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Old: The Simpsons Movie

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Old: The Simpsons Movie

This document is done because everything here is based on the old info

You may have heard rumours about possible Simpsons movie. Well, this is one of them too written by Michael Cook who works in his local movie theatre in U.S.


Some of you may or may not have heard rumors of an upcoming “The Simpsons Movie”. The following is based on information that I have aquired about this movie. I am not a professional, but I should be considered to be “well informed” based on where I get my information. I work as a Supervisor at a local movie theater, and by working there, I find out information about movies in advance. Some information comes from the theater itself, the marketing office, “Box Office” magazine, and straight from Fox, and many other major production companies.
First, the facts

– The Simpsons Movie is listed on a DTS disc.
– Fox is known to “hold” information.
– Jane Seymore ( Dr. Quinn) stated that there is a Simpsons Movie.

The Simpsons Movie is listed on a DTS disc. For those of you that don’t know what this is, it’s a CD that is played in a DTS player while the movie trailer that the disc is for is running. DTS is Digital Theater System, a sound system for theaters. It is owned by Universal, but other production companies make they’re movies in this format as well as many others, so that the film will have optimum sound. The disc is coded to go with trailers (previews) that are listed on the disc. At the theater I work at, we get these discs every so often, so it can be played with the trailers that will later be sent. Each disc has anywhere from ten to twenty movies listed on it. One of the discs that we have received has “The Simpsons: Movie” listed on it. Fox will pay DTS to have their films work with the sound systems. This CD is sent straight from DTS with approval from Fox, seeing that DTS could not have a CD with “The Simpsons: Movie” on it if Fox didn’t have them do it. Which also means, Fox would not bother to have “The Simpsons: Movie” put on the disc, if they had no intention of making such a movie. It’s pretty safe to say that the film is already done or close to it, to have this disc made.

Fox (as well as many other production companies) will hold information. If a movie is expected to be real big, or they just don’t want anyone to know about it, they will wait a long time before announcing it. True story, over a year ago, myself, and a theater manager called Fox. The manager did the talking, he was calling to order promotional materials for an upcoming release. At the end of the call, he asked the Fox representative, “When does the new Star Wars movie come out?”. The Fox rep. nervously said, “What do you mean? What Star Wars movie? There is no such movie being made”. Taking in consideration of how long it takes to make a movie and get it to the screen, the “Star Wars
Episode 1” had to be nearly finished, if not already. Now look, “Star Wars Episode 1” is opening May 21st. Which goes to show, they didn’t
want the information to leak. Of course the “Simpsons” may not be as big as “Star Wars”, but it is the longest running animated series, and has many of fans. When they are ready, the will announce it’s release.

Jane Seymore (Dr. Quinn) stated herself that there is a “Simpson’s Movie” during a recent interview. She stated that she is working with a company that is making a kids movie based on a childrens book she had written . She then went on to say, “…it’s the same company that was doing the Simpsons movie”.


In conclusion, there is enough evidence here to say that there is indeed a “Simpsons Movie”. The DTS disc being “hands on” physical proof, and direct words from Jane Seymore. All I have to say is, I can’t wait for this film to release, not only to see it, but so all the people who argued with me about this film not exsisting, can eat their words. Remember everyone, “..the Frogurt is also cast…but comes with your choice of toppings”.

May 16 / 200: According to Variety, the recent high-priced deal between the studio and the voices of everyone’s favorite dysfunctional cartoon family Dan Castellaneta, Hank Azaria, Harry Shearer, Yeardley Smith, Julie Kavner and Nancy Cartwright included options on two feature films. Variety says the first feature could be worth $500,000 to the voice actors. Apparently, Fox was adamant about putting the feature clauses in the contract. Fox fans will recall that another Fox show The X-Files also went to the big screen in 1998. What’s certain is that thanks to the deal, The Simpsons is now in its 13th year will keep the TV show on the air for two more seasons.

Talk about Simpsons movie? Yeah… lets face it: of course they love to talk about it but they won’t be doing it until they stop making 22 minutes episodes. I assume they going to use Film Roman on processing it and Roman people hands are full of work when they making 22 minutes Simpsons episodes but it is delightful to see that Matt Groening starts to think about the movie seriously!

Oct 23 / 2000: In the first new Oscar category in two decades, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences board of governors have created a separate category for animated features, which could be handed out as early as March 2002. The category will be added on a case by case basis, and only when eight or more eligible films are released during a given calendar year. If eight to 15 toon features are released in a year, a maximum of three films may be nominated; If 16 or more are released, no more than five may be nominated. Oh, if you didn’t get this… they are possibly waiting release of Simpsons movie at least year 2002. I wonder are producers of The Simpsons waiting this?

Fox has reserved years ago for possible movie plans so they can set ‘possible’ website to promote the movie.

Jan 25 / 2001: After the Cartoon Network failed to come to financial terms with the three women who voice the “Powerpuff Girls,” the network is searching for voice-over talent to replace them in a feature film version based on their characters, according to the The Hollywood Reporter. Sheesh. If a tv network is going to be so miserable about paying its voice actors a liveable wage for a feature movie I just wonder on how the negotiations for the Simpsons movie is coming along.

Feb 17 / 2000: Executive producer, Mike Scully has said that they are ready to make a Simpsons movie. It gets talked about a lot,” Scully says candidly. “We simply haven’t come up with the right way to do it, and we certainly don’t want to just slap it together, and throw it out there, because we know it will probably be very successful and so, if we do it, we have to make sure that it’s really, really good. If we did a bad job, it would taint people’s memories of the TV show. One thing you can be certain of though, it won’t be a live action flick. “It would have to be animated. I don’t see how we could ever do a live-action movie as funny as the animated series. The animation allows so many creative liberties that you just wouldn’t be able to achieve with live-action. I think it would be impossible for a set of actors to portray these characters. The audience likes to see them the way they are, and if you tried to turn, say, John Goodman into Homer, then it ultimately has to be disappointing to everyone, including John Goodman. Obviously, he could never live up to Homer.”