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Ultimate Guide on How to Play Simpsons Hit and Run

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on how to play “The Simpsons Hit and Run”. This iconic game based on the long-running animated television series has brought joy to millions of players around the world. Whether you’re a fan of The Simpsons, or an avid gamer eager to conquer a new challenge, this guide is designed to help you navigate through the game with ease.

Delve Into the Fantastic World of The Simpsons

Through “The Simpsons Hit and Run”, players enter the fantastical realm of Springfield, the town where Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie lead their uproarious lives. The game combines laughter, adventure and the unique humor of the show. With our guide, you’ll learn how to master the missions, collect all the coins and engage with one of the most beloved animated families in television history!

Why Play “The Simpsons Hit and Run”

“The Simpsons Hit and Run” isn’t just a game, it’s a journey into the heart of The Simpsons universe. The game is packed with challenges, hidden treasures and humor that keeps players engaged hours on end. From power-ups to character customization, our guide will cover everything you’ll need to make your gaming experience truly immersive.

View the Game Through the Eyes of Our Experts

This guide is written by our team of gaming connoisseurs who have spent countless hours exploring every nook and cranny of “The Simpsons Hit and Run”. Using their insider knowledge, you’ll be able to avoid common pitfalls, overcome difficult situations and game your way to victory.

Unleash Your Gaming Potential

With “The Simpsons Hit and Run”, the sky is the limit. The time has come to unleash your gaming potential, cruise the streets of Springfield and achieve the unimaginable. Let’s hit the road and explore the wonder-filled world of “The Simpsons Hit and Run”!

Understanding The Simpsons Hit and Run Game Basics

The Simpsons Hit and Run is an adventurous video game that combines elements of the popular animated sitcom ‘The Simpsons’ with high-octane, driving-based gameplay. Here, we’ll go over the basic tenets of the game to help you understand it better.


In this game, you take control of members of the Simpson family (Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Apu), each with their own unique levels. Your main objective is to uncover a conspiracy regarding strange happenings in Springfield (the hometown of the Simpsons), complete missions, collect items, unlock vehicles while avoiding the attention of the police.


  • Driving and Running: As the title suggests, the gameplay primarily focuses on driving around the city and running on foot while accomplishing tasks and missions.
  • Coins: You collect coins by destroying things, completing missions and finding them scattered across levels. Coins can be used to buy new cars and costumes.
  • Missions: The storyline is progressed through missions. Each mission usually involves driving to a certain location, collecting specific items, or racing against the clock. Failing a mission allows a chance to retry.
  • Levels: There are seven levels in the game, each corresponding to a different character and location.

Power-Ups and Items

In the Simpsons Hit & Run, there are several power-ups and items scattered around Springfield. Collecting items can help replenish your character’s health, boost them temporarily, or improve their abilities. Some items include:

  1. Buzz Cola to restore health
  2. Ambulance: Health restoration after major injury
  3. Wrench: Fully repairs the vehicle you are driving
  4. Buzz Cola Crates to earn coins
  5. Collector Cards: Special cards which are hidden in each level to unlock multi-player games.

Playing The Simpsons Hit and Run combines nostalgia from the iconic TV show and the thrill of racing and adventure games. Once you understand these basics, you’ll be well on your way to mastering the game!

Decoding Game Controls for Efficient Movement

The Simpsons Hit and Run is packed with non-stop action, demanding controls mastery for fast-paced gameplay and efficient movement. This section provides an easy-to-understand outline of the game’s control mechanisms.

Character Controls

The primary controls manipulate the characters and their movements. The ‘W’, ‘A’, ‘S’, ‘D’ keys typically control movement directions- forward, left, downward, and right, respectively. Jumping, an essential action, is executed by hitting the ‘Spacebar.’ In contrast, the ‘Ctrl’ key often triggers character attacks.

The ‘Shift’ key serves an exceptional multi-function role. In addition to accelerating vehicle speed, shocking as it may seem, this key also facilitates character interaction with environmental elements such as picking items and conversing with other in-game Simpsons characters.

Vehicle Controls

Unsurprisingly, a crucial part of the Simpsons Hit and Run involves driving. Similar to the character controls, the ‘W’, ‘A’, ‘S’, ‘D’ keys control the vehicle’s direction. Press ‘Enter’ to get in and out of the car. Activating the handbrake, a strategic maneuver for sudden stops and sharp turns, is accomplished by pressing the ‘Spacebar’ while driving.

Remember, effective manipulation of these controls is critical to dodging obstacles, executing missions, and ultimately mastering the Simpsons Hit and Run gameplay. So buckle up, take a firm grip on your keyboard, and enjoy the exhilarating ride through Springfield!

Strategies for Navigating Springfield Town

Navigating through Springfield Town in The Simpsons Hit and Run can be a fun yet challenging task. This seemingly chaotic town can be much easier to traverse with the right strategies. Below are a few techniques to get around Springfield Town.

Master The Map: Springfield Town has a detailed map that can make your movement seamless. Use the map to get familiar with your surrounding areas and shortcuts. The better you understand the geography of Springfield, the faster you can complete the missions.

Harness The Power Of Vehicles: In The Simpsons Hit and Run, vehicles play a central role in transportation. You can choose from a variety of cars with unique power and speed stats. Select vehicles that can handle curves well to navigate through the town’s winding roads.

Stay Alert For Coins: Coins are an essential currency in this game that can be used for different upgrades. While navigating, keep an eye out for places where coins might be hidden. Don’t miss out on opportunities to collect them from destructible objects or by performing stunts. Also, watch out for the speedometer in the car. When it turns green, you are in the ‘Hit & Run’ mode, which can bring policemen after you, but it also means that you can gather more coins.

Take Advantage Of Communication Points: There are several communication points spread across the game such as telephones and Krusty glass – these are points for you to save your progress, buy better cars, and many other essential features. Make it a point to use these features to your advantage as you traverse the chaotic streets of Springfield.

Remember, there’s always a touch of unpredictability in the game, as The Simpsons Hit and Run closely simulates the almost surreal life of Simpson’s family. So, buckle up, stay sharp, and enjoy your drive around this animated, intriguing Springfield Town!

Tips to Score Higher in Missions and Levels

In The Simpsons: Hit and Run, earning high scores in missions and levels is all about strategy. Understanding the game’s mechanics and perfecting your skills can significantly increase your score. Here are some crucial tips to keep in mind while playing.

Prioritize Your Mission Objectives

The primary key to scoring higher in missions is understanding your objectives. Missions often require players to complete specific tasks within a limited time. Therefore, allocate your time wisely. Avoid wasting time on unnecessary tasks and look for shortcuts where possible. Learning to prioritize will increase your efficiency and improve your score.

Practice Your Driving Skills

Driving is a significant aspect of the game. Good driving skills can help you avoid losing time due to crashing or missing shortcuts. Keep practicing your driving and familiarize yourself with the different vehicle controls. The smoother you drive, the more likely you are to complete your tasks swiftly, thus achieving higher scores.

Collect Coins and Power-Ups

Collecting coins and power-ups can significantly boost your score. Coins will enable you to purchase better vehicles and costumes, which can enhance your performance in missions. On the other hand, power-ups can refill your health and vehicle damage, allowing you to maintain a steady pace throughout your mission. Always be on the lookout for these boosters!

In conclusion, scoring higher in The Simpsons: Hit and Run requires patience, practice, and strategy. With these tips at your disposal, you can increase your chances of performing better on missions and levels. Happy gaming!

Collecting Hidden Items: Extend Game Fun

The Simpsons Hit and Run is not only about progressing through the main storyline. One of the fun elements in the game is the collection of hidden items scattered across each level. Collecting these items not only extends your game enjoyment but also rewards you with points that can be used to unlock special features and bonuses. Here are some tips on how to find and collect these hidden items.

  • Keep an Eye Out For Buzz Cola Crates and Wasp Cameras: In each level, there are 30 Buzz Cola Crates and 20 Wasp Cameras to collect. They are usually located in hard to reach places or hidden corners. Follow the buzz sound to find the Wasp Cameras and destroy them using jump attacks.
  • Collect Collector Cards: Each level contains seven Collector Cards that are related to the character who is the main focus of that particular level. These cards are hidden and finding them requires a keen eye. They are usually located at high places or inside buildings. Collecting all these cards unlocks a bonus movie clip in the ‘Bonus’ menu.
  • Vehicle Collectibles and Character Clothing: Collecting coins throughout the game allows you to purchase new vehicles and clothing for your characters. To get these coins, smash items like Buzz Cola vending machines, newspaper stands, or parking meters found in the game. Also, remember to drive safely – causing damage or running over characters will result in fines which will deduct from your coins.
  • Gags: Gags are joke items that are placed throughout the game. Activate them by interacting with them but be alert as some of them are easily missed. Collecting all Gags provides a hefty bonus of coins.

Remember, some hidden items can only be reached by using certain character abilities or vehicles, so explore different combinations to find them all. Happy hunting!

FAQ How to play simpsons hit and run

Is the Simpsons game available on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation 2?

Yes, the Simpsons game was released on multiple platforms including PC, Xbox, and PlayStation 2, offering a varied gaming experience across these systems.

What updates have been made for the Simpsons game in 2023, particularly for modern consoles like GameCube?

In 2023, there haven’t been specific updates for the Simpsons game on GameCube, but fans often use mods to enhance compatibility and graphics on modern systems.

Are there any plans for a remake of the Simpsons game by Radical Entertainment?

As of now, there have been no official announcements about a remake of the Simpsons game by Radical Entertainment.

How can players use a mod in the Simpsons game published by Vivendi Universal Games?

Players can use a mod in the Simpsons game by downloading a mod launcher compatible with the game, enhancing gameplay and adding new features.

What are the system requirements to play the Simpsons game on PC?

The system requirements for the Simpsons game on PC typically include a compatible operating system, adequate RAM, and a graphics card that meets the game’s graphical demands.

How can players download and play the Simpsons game on their preferred platform?

Players can download the Simpsons game through official channels like Microsoft’s store for Xbox or other digital platforms, ensuring compatibility with their system.

What is unique about level 2 in the Simpsons game, particularly in terms of gameplay?

Level 2 in the Simpsons game often introduces new challenges, characters, and environments, further immersing players in the interactive world of Springfield.

How does the driving aspect of the Simpsons game contribute to its gameplay?

The driving game aspect of the Simpsons game adds an exciting dynamic, allowing players to navigate Springfield in various vehicles, contributing to the interactive experience.

Are there any known bugs in the Simpsons game that affect its playability?

Like many games, the Simpsons game may have some bugs that affect its playability, but these are typically addressed through patches or can be bypassed with mods.

Can players expect any bonus games or extra content in the Simpsons game developed by Radical Entertainment?

The Simpsons game often includes bonus games or extra content like the “Itchy and Scratchy” mini-games, adding additional layers of fun and challenges.