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The Last Ever Simpsons Episode – What Should They Do

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The Last Ever Simpsons Episode – What Should They Do

This document is open for your submission

Perhaps and perhaps…

  • I think they should have a NORMAL episode lasting 20mins. The episode should involve every single character. They should spend more time making the episode than normal. Oh yea and it should been written by Jon Vitti and John Swartzwelder
  • Extra long epp in my opinion, 50 mins.
  • Just a normal episode. There will be no need for an extra long one, because the film will be around 2hrs, probably. I think they shouldn’t decide which episode will be the last until they have made it, as opposed to making one specifically to be the last. Make the final 5 episodes, then watch them and pick the best.
  • regular episode, but “resolve” a few onrunning conflicts, e.g. smithers and burns
  • Make it a regular episode, possibly an hour long, but no end-all events. I don’t want to see the Simpson family move away from Springfield, or see a major character get killed, or watch as Springfield is destroyed, or find out that the entire show was a dream, or any two people getting married, or anything like that.
  • I think a fitting end would be the Ulman-era Homer waking up in his bed, telling Marge that he just had the oddest dream.
  • think the final episode should lead you to believe they are building towards some sort of closure, but in the end everything remains the same. It should be an episode focusing on the family, but to an extent where a good portion of the townspeople could be involved. I think something along the lines of “Lisa the Skeptic” would be good. In that episode, the main focus was on Lisa, but since the whole town was focused on the issue of whether or not there was an Angel, they were still involved a great deal. And since they were lead to believe the end was coming, certain little things happened that looked like they were resolving an old issue (Smithers kissing Burns) but then they were promptly taken back at the end allowing all to remain the same. I think something like that (though obviously with a completely original plot) would be appropriate.
  • 2 hour finale written by all the great Simpsons writers John Swartzwelder, Jeff Martin, Jon Vitti …so yeah basically a movie. Don’t really care what it’ll be about, just not a clip show.
  • It should be like a season finale. Moe Baby Blues would’ve made a fine series finale, as it developed Moe a bit and had some good emotion. I also like my St. Elsewhere cop out idea I mentioned a while back.
  • There was a time when I was in the “it should just be a normal episode” camp. But then, I thought about how several times during the show’s run, it has poked fun at the conventions of long-running TV series (clip shows, spinoffs, new characters added to make the show “fresh.”) So in a way, it would be against the spirit of series not to make fun of the “bittersweet sitcom finale.” It doesn’t have to be a major life change for one of the characters or anything like that, but there should be something, even if it’s just a moment at the end, that refers to it being the last show. And as I’ve said before, Fox should dedicate that entire Sunday night to Simpsons programming, starting with the winner of a “Best Episode Ever” poll, followed by a clipshow/retrospective featuring interviews with the principals (this, of course, should poke fun at such retrospectives), and then two episodes, the first being something different a la Trilogy of Error (perhaps this is the spot for Simptasia), the second being the finale.
  • I think they should get a 2 hour block. The first 90 minutes will be the final episode. Then keeping in how the simpsons would always mock cartoon standards, do something along the line of a “Bart and Lisa’s Mystery” type thing where they are teenagers (The Flinstones and Scooby Doo came back from primetime with a show where, for the Flinstones Bam Bam and Pebbles were teenagers, and for Scooby Doo, they were all young children).
  • I’ve thought that there should be a three hour finale night, the hour will be the top two episodes as chosen by the fans. There would be the top ten airing one episode a night for the past week. Then there will be a one hour special with clips and some interviews with people involved with the show. The final hour will be two new shows one wacky but good episode that is very creative, and the final one will be an emotional family-based episode like Homer’s Triple Bypass or One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blowfish.
  • A proper last epsiode, IMO, would feature:
    1. SLH passing away from illness (as a compliment to the family picking him up in the first episode).
    2. It’s the last day of Summer Vacation since Bart and Lisa are now going to move up a grade, but are still 10 and 8.
    3. Burns learns Smithers is gay, but in a strange twist, Mr. Burns reveals his ‘evilishness’ is an overcompensation to his hidden homosexual leanings and Smithers winds up repulsed.
    4. Homer permentaly looses the last few hairs on his head.
    5. Maggie actually says a real word in front of the family: “Baldy!”.
    6. Kirk wins custody of Milhouse and permenantly leaves Springfield.
    7. The government closes the Plant.
  • The one real idea I’ve ever liked for a “final episode” (I think this was actually Jake’s from a post WAY back) is to use the season one opening titles, just for the heck of it and for the sake of a “throwback”. Other then that, just go with a normal episode. Make a more conscious effort to make to include all of OFF equally perhaps, and try to include lots of side characters. And maybe put in a sly (please not obvious) reference to the fact that its the last episode. But ideally, I think it should still be structured so that someone who didn’t know it was the last episode would have no idea when they watched it in syndication. By the end, Springfield and the family should remain as they always have in a perpetual time-lock, ready to begin their next adventure (IE whatever episode is randomly rerun next) just the way they’ve always been. That said I’ve always liked the idea of airing some sort of retrospective right beforehand (even if its just a glorified clip show), for the sake of basking in Simpsons memories before the last ever new show.
  • Perhaps it could end with the family walking out the door for some frosty chocolate milkshakes. The scene would be set up so the last shot of the simpsons is their backs as they walk out the door and continue their life.
  • Perhaps, if the show ends in time, it should be a prequel to the movie. Something that explains why things are happening in the movie but it isn’t completely neccessary to see the episode first.
  • what should they do? maybe blow up the snpp?
  • Maybe they could have a clue-ish ending, showing several final scenes to the series, each one parodying famous endings from the past… or divide the final episode up into a trilogy where each section was a different ending to the show.