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sticky update for a day or five. if you want newsfeed, just press the N (on the right).

access denied -page is still under c and it will be a door for a new page when i have time to put it together. spt has received 20+ bits of news lately. your feedback is always .

jan 9 – upgrade 4

hold your breath once again. INTERESTING MATERIAL TO CHOOSE…

– you have probaply seen it allready but ea contacted me and wanted to give the folder a simpsons game movie trailer. thanks for the great gift!

scrapbook gets couple of new articles.

– New graffiti photos are added on the sights -page. everything at miscellany and various area. check.

fight club has been a real success lately. take a look at latest results here. and forget the the skywalkers.

oh, and my little website will be once again listed on a new edition of web design index.happy new year.