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Chat Transcript: Nancy Cartwright
September 25, 2001, Nascar

[Nascar_Host1] Welcome to’s chat with Nancy Cartwright!
[Nancy_Cartwright] Hi, everyone. Get ready to start your engines! Let’s go!

[Nascar_Host1] Question from: [cybertygr43] Nancy, why did you decide to do something with NASCAR? Is it because you’re a fan? Or are you planning to move on from the Simpsons and NASCAR approached you?

[Nancy_Cartwright] I am a huge fan of NASCAR now, and actually the Simpsons continues to keep me really busy and I love it. The Kellys is a whole new game for me as a producer.

[Nascar_Host1] Question from: [Carolinarose8] Just wanted to say that I loved the Simpsons. Are you a NASCAR fan? If so, who is your favorite driver?

[Nancy_Cartwright] I identify with drivers who knew what they wanted to do from a very early age. Obviously drivers that come from NASCAR families already had that “drive” in them from birth — Earnhardt, Jarrett, Labonte, Bodine, Wallace, Petty, but also Jeff Gordon who started out with midget racing when he was 5, I think.

Rusty Wallace is also a great driver and a great talker, which is someone I can totally relate to. Ricky Rudd brings a lot of excitement to the race, and Kevin Harvick, who is from Bakersfield. I mention that because my VP of development, Peter Kjenaas, and a production associate, Carl Wade, are from Bakersfield, and all I hear around here is “Kevin Harvick!,” “Kevin Harvick!,” “Kevin Harvick!” Haha.

Joe Kelly

[Nascar_Host1] Question from: [DaleJrFan85] Did you model any of The Kellys characters after actual drivers, owners or people involved in NASCAR?

[Nancy_Cartwright] No, but I will say that these original characters were inspired by a culmination from a bunch of drivers. As a voice actor, there is a great wealth of dialect that covers the country. It is a great inspiration for voice acting.

[Nascar_Host1] Question from: [hoosierfan] Although I obviously haven’t seen The Kellys, most animation on the web isn’t very good. Why would you want to do this versus TV? Seems like a lot of people are shying away from the web these days. Did you find this harder to do?

[Nancy_Cartwright] You are right, and there isn’t anything like this at all on the web today. The thing that makes The Kellys different is that we put a lot of emphasis on the quality of the animation. It has to be that good in order to survive. Who knows, some day we just may be on TV!


[Nascar_Host1] Question from: [dalejrfan8] How much NASCAR research did you do prior to developing The Kellys?

[Nancy_Cartwright] Tons! We sent all of our writers and animators to some of the races. We got into the spirit of the event itself, and actually drove a Winnebago up to Sears Point. Six guys in one Winnie, whew! Some of our writers are actually long-time, diehard NASCAR fans.

[Nascar_Host1] Question from: [simpsonfan] What other projects do you see SportsBlast getting involved in?

[Nancy_Cartwright] We have several other sports-related shows in development. In the future, please log on to to follow up with what we are working on.

[Nascar_Host1] Question from: [racer2] Have you ever been to a NASCAR race?


[Nancy_Cartwright] Absolutely! I don’t think I have ever felt that kind of exhilaration than from the sound of the engines and the roar of the crowd — actually, “the roar of the engines and the smell of the crowd!” — haha, just kidding, I am just making fun. You can’t help but be sucked up with the passion, excitement and dangers associated with the race.

[Nascar_Host1] Question from: [gotony] Hey, Nancy, do you have a favorite Simpsons memory?

[Nancy_Cartwright] Yeah, when the entire cast was flown over to London to perform a reading of one of the scripts live. There were like 2,400 people and it sold out in an hour without any advertising. To get that instant feedback from the audience when we read our parts, that was definitely something that I will have the rest of my life.

[Nascar_Host1] Question from: [barrman1] Hi, Nancy! Who has been the biggest influence on your career so far?

[Nancy_Cartwright] Most people remember him as the voice of Huckleberry Hound, Yogi Bear, Quik-Draw McGraw, and Elroy Jetson. His name is Daws Butler and he was my mentor. I connected up with him when I was a teenager and I moved from Dayton, Ohio, to Los Angeles to study with him. Like the NASCAR drivers, I was inspired by someone professional in my industry who paved the way for me so I could obtain my career goals.

[Nascar_Host1] Question from: [Nasgirl1] What would you consider a success for The Kellys?


[Nancy_Cartwright] Finishing in the top-10! Haha, just kidding. I get where you are coming from. Every single one of the fans of NASCAR logging on to the show! I would say that would be doing pretty darn good. That would be a modest hit! When I go to a race and I see people wearing Kellys T-shirts and hats. Now THAT will be SO cool!

[Nascar_Host1] Question from: [bartfanatic] Hi, Nancy! So when can we expect to see the merchandise?

[Nancy_Cartwright] We are taking this one step at a time, but tell your friends to log on and support the show. Fan demand is everything! Spread the word!

[Nascar_Host1] Question from: [hey] Who do you think will win the championship this year?

[Nancy_Cartwright] It is going to be pretty tough for anybody to beat Jeff Gordon. He has such a huge lead.

[Nascar_Host1] Question from: [Rustyfan02] What do the people you work with in LA think of The Kellys?

[Nancy_Cartwright] Everyone is totally interested in seeing what it is — they are really curious. We have some celebrity guests lined up, like Camryn Manheim from “The Practice” and Catherine Bell from “JAG.” They are both personal friends and Catherine Bell is actually a celebrity CART driver. She has inspired me and I am going to take lessons. Also Isaac Hayes is on board, too.

[Nascar_Host1] That’s all the time Nancy has for us tonight. Thanks, Nancy! What are your final thoughts?

[Nancy_Cartwright] That is the checkered flag, folks! Thank you so much for logging on. This has been SOOOO much fun! See you at the races.