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Bart books hospital appointment
Wednesday, 11 August, 2004, BBC

Actress Nancy Cartwright – the voice of Bart Simpson – has performed a one-off show at an Edinburgh hospital. Her performance was part of the Edinburgh People’s Festival, an attempt to take the Edinburgh Fringe beyond its usual boundaries.

Cartwright, 46, is currently appearing at the capital’s Assembly Rooms, but performed a 15-minute show for patients at the Simpson Hospital.

The Simpsons is one of the longest running TV programmes in history.

Cartwright addressed those in the hospital with the phrase: “What’s happening man, I’m Bart Simpson.”

I’m 5ft 1in tall, I’m not yellow and I don’t have nine points at the top of my head

Nancy Cartwright
The actress then re-enacted some of her favourite lines from the show.

She said her job entailed being paid for doing all the things she was told not to do as a child.

“I get paid to burp and fart,” she said.

‘Great time’

“I get to make people laugh. It’s just a great gig. I’m doing exactly what I really want to do.”

Cartwright added: “I’m 5ft 1in tall, I’m not yellow and I don’t have nine points at the top of my head.”

The actress said that she was having “a great time” at the festival.

The Simpsons began as a 30-second sketch on The Tracy Ullman show in the late 1980s.

Bart, the colourful boy who tears up the town of Springfield, has never grown older than 10.