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Fan Interview: Shannon Vieira (aka Picken)


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Fan Interview: Shannon Vieira (aka Picken)

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How did you became a Simpsons fan, Shannon?

I’ve always loved cartoons and when I first saw an episode of the Simpsons several years ago, I was hooked. I loved the first Christmas episode and started watching the show every week.

Your Simpsons site is one of oldest on web. How did you end up making Simpsons site?

When I first started learning HTML, I decided to make a web site dedicated to the show. I wanted to make a web site and thought it would be cool to learn HTML by making a site dedicated to the Simpsons.

You and your site has been mentioned on many magazines and other sources. Are you impressed about success?

I’m really flattered by the recognition many of the magazines and other sites have given to my Simpsons site. It’s certainly a great feeling and I definitely appreciate the compliments. It makes me want to continue improving and updating the site.

You also collect Simpsons merchandise. Your website has few pages dedicated to them. How long have you been collecting?

I’ve been collecting Simpsons merchandise for about five or six years. I started collecting Simpsons posters, comics and t-shirts, but I didn’t really get into collecting until I started buying merchandise on the ‘net. I love Ebay and have found some really great Simpsons items at good prices there. I’ve managed to find a lot of the older action figures, clocks, stickers, collector plates and more on the ‘net.

Do you buy Simpsons merchandise regularly?

I buy Simpsons merchandise fairly often. I browse a lot of the auction sites in search of good deals and I frequently visit bookstores for the latest book or comic. If it has to do with the Simpsons, I will usually buy the item (unless I already have it!) I don’t buy the t-shirts as much anymore but I’m really looking forward to the new wave of merchandise that’s going to hit shelves this year.

What is your favorite piece?

I’d have to say that my favourite Simpsons item is a Franklin’s Simpsons Statue I bought three years ago. It’s a really neat statue made of china and I was told it’s very limited. I also really like the Franklin Mint plates, my Simpsons mirror and the action figures.

Do you collect any other stuff, like movies or stamps?

No, not really. My husband and I are big movie fans and have hundreds of movies, but we don’t collect them on a regular basis – just our favourites!

I assume you have recorded every episode on tape. Can you name a few episodes you like a lot?

Actually, I don’t have every episode on tape. I’m working on it, but I can’t say I do have every episode. I have a couple of favourite episodes: “The Springfield Files”, “Lisa’s Sax” and “Hurricane Neddy”.

We heard rumours that Simpsons will not leave us yet and new seasons might be made. How do you see future of Simpsons show today?

I’m really happy that the Simpsons will still be on the air for a few more years. As for the future of Simpsons episodes, I’m not really sure. Hopefully, they will focus on some more of the minor characters, but I think they’ll continue with a lot of Homer episodes. That’s cool with me though, Homer has a lot of great lines and I think he’s hilarious.

What about cartoons like Futurama and South Park. Do you watch them?

I used to watch Futurama, but I kinda lost interest in it when FOX started messing with its time slot. I like South Park a lot … it’s different then the Simpsons; much more crude and vulgar, but I think Cartman is a riot. I just watched the South Park movie a few weeks ago and laughed my butt off! It’s a good show.

Today’s South Park sites are all pretty unfinished places. Any plans to make ‘Picks’ Tribute to the South Park’?

Nah. I like South Park, but I won’t be building a tribute site to it.

Do you watch anything else from the television regularly than cartoons?

I watch a lot of different shows. My husband got me hooked on WWF Wrestling and I watch that every night it’s on television. I tune into the X Files every week (awesome show!) but other than that I like watching movies and news programs like CNN and 20/20.

I heard you are member of project called ‘Springfield University’ which has own domain reserved ( allready. What kind of project is it and what’s your part of it?

LOL. Well, I can’t tell you what kind of project it is. But my involvement has mainly been site design and content contributor.

What other things you do on your life?

I design web sites on a full time basis. I started my own company a year ago and have been pretty busy with that. When I’m not working on the computer, I’m usually spending quality time with my husband, Dave, and my precious dog, Bella. We like going bowling, hanging out with our friends, visiting family and going out for dinner.