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Researches: What Makes You Laugh on The Simpsons?

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Researches: What Makes You Laugh on The Simpsons?

This document is done

We had little survey on the site in 2004 asking what makes people laugh on the Simpsons? Here are some of the submissions for you to check out. It was very hard to pick up “best answer” since they all we’re right answers. So, if i could send all the participators a copy of the magazine i would be happy but i had to pick one up since i have only one to spare.

Winner of the rare 42-page magazine Simpsons Illustrated Volume 1, Number 1 is Suzanne Hogan, 31 from Scotland.

Victor Garcia, 13, LA: When Homer chockes Bart.

Des Parsinkle, 19, CA: Barts pranks.

Adam Cole, 14, UK: Ralph.

Robert Rose, 8, ?: Does Homer eat baking soda, the simpsons in spanish

Shlomo Vachman, 16, Israel: I find (or at least used to find, until the newer seasons) the main characters the most hilarious. Homer is sometimes so stupid, it makes you wonder how can someone be such an idiot? Marge is sometimes very firm and yet she’s naive most of the time. I’d say Bart’s pranks are sometimes very funny, and his “rules”. Lisa is not too funny, but sometimes her smart-talk is funny. And Maggie – well, Maggie is funny just by looking at the background movements she does. Another thing that makes me laugh is the parodies. Although I’m not aware of most of the parodies, the ones I do notice sometimes become hilarious (and sometimes, I laugh in the middle of a movie, only to relize the Simpsons made a parody of it).

Jarred, 15, Sunbury: Homer’s stupidity.

Tammy Hocking, 25, Australia: Real behaviour in surreal situations.

Faiza Mokhtar, 18, California: I think it would when they satire current society because it is witty and clever and it shows that no one in the entertainment industry is left unscaved.

Jane Bellas, 11, UK: Ichty and Scraty show and Bart also Lisa and Homer even Marge.

Robert Friedlaender, 16, NY: Ralfs comments make me laugh on The Simpsons.

Carl, 25, Northern Virginia: The frustrations of the characters, combined with the Dali-esque surrealism of it all.

Kimberley, 15, UK: Ichy and Scratchy.

Pete Campbell, 16, UK: Something that I have always thought as amusing throughout the whole series, is the fact that there yellow! When a first-time Simpson’s viewer first see’s one the characters, they’ll probably wonder: is this Television bust? and possibly get off there chair and start fiddling through there tv settings. Without the character’s being yellow I think the show could be regarded very differently and these looks add to the great comedy seen in every 22 minute episode.

Becki, 17, Utah: the fact that it reminds me so much of my family but with more kids also it may be perdictable but it makes you laugh you ass off.

Enna W, 23, Las Vegas: I guess I’m too analytical or theoretical or perhaps just full of it… It’s not what makes me laugh on The Simpsons… It’s a question more like: what doesn’t? I’ve never laughed harder at any TV show (curse ye who think this is simply a “cartoon”) and the staying power is priceless… Much like the Mastercard ad I was delighted to see run on the Superbowl. “So to answer your question… I don’t know.”

Bill, 14, Cina: Homer.

Alex Smith, 14, UK: The character Hans Moleman makes me laugh on The Simpsons, because it is just so funny when he is always in car accidents, almost dies, and never passes his driving test!

Erica, 33, La Puente: Homer, Bart, Patty and Zelma.

Felicia, 17, Texas: The way the family acts.

Stine Arnesen, 22, Norway: The little details, like the beeping-sound of a truck backing up, or funny stuff happening in the background.

Linda Morales, ?, ?: What makes me laugh on the Simpsons is when Homer does really stupid stuff.

Jake, 11, Wisconsin: Homers actions.

Matthew, 12, Michigan: Homer and Bart.

Ruth, 14, Home: Homer.

Lynne, 42, UK: Everything.

Yadira Chavero, 13, Texas: Every thing.

Chris, 8, UK: Animations.

Lorie, 23, Ga: When Homer runs around chasing birds with his little “giggle”.

Darrem, 10, NSW, The whole family.

X, ?, USA: When Bart moons everyone and plays tricks on people.

Nate, 19, CA: When Homer strangels Bart.

Debra Woerner, 47, NJ: I love Homer. He always makes me laugh no matter what he does.

Jamie, 10, Scotland: The people.

Chris, 11, Bridgenorth: When Ralph Wiggems says “why does evevrybody run away from me?” as he starts to pee his pants!Its hilarious!

Will, 14, Florida: I like how everyone on The Simpsons keep doin crazy stuff and homer stranglin Bart never gets old.

Paulius, 14, Lithuainia: Homer.

Dana L Goudreault, ?, ?: Ironically, it’s the parts played out about real life moments, moments that you wish you could act out in a certain way but your conscience won’t allow you to. For instance, in the episode wher the family is planning a trip to Duff Gardens and
the trip is postponed at the last minute due to a death in the family. Homer’s reaction is what a lot of us feel for members of our family we’ve hated since we first heard them speak, you know, the kind of person that just has to inform everyone just how awful everything is and that his/her opinion is the end all/be all. Anyway, it just feels so good to channel things through the Simpsons, like I did during that episode…I was laughing at a long gone dead aunt who died an awful death by cancer. No one laughed then, obviously. But, watching Homer go off on his rant, I pictured my aunt and all the times she had soured our reunions and…I laughed…I laughed till it hurt. I’m not sure why, but I picture my aunt somewhere watching that episode and laughing as well…”Boy, was I a hag!”. Yup, but we all were sad when you were gone.

Evin Devenney, 13, Ireland: The way Homer is so dum and stupid, Homer because he always forgets that Magie is his daughter, Bart makes me laugh because he always does pranks on Skinner which is very comical, Homer because on the episode were the Simpsons go to Flordia during the Spring Break, Homer comes in drunk and says to his wife Marge ‘ Guess how many boobs I seen Today Marge. 15!!! Everyone in my house were in tears laughing.

Steven, 13, NY: How Homer always acts like he is really stupid but on the inside he is really just a misunderstood genius with a crayon in his brain lol!

Ayla, 16, IL: All the funny thinks the charters do and the funny and stupid things Homer and Bart do.

David, 14, UK: Homer Simpson.

Kevin Frederic, 28, US: Homers little comments.

Matt, 19, ?: Everything.

Matthew Parker, 19, Fulton: When Bart Says “Eat My Shorts” also the rappen ronald ragen song. Lastly i think Moe is very funny, Everything.

Jonathan Davis, 19, Texas: Everything, mostly the many story plots in on show.

Tanysha, 11, UK: The behaviour of the Simpsons makes me laugh. Homer and Bart make me laugh most.

Jack, 13, Newcastle: Homer.

Suzanne Hogan, 31, Scotland: Everything, the characters, the scenes, dialogue, everything.