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Mar 21
Fourth Simpsons Movie trailer is here.

Mar 21
Nancy Cartwright (voice of Bart) chats with Simpsons producer Mike Scully.

Mar 20
The Simpsons: Not So Fair And Balanced About Fox News

Mar 20
Family Guy vs. The Simpsons

Mar 20
Is Homer a Missourian or an Illinoisan?

Mar 18
Jon Bon Jovi had an episode written for him to guest star, but backed out once he read it. Apparently, the writers had his character covered with melted cheese at one point and insult Richie Sambora at another point in the script.

Mar 16
And it’s just keep getting better… LETS is celebrating its 10th birthday. Check the special edition out!

Mar 16
Springfield Springfield redesigns. What a week so far on this community. Keep the spirit alive, guys!

Mar 16
The Sprinfield Files redesigns.

Mar 15
Sam Simon interview at 60 Minutes

Mar 15
The Fireside Room in Monarch Hall was transformed into Springfield last Friday as the Media Arts Student Committee and the Institute for Developing Entertainment Arts & Studies (IDEAS) presented Valley College students with “An Evening with ‘The Simpsons.'”

Mar 14
New When Bongo’s Collide -website is open for business.

Mar 12
New Last Exit to Springfield (website) is scheduled to be launched in the end of the month or sooner (upcoming saturday).

Mar 12
16 Springfields compete for Homer Simpson’s film premiere

Mar 11
Here’s a 51 second clip of The Simpsons Movie shown on American Idol. Worth a look!

Mar 10
JABF08 Promo – “Rome-Old and Julie-eh”

Mar 10
Mexican voice-over actors who have dubbed “The Simpsons” TV series into Spanish for 15 years are threatening to boycott the cartoon’s upcoming movie if they are not hired to dub it.

Mar 9
Springfield, Ore., that is – could be the place where Bart, Homer and the rest of the cartoon Simpsons family make their big screen debut this summer.

Mar 7
NME.COM users responded in their droves yesterday after they challenged you to spot Green Day’s appearance in the trailer for ‘The Simpsons Movie’.

Mar 6
Sex in The Simpsons turns viewers off

Mar 3
When you analyze the Simpsons Movie -psoter itself you start to wonder how big in role the donuts in the movie are? And you ask yourself – is a film all about donuts?

Mar 3
Get yourself Simpsons Movie poster (ebay). Only 5 hours left at writing this message.

Mar 3
The Simpsons Movie card holder

Mar 3
Is it true Groening has nothing to do with ?The Simpsons? anymore?

MG: The idea that I was not involved with the show or less involved with the show is simply not true. I’ve always been involved with the show. ?

Mar 2
Listen Tim Goodman’s interview with Joel Cohen at here.

Feb 27
No other television series in entertainment history has equalled The Simpson’s ability to mine an apparently endless vein of congenial satire that exists outside fashion or time.

Feb 27
Crave talks to Matt Groening about the Simpsons and Futurama

Feb 26
The creators of The Simpson Movie will keep everyone guessing about the film’s plot right up until the last minute, says one its writers

Feb 24
On Monday Tim Goodman is interviewing Joel Cohen, co-executive producer and writer on “The Simpsons” for the next TV Talk Machine podcast. If you have questions you’d like me to ask him, send me an e-mail at with “TV Talk Machine” in the subject field.

Feb 23
The Simpsons: ”Springfield Up” Review
Declan Desmond documents famous Springfielders.

Feb 23
If you’re into latest episodes of The Simpsons – you might be interest of Foxcast which presents latest episodes as spoken. Take a ear at here!

Feb 23
Green Day in The Simpsons Movie. To be specific, we saw Green Day on what appears to be a sinking ship.

Feb 21
Krustyly Studios (fan website) is closing.

Feb 19
How long does it take to have an website titled next to newest episode “Springfield Up”? Let’s count. 6 years ago it took approximately 2 hours. Today…?

Feb 19
Brand new Simpsons Movie -trailer is online.

Feb 18
Finally someone is speaking aloud about this: Fancy DVD sets are fun, but they don’t easily fit standard storage space

Feb 18
To celebrate the upcoming Simpsons flick, Sunday Herald got in their hands an exclusive wallpaper, which is free to download.

Feb 17
The Simpsons Zip is celebrating its (almost) first year on the net by launching a “reality tv”. Take a look.

Feb 17
Google’s YouTube and a company called Live Digital have complied with subpoenas to turn over the identities of their users who illegally uploaded episodes of Fox series 24 and The Simpsons.

Feb 16
Looks like there’s lots of going on in this community right now:
(for starters)

Feb 15
Happy 53 Matt Groening! Call me.

Feb 15
Looking for Simpsons love? Find your perfect match from among Springfield’s singles!

Feb 13
The Writers Guild of America, West (WGAW) and the Writers Guild of America, East (WGAE) have announced winners for outstanding achievement in television and radio writing during the 2006 season. In the Animation category, John Frink won for “The Italian Bob” episode of The Simpsons, which was nominated for three other episodes.

Feb 11
That’s Unpossible – one and only Ralph Wiggum website redesigns and goes in sleep-mode.

Feb 10
The Simpsons Season 6 Deleted Scenes

Feb 10
Teasers for the Simpsons Movie teaser, followed by the teaser can be viewed at here

Feb 9
Excactly 10 years ago today, in 1997, The Simpsons became the longest-running prime-time animated series, beating the record previously held by The Flintstones.

Feb 8
aranjuez guitar quartet – simpsons theme

Feb 4
The Simpsons Home is back on the net.

Feb 3
Matt Groening talks about Futurama’s comeback

Feb 2
The Simpsons: What’s to Come?
The creators and cast members talk about the movie, the 400th episode, upcoming guest stars, and more.

Feb 1
Ever wonder why you?ve never seen The Simpsons Vitamins? The Simpsons Omega 3 Squirts are now available.

Feb 1
Dan Castellaneta Does Double Duty on the Simpsons Movie

Feb 1
No more “Homer stories” and “Bart stories.” says Matt Groening about the Simpsons Movie.

Jan 31
“We’ve done an amazing thing this year,” said showrunner Al Jean. “The episode we say is the 400th will actually be the 400th.”

Jan 31
Simpsons donut maker makes obesity hilarious

Jan 30
Harry Shearer on David Letterman (video link).

Jan 30
The Simpsons Movie -stand was sold at ebay.

Jan 30
Take a look at Eye on Springfield. Nice amount of information and images.

Jan 29
Simpsons movie images: 1, 2

Jan 26
Leftorium redesigns

Jan 25
Fox has served YouTube with a subpoena demanding it discloses the identity of a user who uploaded copies of entire episodes of 24 and The Simpsons.

Jan 24
So, with the July 27th, 2007 release of The Simpsons Movie inching closer each day, how?s the hotly anticipated film coming, JLB?

Jan 24
The Futon with The Simpsons co-executive producer Don Payne

Jan 24
The Simpsons go green with latest Euro 4 and 5 Volvo trucks (the pic!)

Jan 24
The Simpsons: Celebrating 400 Episodes March 15, 7 p.m. In Person: Matt Groening, James L. Brooks, Al Jean, Tim Long, Ian Maxtone-Graham, and Matt Selman. Additional panelists to be announced.

Jan 23
The Simpsons Movie makes a rare debut at the Future Film Festival in Bologna

Jan 22
The film’s plot is top secret, but Groening promises that both the animation and the emotional story lines will feature more depth than the series.

Jan 21
Adam Wolf, who maintains the “Simpsons” Web site “Last Exit to Springfield” (, doubts the movie can “recapture the magic of the early to mid years.” on a recent interview.

Jan 20
On a whim, Nina Matsumoto drew an anime salute to the Simpsons and it got her a job offer (see Jan 10 update).

Jan 19
The Simpsons Folder was recently declared “Simpsons Fan Site of the Year 2006” by members of NHC message board. Respect to our visitors and supporters!

Jan 15
Funny Simpsons, Mario & Kong clip

Jan 14
The Simpsons won in the Favorite Animated TV Comedy category 33rd People’s Choice Awards.

Jan 13
First high quality promo images of the Simpsons Movie can be seen here! (thanks scott). Also, first promoting t-shirth is available at here.

Jan 13
Blog: South Park Makes The Simpsons Irrelevant (i’ve been personally hearing very positive feedback about SP in recent months)

Jan 13
Yellow but not mellow: Pretty much all we know about ‘The Simpsons Movie’ is: “It’ll be funny” says the producers of the movie.

Jan 11

Jan 10
An artist called spacecoyote has crafted a great picture of the Simpsons in an anime style.

Jan 10
Good product pics of upcoming “simpsons phone”.

Jan 9
A comparison video between the pre-air version of the Simpsons and the one that made it to the air, with the latter being censored due to a comment about the Iraq

Jan 9
TSG updates with lots of stuff!

Jan 8
Homer and the most watched ad in history…

Jan 8
Samsung+Simpsons=Movie Phone

Jan 4
Is Yeardley Smith (voice of Lisa) married again?

Jan 3
Finally, i made it! Santa loses in Fight Club (poll) for the drunks at Moe’s! 115-70. New FC open where i’m against Jouni from somewhere i don’t remember…

Jan 2
JABF05 – Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Three Times
JABF12 – Stop or My Dog Will Shoot

Jan 1
Watch Yeardley Smith video interview.

Dec 30
Most important things in the year 2000… er 2006 in Folder’s Eyes (yes, in particular order):

1. The Simpsons Movie -news
2. Simpsons Zip -website
3. Live actors Simpsons video
4. Season 18 thread at NHC
5. Simpsons renewed for season 18 and 19
6. Ricky Gervais episode
7. LETS redesign (may 19, aug 6 updates)
8. New Simpsons Channel
9. Battlestar Galactica – Simpsonized

Hyvää Uutta Vuotta 2007! Happy New year 2007, everybody! (first one in Finnish -language, 2nd one in your language).

Yours, jukka

Dec 28
You have received about 300 updates in 2006 here in the Simpsons Folder about the Simpsons.

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