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the simpsons folder has been online since 1995. Today it is 12th years old simpsons site – and still online – as you can feel it.

if you wanna say hi, hello, hei, moi, terve, or something to us this is your channel for it. send me an e-mail.

characters you’ll see on the right side of this table are linking you to various things:

N = back to newsfeed
1 = upgrade 1
5 = upgrade 5
F = faq
A = about/help

what is an upgrade?
upgrade means update on the site. you can view last 5 by choosing number. higher the number is = newest upgrade.

what is 4096?
i call this design a 4096. previous was 2048 and before that 1024… and so on. you get the big picture? 😉

what else?
anything. especially if you enjoy visiting on the folder regularly – i would love to hear your thoughs and observations. you can contact me various ways.

mg jlb ds what?
mg = matt groening
jlb = james l. brooks
ds = david silverman
nc = nancy cartwright
dc = dan castellaneta
ys = yeardley smith