running

Homer and fish

Lisa Simpson
at aquariuim

family portrait

bart, Maggie and Lisa
Lisa’s secret medicine
Lisa pouring medicine

Lisa at the cash jar
Maggie at the vash jar

bart at the vash jar

Simpsons as monkeys

Kids sitting on couch

Homer threating bart

Lisa pointing

Lisa ready to bunch
Lisa and toys

big vs. 200 X 150

Maggie, bart and Lisa
at the movies

Wild kids

Underwater bart

Sisters with ties
Maggie skateboarding

Lisa in the forest
bart tickeling Maggie

Kids at outside

Kids at outside 2
bart slides down

Kids at room

Maggie, bart and Lisa

bart and football

Lisa ready

Lisa with a pot
bart with vase
bart with sombrero

Lisa “eeeeeww”
Krusty the Klown

Homer^3 for the first time ever, Homer and bart Simpson we’re brought to the screen as three-dimensional characters, rendered in state-of-the-art computer animation by PDI. “Treehouse of Horror VI,” the 1995 installment of The Simpsons’ popular Halloween specials, features Homer3, a parody of a memorable episode of “The Twilight Zone” in which a young girl passes through a wall and is trapped in the 4th dimension. ´ More than 3 1/2 minutes of computer generated character animation were created by PDI for The Simpsons’ “Treehouse of Horror VI,” representing the first time a traditional 2D character has been re-created in 3D form for television. PDI animators also provided a seamless transition effect from cel to cg animation as Homer and bart pass through the “mystery wall.” PDI worked closely with the creators of The Simpsons to transform Homer and bart from 2D cel animated characters into 3D form. Other challenges faced by PDI included creating facial gestures, and synchronizing lip movements to the hilarious Simpsons voice track. Once the motion was complete, background elements and special effects such as the highlights and glints that spring from a sparkling road sign were added by PDI effects animators. PDI lighting specialists added beauty lighting for the characters and dressed the scenes for final rendering.
Real world
entering 2
entering 4
Standing 2

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