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The Simpsons Folder


Danny Elfman’s Music for a Darkened People
January 29, 1999 © Entertainment Weekly by Gillian Flynn

A fan site honoring the composer behind the themes of “The Simpsons,” “Men in Black,” and more.

If you watch “The Simpsons” for its opening theme, meet your kindred spirit. Elfmaniac (Ryan Keaveney) meticulously tends the ne plus ultra of Danny Elfman Internet homages — and, in the bargain, demonstrates what a good fan site looks like.

There are more than 100 RealAudio snatches of Elfman-scored films, from “Pee-wee’s Big Adventure” to the Oscar-nominated “Men in Black,” and Elfmaniac also trolls the Internet for the latest on his guy, whether it’s an old Elfman quote or the latest rumor on possible future projects like “Sleepy Hollow.” An Elfman fan without this URL is like Pee-wee without his bike.