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Simpsons will go on, says Groening
30/04/2005 IOL

The Simpsons creator Matt Groening has allayed fears the upcoming 350th episode will mark the beginning of the end for the long-running show by insisting he’s still dreaming up new ideas for future series.

Writers on the animated comedy are already working on scripts for the 17th series – a television sitcom record – quashing reports the escapades of Homer and his disaster-prone family are destined for the archives.

And Groening has promised to continue making The Simpsons until they run out of ways to excite the show’s loyal fans.

He says: “That’s what you’re looking for in television – surprise. I think they’re as sharp and surprising as anything we’ve done since the beginning of the show.

“I don’t see any end in sight. I want to get to 366 (shows) so we have one for every day of the year, including leap years.”

The 350th Simpsons show will be screened in America on Sunday.