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Errors on The Simpsons / Small scale document

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Errors on The Simpsons / Small scale document

This document is open.

Here are some errors that has been seen on the Simpsons, illustration problems or drawings screwed up.

– In Season 11 ” Brothers Little Helper” Bart is in his room with suran Rap all over him and he tells the family to close the door… you hear a Door close and in the next scene you see it open.

– In Homer’s Odyssey (episode where Smithers is introduced), Smithers was black though I’m not sure if they wanted to keep him like that and later changed their minds or if it was just an animation mistake.

– In ‘Bart The Daredevil’ when Homer falls down the cliff the second time, Wendell is wearing a red top with blue pants. Then in the next shot as he watching Homer over the cliff, he is wearing a blue top with red pants.

– Barney had yellow hair in season 1.

– In ‘Brush with Greatness’ Lenny’s voice come out of Carl when asked about the stacking of donuts because of Homer’s diet.

– The odd watch gag seen in ‘Blood Feud’ where Homer will have a watch then several shots later he doesn’t have it.

– In one of the season 2-3 episodes it shows Bart recording his Science project of a tomato. However he rights right-handed when it fact he is left-handed.

– In ‘Lisa’s Pony’ as Ralph comments on Lisa’s riding, he has a different voice.

– In “Round Midnight,” Marge’s voice is switched with Dr. Hibbert’s every time one of them speaks.

– Grampa’s name is Abraham, but in “The Old Man And The Key”, everyone calls him “Irving,” and it’s not explained why.

– At the beginning of “Sleeping With The Enemy,” Lisa appears to be made out of wads of crumpled paper held together by Scotch tape. This is corrected when she bends over to pick up her chalk.

– In “Homer the Smithers,” Homer goes to make the fake phone call from Burns’ mother, but he turns into Akira in the next shot for some reason. Right before Burns finds out, he’s back to being Homer.

– Ned and Rod (or was it Todd?) Flanders were among the first in line for the Itchy and Scratchy Movie, but in “Home Sweet Home-Diddily-Dum-Doodily” they don’t seem to remember what I+S is about.

– In Burn’s Heir, the first time we see hans moleman (when he comes out of the hotel) he is black. later on at the simpsons house he is yellow. this is really obvious and has probably been mentioned sevral times but i just noticed it recently.

– In Season 11’s “Beyond Blunderdome”, Homer gives Marge and the kids some money to do what they want whilst he does his business with Mel Gibson. Bart asks if he can come, but Homer puts his hand on Bart’s shoulder and tells him he can’t. THEN, notice this, he takes his hand OFF Bart’s shoulder, and says “Mel’s movie really stinks”, but you can still see a hand, clearly belonging to Homer, on Bart’s shoulder, even though he’s moving his hand in the other direction.

– In episode 2F09, when Itchy plays Scratchy’s skeleton like a xylophone, he strikes the same rib twice in succession, yet he produces two clearly different tones. I mean, what are we to believe, that this is some sort of a magic xylophone or something?

– In “Lady Bouviers Lover” when Grandpa takes the old lady to the car, Homer puts the window on like he is using an electronic window but on Marges side there is a hand one.