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the simpsons folder has been online long time. i opened in november 1995. it’s been always and forver has been run by jukka.


The Simpsons Movie You Didn’t See / Take 1
Check out TV Guide’s exlusive deleted scenes from this summer’s cartoon mash.
Suosikki 1
Suosikki 2
Suosikki 3
Youth magazine from Finland featuring The Simpsons.
Wicked TXT

Scan from TXT-message book featuring the Simpsons.
Hollywood reporter 1
Hollywood reporter 2
Hollywood reporter 3
Special Hollywood Reporter’s 300th episode celebration issue. First three pages from the story Anatomy of the Simpsons.
The Simpsons Script 1
The Simpsons Script 2
“Scuse Me While I Miss the Sky” Script These photogarphed scans comes from the actual Simpsons scripts. There are just few pages taken from here and there just to show you what kind of script actually is. Episode ‘Scuse Me While I Miss the Sky.
The Sun
The SimpSuns. How hapless Homer turns into topless page 3 fella. (2003).
Off the Mark 1
Off the Mark 2
Off the Mark 3
Off the Mark 4
Off the Mark 5
Off the Mark 6
Off the Mark 7
Off the Mark Simpsons parodies by Mark Parisi.
Simpsons Illustrated 1
Simpsons Illustrated 2
Simpsons Illustrated 3
Simpsons Illustrated 4
Simpsons Illustrated 5
Simpsons Illustrated 6
Simpsons Illustrated 7
Simpsons Illustrated 8
Simpsons Illustrated 9
Simpsons Illustrated 10
Simpsons Illustrated 11
Simpsons Illustrated 12
Contains lots of photos from the production of the Simpsons and other notes. (bites).
Joe 1
Joe 2
Joe 3
Tales from our inner lives and Homer too. (Vol 1, #2, 1999).
Keyboard 1
Keyboard 2
Keyboard 3
Keyboard 4
Keyboard 5
Keyboard 6
Keyboard 7
Keyboard 8
Keyboard 9
Keyboard 10
Keyboard 11
Keyboard 12
Keyboard 13
Keyboard 14
The anatomy of scoring a TV show the Simpsons. (January 1993).
7 Päivää 1
7 Päivää 2
features basic press story about new season and characters. (Finnish language).
Hemma Bio Page
The Simpsons DVD review. Also, page 60 which features image done by Jukka. with a link on our website. (Swedish language, 2001).
What Satellite 1
What Satellite 2
What Satellite 3
What Satellite 4
Relax! All-new exclusice to satellite. but Homer’s got the remote (11/02).
Script 1
Script 2
Script 3
Script 4
Script 5
Matt Groening and David X. Cohen – Creators of the Simpsons and Futurama. (5/5).
The Door 1
The Door 2
The Door 3
The Door 4
The Door 5
The Door 6
The Door 7
The Sprinfield Blessing. An interview with Harry Shearer, voice of the Simpsons. (May/June 1999, 164).
Katso 1
Katso 2
Katso 3
Katso 4
First story about the Simpsons on Finnish tv magazine called Katso! (Finnish language, 1991.Anarchy of pastel colors. The Simpsons breaks the records. (Finnish language, 1997).
Like Uutiset

Tabloid type of story about the Simpsons on finnish paper. 1996.
Northern Now 1
Northern Now 2
Northern Now 3
Northern Now 4
Northern Now 5
He’s no Homer – actor behind an American icon.
Imax 1
Imax 2
IMAX ® Cyberworld 3D ad () The IMAX ® theathre at the Glasgow Science Centre offers most powerful film experience ever seen in Scotland.
MAD’s black and white 2 pager from the legendary MAD magazine featuring The Simpsons: A MAD Behind the Scenes of “The Simpsons” Studio.

Pop Bart
The Simpsons In Print
Behind the Scenes: Homer Video
The Simpsons In Print

Fall TV Preview by Harry Shearer
Look Whose Talking

Face to Watch:Maggie Simpson Speaks!
The British comedian sues the network for more Simpsons profits.
Ullman to Fox: Eat My Shorths

Simpsons Album Imminent
Raise a glass to Homer Simpson. His favorite beer has had its day in court, and won.
Judge in Favor of Homer’s Beer
Homer’s Greatest Moments

For boys, basketball star Michael Jordan is tops; for the girls, the Fresh Prince’s Will Smith is number one.
Kids Most Admire Bart Simpson

Simpsons Win Peabody Awards
Double Play For Simpsons Hank Azaria
Charles Montgomery Burns
Simpsons to Pass Flintstones Record
How did X-Files end up in Springfield?
Homeric Struggle
The Simpsons Detrhone Fred and Wilma
Winner of Simpsons home announced
Second drawing may provide winner
Simpsons House still waiting new owner
Celebrities celebrate
Mr. Groening signs his dream house
The Sixth Simpson
Homer comes home to Henderson
Thousands lining up to see Simpsons
Home Sweet Homer
Cool pad or bad hangover
Lucky winner to get the Simpsons house
There goes the neighborhood

The Odyssey of Homer
U2 Visits The Simpsons
Michael Jackson wrote Do the Bartman
Satire still superior on the Simpsons
The Simpsons turn , 200
Creator says Jacko penned Bart classic
Simpsons Notch Early Emmys
Hitting a Homer
Simpsons Still Great
Future perfect
The Springfield Files
The Simpsons voices about to change?
Bart Simpson close to returning
The 11th-hour deal means Fox won’t have to replace Dan Castellaneta (Homer), Yeardly Smith (Lisa), Hank Azaria (Apu, Moe, et. al.), Harry Shearer (Flanders, Smithers, et. al.).
The Simpsons get their voices back

Danny Elfman’s music for a darkened

Simpsons censored for catholic group
Voice of Homer Simpson hitting stage
Groening burst onto the scene with his offbeat comic strip series Life Is Hell, which featured mono-eared Binky and his fellow bunny friend Sheba.
Matt Groening bites the hand that feeds
Oregon may turn nuke plant park

This is college?
The Simpsons come alive for stage show
The Springfield connection
The Who set for season opener
My life as a ten-year old boy
Blue hair days
Raise your glass
Hi honey, I’m Homer
Faces behind The Simpsons in Britain
All their Awful Glory
Big-Screen Homer at last?
Yeardley Smith talks too TV Guide
The Simpsons head for 12th season
The sad, cruel world of The Simpsons
Simpsons fanfest attracks international
The Simpsons enters 12th season
The Simpsons Turns 10 today
Who gonna be killed off?

How big is The Simpsons?
From Dave And Goliath to the Homer and Ned
Bible-thumping killjoys
The Simpsoffs – Hell, d’oh, Bart
Liberated Lisa
A big screen Simpsons at last?
What is up with The Simpsons
Keep an open mind
Simpsons as classical. music, d’oh!
REM talk about the Simpsons session
REM piled over to the Marge Simpson ADR studio in LA earlier this week to record their much-anticipated voiceovers for their Simpsons debut, due to air in November. Ethan Kaplan of website was there to witness the hilarious event and said that Michael Stipe, Peter Buck and Mike Mills ‘had a wonderful time’.
The Simpsos goes global
Fan Site Applies NCAA Bracket to
DVD must for rapid fans
Homer economics
Religion from The Simpsons
Simpsons rakes in the
Al Jean interview
Homer’s Odyssey takes Simpsons into the Theological Textbooks
Chat transcript: Nancy Cartwright
Mmmmmmmm… The Simpsons

If you’re a Simpsons fan, you’ve heard his voicework emanating from such characters as Mr. Burns, Smithers, Ned Flanders, Principal Skinner, and many more.
10 questions: Harry Shearer
Simpsons Say Sorry
The Road to Homer
Ron Taylor, 49
Mmmmmmm… The Simpsons: Comic strip gives fans a new way to enjoy America’s favorite TV family
Worst episode ever
10 questions: Harry Shearer
How Ned became role model
Artistically Animated

“Simpsons” producer says he just can’t help himself
‘Simpsons 300th
Behind the lines
Actors who voice ‘The Simpsons’ stay loyal to show
Can you say Castellaneta? That?s OK, just try Homer
For Homer, Bart and the rest, a great run honored
As it approaches the record for longest-running comedy on television (only Ozzie and Harriet Nelson lasted longer), The Simpsons, Fox’s animated theater of the absurd, marks its 300th episode tonight.
‘Simpsons’ marks No. 300
Nobody D’ohs it better
Becks not famous enough
D’ohmestic Bliss
Eternal youth keeps Simpsons fresh
Ready, set, D’oh!
It’s an inside job when ‘Simpsons’ do Disney
Simpsons still beating the ‘odds
McNall?s passion for all things Homer or Bart, Marge, Maggie or Lisa was firmly in place.
Man enjoys Simpsons hobby
Fox nearly sued itself over ‘Simpsons’ parody

Writers Working on the Simpsons Movie
Simpsons cast member gives ‘More’
The Simpsons a realistic view of religion in America
Actors on ‘The Simpsons’ Drop Profit-Share Demand
Possible Last Simpsons Season
Court compares boss to Simpsons
Exxxcellent! Simpsons Strike Over
The Simpsons get their voices back
More D’oh for the Simpsons cast
You say to-ma-to, I say to-bac-co
Simpsons actor is an Emmy winner
Life imitating Bart
31st century boy
Groening vetoes live action ‘Simpsons’
Bart books hospital appointment
Do’h or die
Winchester Residents Mull How ?Simpsons? Relates to Life
‘Simpsons’ gets local flair from animators
Being professional

The Simpsons will go on
Simpsons celebrates 350th episode
Popular animated sitcom, The Simpsons, will postpone one of its episodes out of respect to the late Pope John Paul II and the recent crowning of Benedict XVI.
Episode postpone out of respect to late Pope
Should The Simpsons Just Stop?
Hank Azaria shines in weird and wonderful roles.
Not Just a Pretty Voice

Springfield Theory
In the 1995 Halloween episode of the award-winning animated sitcom The Simpsons, two-dimensional Homer Simpson accidentally jumps into the third dimension. During his journey in this strange world, geometric solids and mathematical formulas float through the air, including an innocent-looking equation: 178212 + 184112 = 192212. Most viewers surely ignored this bit of mathematical gobbledygood.
Traction with ‘Simpsons’ clip
The Simpsons to Show Live-Action Opening
Mmmm: A ‘Simpsons’ film in ’07
The Simpson’s are finally d’oh-ing the big screen thing.
Simpsons’ Wins Ninth Emmy Award
Dr. Phil, White Stripes on’Simpsons’

The Gang Celebrate 400 episodes
D’oh! Nuts
Nuclear plants protested outside ‘Simpsons’ premiere
‘The Simpsons Movie’ mania descends on convenience store ‘Simpsons Movie’ a hit, not a Homer
Discovering the godliness in ‘The Simpsons’
A Homeric journey for animation studio
Confessions of a Surrogate Simpson
Groening: ‘No end in sight’ for Simpsons
The most eagerly anticipated animated film this year hits big screens this weekend, as “The Simpsons Movie” opens worldwide. The Screening Room spoke to creator Matt Groening and writer Al Jean in London about everyone’s favorite two-dimensional yellow family.
“Simpsons” writers provide peek into the TV show’s new season
CCI: The Simpsons Panel
May the D’oh Be With You
A parody that blends two of the world’s biggest pop culture successes ? The Simpsons and Star Wars ? is spreading like wildfire over the internet.

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