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Researches: The Simpsons VS. Futurama

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Researches: The Simpsons VS. Futurama

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What fans of The Simpsons thought when Futurama first season aired on television? We had little survey on and here are are fans opinions what they think is better and how Futurama will survive in the future. I can honestly say that this page received over 500 comments but due to space and time I have selected best ones for you to read. Is Futurama better than The Simpsons? On this page you will find…

– Fans of Simpsons speak
– Me like both
– Fans of Futurama, Life after season 1
– Futurama cancelled, Life after Futurama

Participate for discussion! Current topic is “Futurma cancelled, Life after Futurama by your thoughs of it.

The Simpsons

Adam Wolf

You guys need a kick in the pants. How can you judge the future of this new show by the first episode? The Simpsons will always be my favorite. Sure, I liked the first episode, but the second one looks boring. As the old saying goes “Never judge a book by it’s cover” …or in this case, ‘Never judge a tv show by its first episode’.

Eric Wirtanen

It’s too early to tell right now, but I don’t think Futurama can ever replace the Simpson family. The Simpsons is in a class of its own and it will be a shame if Matt Groening chooses to focus more on Futurama instead of the show which made him famous to the whole world.


I think that they are both pretty good, but if you compare the Simpson episode that was airing the same night that Futurama Premiered (The episode “Maxiumum Homerdrive”), you can see how far that show has come. While Futurama has more depth, The Simpsons has more character, with each character more well defined than the next, unlike Futurama, where the characters, while diffrent, show some of the same character traits. While Futurama has promising future (no pun intended), the Simpsons will have a special place in my heart.

Matt Mintoff

The Simpsons are amazing, and Futurama will probably never be as good, but you can’t judge a show from it’s pilot. Look at the first Simpsons, for example.

Richard Winograd

It was good but it was a lot like Simpsons. It used the head in the bottle joke and other jokes used in the Simpsons. Over all it had some really good and funny Jokes.

Hari Wierny

Futurama had a much better pilot than “The Simpsons”, but of course, my love for the Simpsons hasn’t died, and never will. I laughed a lot more at the Futurama episode, much more than at some of the new eps of The Simpsons, but there are at least 8 great seasons of the Simpsons, and one great Episode of Futurama.


I cannot believe this is even being debated. While Futurama does show promise it has not even had a third of the run of the Simpsons. The Simpsons has not only over 200 episodes but established characters as well. It’s true that Futurama has better animation and it might just have more outlandish episodes (in the future) but until we even see more than just the pilot debates such as these are too hasty.


Simpsons is way better so far! It is better in my opinion because of all the side jokes they stick into it, where as Futurama is more slap stickish (which isn’t bad at all). But I hope Futurama gets better as it goes on, it’s cool how Groening encorperated that sybmol languge into Futurama. It’s hard to crack! But I have 5 letters so far. But so far, my pick is Simpsons, Futurama just doesn’t have as much wit and inside jokes as Simpsons does.

Scott Douglas Hughes

Sure Simpson’s is in it’s 10th season, and Futurama is only in it’s first. But on Futurama they can make lots of show’s about different things, and the Simpsons the same but they have already did everything imaginable. I think the only thing Homer hasn’t done is stuck a pine cone up his butt. Mind you that would be pretty funny… Anyhoo, Futurama can explore more bounderies that Simpson’s never could. And like my friend Chris said a messages on the right, Futurama had almost 2 million more people tunning in. I think the exact numbers are 11,087,000 for Futurama and 9,257,000 for Simpsons. I think this shows that people are open to new things and don’t want to be stuck with the same thing for the rest of there life. But anyway, I think it is to early in Futurama’s presence to even be holding a thing like this.

Expert fan

Simpsons is a very great show and just has that unpredictability that futurama never has. I mean all the shows are a different and believe me futurama will never win against The Simpsons. The reason is simple anyone remember Jetsons that futuristic show made in the 60s with a setting of god knows when. Indeed no one knows how long it aired but simpsons beat in episodes. another futuristic comes (this show doesn’t even have any thing more than 3 major characters and no more than a season of episodes. And that is competition. I would say if given pencil to write all the characters i would be making a dictionary while futurama is merely a cast in a play(a short play). They’ll die in 4 or 5 seasons.


The only reason everyones watching Futerama is because of the Simpsons.No one would even know who Matt Groening is. Futurama is like the exact same show just in a different setting. Sure theres only been one episode but it seems like its just going to be an animated star trek.The Simpsons is the longest running cartoon ever and I think it can go a lot longer. I Love Lucy (the other show I worship) has been going for nearly 50 years and its still running! That was a completely origial show for its time and so is the Simpsons.


To call simpsons my favorite show is an understatement it is an institution for me. When the show premiered I was all but 4 years old. And one magical day when over at my best friends house I caught a glipmse of the pilot. I was mesmerised why were these people yellow? I couldn’t stop thinking where did all of these characters come from? I pondered In about thirty seconds my mind filled with about 400 answers. From that day forth I needed to watch that show discover different characters. But I couldn’t my mother thought it was trash the only way for me to see it was to go over to my friends house. He would tape it and we would always watch it on saturday. Those thirty minutes were magical for me The Simpsons stood for my independence Rebeling agaisnt my mother at the tender age of four. Eventualy I was allowed to watch Simpsons It was the first real victory of my life and that is what simpsons will always stand for (censored).


Now I want the two clashing sides to think about how the other side feels, and for the people like me yelling that we shouldn’t have this discussion skip to the next message. Futurama people, the Simpsons have been here for ten years, and because your opinion is valid, you could say the Simpsons have been going on the way down from their peak. Simpsons folks, I belevie most of you are feeling some peoce of loyalty to the Simpsons, you watched it first and don’t think the ‘new guy’ can do anything! If Futurama came on first you would probly be voting for Futurama. But that little example is a cuase for paradox! The Simpsons would then have the cool computer generated, and mapped out town and Futurama wouldn’t. As for these little stats of who watched the first episode of the Simpsons and who watched the first episode of Futurama, News Flash! There have been an increase of the following since 1989, when the Simpsons first aired: people, tvs, tv veiwers, and now that Fox knows what Groening can do they have presented a much, much larger ad campaign for Futurama!


Robert/Futurama Outlet

Should they even be compared? I like them both as they both have their strong points about them. The Simpsons couldn’t go where Futurama is because they have to stick with family issues where as Futurama can just about go anywhere since there is no structured line to follow.


Compare to the first Simpsons and Futurama is amazing. I think the first half-dozen episodes might be only partially-realized until the writers have been able to think about the characters more. Great use of light sabers, Ducovney and Anderdson heads and hilarious Nimoy head. yep, it’ll be good in about a month.

Robin B

The first episode of Futurama was pretty good. I watch the Simpsons occasionally, but I am not a rabid member of the “cult.” Besides, after seeing Bart and Homer on everything from billboards to underwear, I’m ready for something new. Futurama looks promising.

John Szymanowski

Futurama features a lot more depth. The graphics are amazing. I hate to admit this, but I’m getting tired of the Simpsons.


It’s really too early to even be having this debate. The Simpson’s I have to first admit is the best television show ever. The depth at which we’ve explored each and every citizen of Springfield is amazing. How many shows have episodes completely dedicated to the bus driver? This diversity on top of the wondrous use of parody and excellent execution of subplots easily earns it the title of greatest television show to date. But the new writer’s fascination with Homer and the all but forgotten aspect of satire seems to spell certain doom for Springfield and all it’s inhabitants. This leaves us with Futurama. The first episode no matter how humorous had a story line, which was simplistic and narrow. It was obviously just an introduction though of characters and atmosphere for future episodes. Leaving us with a wide range of possible adventures. The humor reminds me more of Big Book of Hell which is a refreshing new area of comedy. The Simpsons for now is the clear winner, but I’m going with Futurama just on it’s endless possibilities. But ask me again after two or so seasons.

Chris Jean-Louis

On Futurama’s first night they had 11,087,000 viewers while The Simpsons only had 9,257,000 viewers. That’s a pretty big difference. I think that Futurama will be here to stay for a while. Maybe even longer than The Simpsons. It may be true, but face it, it’s got to happen sometime. The Simpsons can’t last forever.

Jason Rosenbaum

The Simpsons is a fine show, and if you compared the reruns to Futurama, then Simpsons would win hands down. But vs. the new episodes, Futurama destroys the Simpsons. Futurama teems with creativity and hilarious jokes. Simpsons are trying to live up the fans expectations, and with that, the show has took a nosedive in quaility. Futurama happens to be the best new show on television.


I think that the show, Futerama, will get better over time. This is hard to say because I loved and watched Simpsons for so many years but I like both shows equaly.


The Simpsons has always been a great show, but it has started to slow down lately. With Futurama there are now many ways to include hidden jokes, and many more possibilities for episode ideas. I’m going to think of Futurama as a new and improved version of The Simpsons that will add the freshness to the show that The Simpsons lost a couple seasons back.

Life after Futurama season 1 (1999)


The Simpsons and Futurama are both good shows for two different reasons. The Simpsons is the funniest show in the history of television because it deals with possible situations that could happen anywhere in the world at any time and can make anyone laugh hysterically for 30 minutes. Futurama is a good show also. It’s cool how some people can come up with such a detailed environment, set it in the future with a bunch of crazy sitcom-like characters, animate it, throw it on television, and call it comedy. Hello, Matt! Where the hell were you when you thought this show up?! I have to admit that some of the futuristic gadgets and the fact of showing the people how one’s self can come up with such an amazing view of New York in the future is pretty cool, but the rest sucks! I liked the first episode because the basic plot was funny. Then I saw the other episodes. Some of it was funny and contained a few laughs, but the writers have to get it into their heads that you canNOT make people laugh by showing old people having sex. I like watching Futurama because I like movies and shows that deal with the future. But I also like the present which is why I worship The Simpsons and enjoy watching them. Sure, I have a Futurama calendar but The Simpsons Quotable Bart Calendar gets a piece pulled off every day. I hope The Simpsons will stay with us for at least 5 or 6 more seasons. it get monotonous. The same thing will hapen to Malcom in the Middle or any show that comes after The Simpsons. After The Simpsons is over why even keep the tv on. King of the Hill is still on because people watch that so the dont miss The Simpsons that are after them, i dont know one person that would watch King of the Hill, Futurama or any other show and then leave before the Simpsons came on in 30 seconds.


Just because my comment thingy says Simpsons does not mean that I don’t like them both. In fact I don’t think our station has Futurama anymore. This is really upsetting because, sad to say, The Simpsons and Fututrama were the highlight of my week. I really enjoy both shows equally, and while in one of them the characters are all the same and they don’t seem to move up a grade or anything. Futurama has some good qualities to. For instance, how do we know that this is not going to be Earth by the year 3000. For all we know Matt Groning could have perfectly pictured the future. Also I don’t think that these “devoted” Simpsons fans are giving Futurama enough credit. From what I here is that people don’t think that Matt Groning is allowed, or able or whatever, to produce two good quality shows. Any body is, perfensional wise. And that is what I have to say about that.


I like the Simpson because it made a real impresson on my life, i have all the merchandise of the simpsons, (except for the year 2000 calender), anywho, Simpsons are great, i have them all on tape and i am taping futurama as it airs and saving my pocket money for futurama toys, t-shirts, i hope they make a game like the simpsons cartoon studio which i think is awesome.

Loayl Simpsons fan

I’m not really as dedicated to Futurama as I am The Simpsons. The style of Futurama is very simalar and Bender reminds me of of Homer. You can’t associate the humor of Futerama with everyday families like you can with the Simpsons, it’s just something to watch. You can’t relate it to anything in paticular and it’s missing the flare The Simpsons has.

Dr. Bubba

Is it even arguable?? The Simpsons is a much better show. This is just my opinion but I believe that Futurama will not be on for very long. I love the Simpsons more then any other show. I think I should probably wait a little longer to see what Futurama does with itself. Well just my humble opinion. I dont know what I am saying.

Abel Donnelly

The Simpsons is way more clever. Homers aniques surpass any chacter cartoon or real. Futurama is funny but not hilarious. Oh look they have to deliver more things to a terrible planet or look robots are talking over the human race is in danger again. The first episode was good. I would watch any Simpsons episode over anyother tv show everyday i have seen every episode and I still cant get enough. I love the simpsons i like Futurama. Simpsons is superior to Futurama and thats all ther is to it.

Chesty LaRue

Futurama is the methadone that it will take to keep me from killing once The Simpsons ends.

Jennifer Diane Reitz

Futurama wins my vote. The writing is incredibly tight, with jokes that kick in hours later, that most folks just fail to get. Tons of references in every scene, Futurama can be watched by average folks, but has astounding depth for those who know science fiction, and who are bright. The whole thing is splendid. I mean no disrespect to the Simpsons, it’s brill too…but Futurama has more kick per unit time.

Me Like Both

Jesse Trimble

I think anything that comes out of the head of Matt Groening is pure genious. I love the Simpsons, but we have to realize that it’s been on for quite awhile, and it’s life cycle is drawing to a close. It’s great to see the same tongue- in -cheek satire, hidden jokes and gags in a new show. It would be great if both shows could go on forever. Consider ourselves lucky to have both now.

No Name

Trying to have these shows come togather and clash would be like asking the bears to play the bulls all hell would break loose causing the clouds to darken and comeplumitting to the ground world wide viruses with noknown cause would sweep the earth causing civilazation to collapse. who continents would suddenly fall of the face of the earth while fire balls of moten lava would rain from the heavens. we must all pray that such shows as these never have to clash.

Brian N

Yes I love simpsons, but i’m sick of tired of Bart and Lisa-and-her-feelings episodes. There hasn’t been any biting satire on simpsons lately, and Futurama would be the prefect forum… But it’s not gonna’ happen. Of course, that could be because Matt is rich now, and probably not as bitter as he was when doing Life in hell. As of this moment, Simpsons wins, but give futurama time.