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May the force be with d’oh

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May the force be with d’oh
Saturday Sep 1 By Sean Cusick

A parody that blends two of the world’s biggest pop culture successes — The Simpsons and Star Wars — is spreading like wildfire over the internet.

The minute-long ‘Simpsons Star Wars’ video, which depicts the cartoon’s opening credits with the Springfield family in Star Wars costumes and locations, has had almost 300,000 hits on YouTube in a matter of days.

The video opens with Luke Skywalker, drawn with a strong similarity to Bart Simpson, scribbling ‘A lightsaber is not a toy’ on a chalkboard while Yoda peeks out of his backpack.

A d’oh-ing Darth Vader plays Homer’s role, while Lisa wears Princess Leia’s trademark hair buns.

The animation’s creator, Simpsons and Star Wars fanatic Rich Cando, has been blown away by the public’s response to his creation.

“It’s been totally amazing,” Cando said from his Los Angeles studio.

“It’s been up for almost four weeks, but almost all of the hits have come in the past couple of days.”

Cando admitted the animation, which took over 1000 hours to create, was a labour of love.

He came up with the idea in 2003 and spent the next three years chipping away at it in his spare time.

After finishing the animation 18 months ago, he put publication on the backburner while he mulled over whether to use the original music and tempt a copyright infringement.

“But when I realised the 30th anniversary of Star Wars and The Simpsons movie would coincide this year, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to get it out there,” Cando laughs.

“It really was now or never.”

Cando cited a chance meeting with Simpsons creator Matt Groening in 2004 as the push he needed to complete his pet project.

“I told Matt what that I was a huge fan and what I was planning,” Cando recalls.

“He told me that obviously the studio wanted to protect their copyright, but that he was a fan of internet animation.”

After taking Groening’s encouragement as an unofficial green light, Cando’s work is now ranking among the internet’s most linked-to clips, according to Technorati.

“I always credit the makers, so there shouldn’t be a problem with it,” Cando said.