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Brands Seen on The Simpsons

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Brands Seen on The Simpsons

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You must have seen big corporations on the Simpsons many times but you have probaply forgot them after you seen it. This page focuses on ‘big names’ which are also on real life selling their product’s for people around the world. Not all of them are not yet listed here but I hope to have this list much up-to-date in the future.

Canon or Nikon?

On the episode ‘Lost Our Lisa (5F17)’ where Lisa drives a bus to Russian part of Springfield, Marge has a camera which is very similar to Nikon or Canon products.

Mercedes Benz

On the episode ‘A Milhouse Divided (4F04)’ where Milhouse parent’s divorce, Milhouse drives a toy car which is Milhouse 500 SL. If you look carefully the red car you can find Mercedes Benz’s logo on the front. Car is similar to Mercedes Benz SL series.
On the episode ‘Bart vs. Australia (2F13)’ where family visits on the Australia. Adolf’s old car is Mercedes Benz classic from the 40’s.
On the episode ‘Scenes from the Class Struggle in Springfield (3F11)’ where Marge is trying to fit to Springfield Country Club. Marge’s old schoolmate, Evelyn owns a Mercedes Benz station wagon.
On the episode ‘The Curse of the Flying Hellfish (3F19)’ where Granpa Simpson and Bart are seeking lost treasury and in the end where they lost it again to German Baron who drives Mercedes Benz SL cabriolet, probaply one of the SL 500 or SL 600.

Bang & Olufsen

On the episode ‘The Homer They Fall (4F03)’ where Homer start boxing. Family is visiting on Miscellaneous, Etc. gadget store, behind clerk there are Bang & Olufsen’s BEOSOUND 3000 CD and radio system. Name is not presented, but you regonize it if you are familiar to stylish B&O stuff.


On the episode ‘A Milhouse Divided (4F04)’ where Homer and Marge we’re just married and they are sitting near the road, big truck goes by with a large sign of Levi’s.