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REM talk about Simpsons session
Worldpop, July 24, 2001

REM piled over to the Marge Simpson ADR studio in LA earlier this week to record their much-anticipated voiceovers for their Simpsons debut, due to air in November. Ethan Kaplan of website was there to witness the hilarious event and said that Michael Stipe, Peter Buck and Mike Mills ‘had a wonderful time’.

The trio took part in an interview for Fox promotions in which they revealed their favourite Simpsons characters and moments. According to Kaplan’s report Stipe is a big fan of storeowner, Apu:

‘Michael really digs Apu,’ confirmed Kaplan adding that the lead singer ‘was pleased to find his likeness on a nice jacket that Fox gave him.’

Kaplan stated that Stipe’s favourite moment is when the family visited the tar-pits and hit a metal deer:

‘Homer said ‘Doh!’ followed by Marge ‘a deer!’ and Lisa ‘a female deer!’ Michael said, ‘I laughed for about eight months after that episode.” Peter Bucks’s favourite episode is the one in which Homer teams up with his old band the B-Sharps. ‘He liked the numerous Beatles references,’ said Kaplan before adding that Buck’s favourite character is Moe. Buck’s reason? ‘Because he’s always one step behind everyone else, and completely bewildered to be there. I find that charming.’

Mike Mills meanwhile likes Homer and Kaplan reports he ‘finds him both charming and infuriating sometimes,’ adding, ‘his favourite episode is the one John Waters was in.’

Referring again to the recording session Kaplan, who explained that plot details are still top secret, revealed that Homer (Dan Castellaneta) was in such ‘fine form’ with his ‘trademark Homer-isms’ everyone was doubled up with laughter.

‘We all had to bite our lips to keep from laughing,’ he recalled. ‘Mike looked positively in pain … The episode promises to be one to remember.’

Meanwhile REM have announced plans for a forthcoming European shows in September and October.

They will also appear with Neil Young and Pearl Jam at the annual Bridge School Concert at the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, California, later this year. The gigs will be in aid of Bridge School which works with children with severe speech and physical impairments.