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Website references on the episodes

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Website references on the episodes

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(BABF20) A Tale of Two Springfields:
(CABF02) The Computer Wore Menace Shoes: Mr. X Webpage
(EABF11) `Scuse Me While I Miss the Sky:
(EABF11) `Scuse Me While I Miss the Sky:
(EABF11) `Scuse Me While I Miss the Sky:
(EABF19) The Fat and the Furriest:
There’s Something About Marrying:

official sites

  • – official site
  • – official site (same as above)
  • – homer’s site
  • – what badger’s eat

websites appeared on the simpsons

20th Century Fox has been offering the Simpsons on the net almost from the early days of the internet. Official site has been amusing people with general information about the episodes and various tidbits.

Most interesting part is that they often include internet references on the actual episode where a fan can type the URL seen on the show on the browser and get actual site seen on the show. Good example are Homer’s gossip website called Mr. X Webpage seen on the episode The Computer Wore Menace Shoes (CABF02).

{Homer buys a computer and builds a Web site where he anonymously spreads local rumor and innuendo, and makes things up when his sources run dry. }- (CABF02) The Computer Wore Menace Shoes

Mr. X Webpage – All the Muck That Fit to Rake, is pretty simple site and it’s intended to look like its made by Homer. All the link works as in real website and there’s even written content on the site.

SpringfieldIsForGayLoversOfMarriage isn’t just parked. It’s an actual web page that has a picture and everything. It links back to and has a few still pictures from the episode. Here’s WHOIS info:

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At Lisa Simpson’s suggestion, Mayor Quimby agrees to allow same-sex marriage, which he hopes will attract hefty homosexual dough. Running a gay-friendly ad carrying the improbable Web site address,, the town appeals to homosexuals to choose Springfield as their marriage destination.

Content of the site is as follows:

  • Quimby’s Dirty Pool
  • Bagels are old Donuts!
  • Police Host Race Riot
  • Journalistic Dynamite
  • Bulletin: New Race Discovered Living Six Inches Under Denver — All Named ‘Mortonson’
  • Spanish And Italian Are The Same Language
  • They’re Controlling Our Minds With Flu Shots