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here’s a rundown of interesting articles, newsbites and links around the simpsons movie.

sort of a bonus for an easy check up if you wanna get filled about the movie. and you wanna get filled.

– the simpsons movie is on the top grossing animated film based on a tv show.

– the simpsons movie draws $167m worldwide: bigger than any pixar toon.

– tv guide: the simpsons movie special video.

– charlie rose interviews mg and jlb.

– imdb score for the s-movie is 8.4/10 with 28,151 votes. impressive!

– check out the video where, james l. brooks, al jean, mike scully, and david silverman, visit the opie and anthony show to promote the brand new movie.

– notes for the movie

new york post interviews mg.

a guide to the in-jokes in ‘the simpsons movie’.

– $71.85 million in ticket sales

big-screen freedom

– video clip from the Simpsons’ red carpet

– matt groening and al jean in europe to promote the movie

– three more clips of the movie.

– springfield, vt. beat out 13 other like-named cities

– simpsons-themed 7-Eleven and photo gallery.