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Twilight Zone References on the Simpsons

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Twilight Zone References on the Simpsons

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{Arabic, Roman, Cardinal,┬╣ Ordinal┬▓, Adverbial┬│}
– THOH 1, I, unus, primus, semel
– THOH 2, II, duo, secundus, bis
– THOH 3, III, tres, tertius, ter
– THOH 4, IV, quattuor, quartus, quater
– THOH 5, V, quinque, quintus, quinquies
– THOH 6, VI, sex, sextus, sexies
– THOH 7, VII, septem, septimus, septies
– THOH 8, VIII, octo, octavus, octies
– THOH 9, IX, novem, nonus, novies
– THOH 10, X, decem, decimus, decies
– THOH 11, XI, undecim, undecimus, undecies
– THOH 12, XII, duodecim, duodecimus, duodecies
– THOH 13, XIII, tredecim, tertius decimus, ter decies
– THOH 14, XIV, quattuordecim, quartus decimus quattuordecies
– THOH 15, XV, quindecim, quintus decimus, quindecies
– 16, XVI, sedecim, sextus decimus, sedecies
– 17, XVII, septendecim, septimus decimus, septies decies
– 18, XVIII, duodeviginti, duodevicesimus, duodevicies
– 19, XIX, undeviginti, undevicesimus, undevicies
– 20, XX, viginti, vicesimus, vicies


Obviously there is a lot of material from the Twilight Zone that THOH keeps using. Obviously it’s hard to think up ideas for THOH, in that case there either inspired by DC comics, The Twilight Zone, or anyother shows of similar descent to TZ. (The Outer Limits and Night Gallery) Do you think it’s wrong for The Simpsons to use TZ ideas to spoof, if you don’t what TZ episode plot would you like to see pardoied in a future THOH?

Twilight Zone References in THOH


Episode: “To Serve Man”- The cookbook that Lisa finds.


Episode: “Big Tall Wish” (from the New Twilight Zone) – The Simpsons making wishes that backfire. In the TZ episode, a boy wishes for X-ray vision, which goes to far. “Big Tall Wish” was on the classic show – and it had nothing to do with the wish-making “Monkey’s Paw” act/dream (or X-ray vision”, iirc) – it involved a boy wishing that a boxer won a fight, and the boxer’s disbelief.

Episode: “A Small Talent For War”- Kang & Kudos inslave planet earth, once peace is achieved. In the TZ episode, this angers the aliens, who created earth to breed warriors. “Small Talent” was a 10-minute sketch on the ’85 version of TZ – but its not very similar to the THOH act, which is similar to countless old Sci-Fi premises and stories before it.

Episode: “It’s a Good Life”- The THOH skit titled “The Bart Zone” blantally rips off this episode. The plot was quite true to the original, including turning an offending man into a jack-in-the-box. Oddly enough, Nancy Cartwright who also voices Bart, appears in the movie remake of the “It’s a Good life” skit. Its not a “blatant rip-off if its a completely-acknowledged parody/homage – but that’s just terminology.


Episode: “Living Doll”- The shop at which Homer purchases the doll is similar to the TZ episode, as is the idea for the skit. Though “Evil Krusty Doll” is a full-on parody of “Living Doll”, the shop is far more similar to the mystical Asian-owned shop of the opening of “Gremlins” – which was, interestingly, written & directed by Robert Zemeckis, as was the TZ-movie remake of this episode. (Zemeckis was an early employer of David Silverman, Wes Archer and Brad Bird in the ’80s.)


Episode: “Nightmare at 20,000 Feet”- The plot is similar, and Bart has the characteristics of Shatner. Also the way Willy appears in the window, is similar to how the gremlin appears in the skit. Per the THOH DVD commentaries, the artists watched and parodied both the Shatner-starring original, and the Lithgow-starring TZ movie remake equally.


No References


Episode: “Little Girl Lost”- The plot for the third act, is similar to this episode. In the TZ episode a girl discovers the 4th dimension behind her bedroom. Also, in the TZ episode a physict comes to explain what has happened, in the skit Frink does this. Frink’s picture and explanation are very similar to the actual TZ episode. Homer even refers to the 3rd dimension as “It’s like the twilighty show about that zone”. Its a full parody of the episode – except the ending – with the conceit that, since OFF exists as 2-D animation, they enter the “mysterious Third Dimension”.

thoh vii

Treehouse of Horror VII spoofs “The Little People”


Episode: “The Twilight Zone Movie”- A girl gets sucked into a cartoon, oddly enough in the movie the character is played by Nancy Cartwright except that this is one minor point in the “Good Life” TZ movie remake. The premise had been done many, many times before that, most recently (before OFF) in the film “Stay Tuned”.

thoh xv

Treehouse of Horror XIV spoofs “A Kind of Stopwatch”. Also, I think it was Tibor that wrote a good script for a spoof of “The Monsters are Due one Maple Street”, which I think would make a great segment. Maybe a “Kick the Can” spoof with the Retirement Castle residents would work.


This list is compiled – though I’m sure its not complete yet – by Roger Myers III, Jake Savage (Red Right) and Vox Nerduli.