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Definition of D’oh

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Definition of D’oh

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Check out the newest edition of Webster’s New World Dictionary and you may very well find this definition inserted between “dogy” – a stray or motherless calf – and “Doha” – the capital of Qatar. It seems that Homer’s trademark exclamation has found its way into the popular culture. Webster’s most recent revision includes such new terms as “treehugger,” “love handles” and “dust bunny.”

Conceived initially by Matt Groening in form as “annoyed grunt,” (and still written that way in all Simpsons TV scripts) Homer Simpson voice actor Dan Castellaneta was inspired by Jim Finlayson of the Laurel and hardy films, “a bald-headed scot with a bushy mustache who would go doooh, whenever they did something that angered him.” However, at Matt’s suggestion that it be said faster to better suit the speed of animation, “D’oh” was born!

The apostrophe in the official spelling suggest that it is a two syllable word or perhaps even a contaction of two one syllable words. Michael Agnes, editor of Webster is waiting to see whether “D’oh” stands the test of time or whether its use disappears after “The Simpsons” is off the air. After all, “Slang is prone to be ephemeral,” and the usage of “D’oh” may be transient. Given the success of the “The Simpsons” and its affect on every day life, Agnes may not have to wait long. Personally I have heard people telling me that they use “D’oh” when it’s appropriate time to say it.In the meantime, “D’oh” may face some serious competition from “Duh” which has regularly been passed over for inclusion and thus has been denied a legitimate and respectable place in the English language lexicon. Here you can catch up latest movable pictures captured from television such as interviews and commercials. If you have manage to get something unique on your hd related to the simpsons, please contact us so we can share it with fans of The Simpsons.