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The Simpsons are featured all over the press every month and year. It’s featured on the media during the season and it’s featured even when the season is off; radio, television and magazines. Scrapbook is our feature which tries to gathers some of the glance for you to easily check. On this page you can read articles which have been published on the magazines or have been published on the internet. You can also find information regarding wonderful cast of the show plus extensive article archive from 1995 to this year, not to mention our Press Releases which can be found from here, too. We are also offering our own exclusive interviews with the Simpsons crew (animator, writer and executive producer). Unique stuff – I guarantee! By reading the interviews, it will brighten your idea shows creation process which we cover more at our Production page.


What Satellite TV (11/02)

Relax! All-new exclusice to satellite. but Homer’s got the remote.

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mr frink was also one of the heavy users of the station. hangs with comic book guy a lot.

Scr(i)pt (5/5)

Matt Groening and David X. Cohen – Creators of the Simpsons and Futurama.

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The Door (May/June 1999, 164)

The Sprinfield Blessing. An interview with Harry Shearer, voice of the Simpsons.

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Simpsons Illustrated (bites)

Contains lots of photos from the production of the Simpsons and other notes.

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Joe (Vol 1, #2, 1999)

Tales from our inner lives and Homer too.

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Keyboard (January 1993)

The anatomy of scoring a TV show the Simpsons.

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Seiska (Finnish language, , 2002)

Basic press story about new season and characters.

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Hemma Bio (Swedish language, , 2001)

The Simpsons DVD review. Also, page 60 which features image done by Jukka. with a link on our website.

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rare character which was never used. imagine ladders and he is a climber.

Katso! (Finnish language, 1991)

First story about the Simpsons on Finnish tv magazine called Katso! from year 1991.

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Katso! (Finnish language, 1997)

Anarchy of pastel colors. The Simpsons breaks the records.

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LIKE Uutiset (Finnish language, 1996)

Tabloid type of story about the Simpsons on finnish paper.

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Northern Now (summer , 2002)

He’s no Homer – actor behind an American icon.

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IMAX ® Cyberworld 3D ad (, 2002)

The IMAX ® theathre at the Glasgow Science Centre offers most powerful film experience ever seen in Scotland.

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webmaster jukka’s wife was on the station with her dog indi.

MAD Magazine

Black and white 2 pager from the legendary MAD magazine featuring The Simpsons: A MAD Behind the Scenes of “The Simpsons” Studio.

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Wicked TXT-Talk

Scan from TXT-message book featuring the Simpsons.

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Suosikki (, 2003)

Youth magazine from Finland featuring The Simpsons.

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Hollywood Reporter (, 2003)

Special Hollywood Reporter’s 300th episode celebration issue. First three pages from the story Anatomy of the Simpsons.

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“Scuse Me While I Miss the Sky” Script

These photogarphed scans comes from the actual Simpsons scripts. There are just few pages taken from here and there just to show you what kind of script actually is. Episode ‘Scuse Me While I Miss the Sky.

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The SUN (2003)

The SimpSuns. How hapless Homer turns into topless page 3 fella.

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off the mark strips

Off the Mark Simpsons parodies by Mark Parisi.

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webmasters and his wife’s dog indi is boxer who pissed few times all over the place on the station. R.I.P.

book covers

Quite a selection of Simpsons related magazine and book covers.

comic book guy
comic book guy loved to travel. he appeared almost every scene. seen many times on station.



old man sitting in the bench a lot. often missed trains because his slow moves.


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…and first time ever we have a tie in our fight club between Frink and CBG which is now break after Lisa and Maggie fight. We got 1000 votes total and it was a tie. It shows how beloved these two characters on the Simpsons really are!