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Simpsons Folder

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simpsons folder what?
this site you’re looking at is the simpsons folder. it’s been online since 1995 (with different name) but it’s basically same site after all those grazy years or should i say crazy…?

i wanna contact you
yes, that is possible by sending me an . i will get a notification of your input in my mailbox shorthly.

always been a huge fan of mass transport system. i wanted to see some poorly pixelated Simpsons characters walking around in a imaginational subway station.

i wanna supoort you!
yes. that is possible.

this website has been made with a help of madonna’s hit single “get together’ and lot’s deadmau5 and jaytech during photoshop session.

i want to use your button

i forgot your last version…

i have a question!
send here. if i can answer it and it helps others in their journey of folder world – i post it here.