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“latest train by anonymous scotsman”



adelade train from australia. adam wolf from last exit to springfield made the folder a real beauty pixely-one.

MTA train by ben goretzky from simpson grazy.

malvern, england by ben.

new york subway by alicia.

edmonton by adam zwiazek.

from south attleboro by drew.

red sm2 from helsinki, finland. inspiration for the first train by jukka from the simpsons folder.


boston t by lee. usa.

do you want to create your own train? just download model train on to your desktop and make it happen. you can send your train on trainyard and if its good enough… it might pop up on our station.

what you need to remember is save it as .gif file. don’t make it larger than those tiny trains on left. they are presented as actual size. do everything pixel by pixel, draw lines as pixel and etc. save it as .gif format. and send it to me!

below is a GNER Mallard train which runs between London and Scotland. by anonymous scotsman.

israel railways by shlomo.

on right you’ll see trainyard gallery made by our visitors. some are simpsons inspired, some are replicas of real trains around the world. around left and up and bottom you’ll see photos from real trains which has been inspiration source for our visitors.

if you do make a real replica of your hometown train/subway – please do submit a photo of the origin, too!

by simon… info where is this from?

candad sky train by brian ludvigsen.

streetcar by maximilian jade. freiburg germany.

london undergound. tube. by mary from england.

Model train Jukka/ sm2, Finland, Helsinki

Aaron Dodd

Anonymous Scotsman

Bryan Ludvigsen, Canada

Pascal Frey

Ben Grotzky, Los Angeles

MTA train by ben

Andreas Roth

simon (?)

Jon Hillier, England

Lee, Boston T – USA

Adam Zwiazek, Edmonton

Ben, Central England

Drew, T, South Attleboro, MA

Jouni Paakkinen

Brian Suttis, Springfield Monorail

Adam Wolf, Adelade train, Australia

Maximilian Jaede, Freiburg, Germany

Mary from England, London Tube

Alicia Tishenko, NYC, New York

Shlomo Vachman, Israel Railways

your train here?