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James Bomhof, Canada

I like the Simpsons because they are original. They aren’t a show that copies another one, they make up all their own jokes. We recently had the Simpsons cartoon taken out of our newspaper because they weren’t popular. Although i opposed it, it must admit, it was half as good as the show. Simpsons is so great because they have the best voices and animation. Dan Castellaneta and Hank Azaria are the best voices that anyone could possible get, they know how to change the mood of the voice very well to make the show even funnier. Over the past years, when i started getting attracted to Simpsons, the thing that caught my attention were all the catch phrases, not just doh and mmm, but simple lines like”my cats breath smells like catfood” and “equalax, the horse with the head of a rabbit…and a body of a rabbit” Those phrases (and many many others have stuck with me for years and i will never forget them because they are so funny.) Another great thing about the Simpsons is that they are cartoons, the reason for this is that the animators can do stuff that can’t be taped in real life, like go to Japan, or run over a fire hydrant in the winter and your car freezes instantly. I must admit though, the thing that really bugs me about Simpsons is when they use the phrase “its a shame, that….was only one day away from retirement, it gets very annoying but it sticks in your mind and that is what a show is supposed to do, make you think about and laugh over and over again. I love the Simpsons because it is so fun to learn about them and the character’s funny lines, they just keep you coming back wanting to know more and more? ps: i love the Simpsons

Holly Lushbaugh, USA

There are many reasons why The Simpsons are so damn good, actually. The many millions of fans will tell you that. I know my personal reasons are most likely no different, but I thought I’d give it a shot anyway.

The Simpsons have a very striking quality to make people laugh, sometimes incredibly low-brow, (i.e. ‘Looking at Uruguay’ You.. are.. gay.. heh heh heh) while some include very intellectualy obscure references. Usually they’re just shown in the background, and there are too many to really pull one from memory. This kind of subtle humor should draw in the “smarter” people in society. The low-brow stuff has most of the char, though. Its just the way Homer says D’oh or nearly anything else that shows how lovably stupid he is (i.e. erases “Dead Wife” off the list of things to study for a test).

Another thing is that the show really makes you feel for the characters. Bart has grown from the hellion scamp with only one dimension to a smartass who still feels pain for his sister when he wrecked her Thanksgiving centerpiece. Isn’t that sweet? As for Homer…well, how could you not love Homer?! Marge has come to be a bit of a nag, but let’s face it, without her the entire family would fall apart. “Sometimes a captain [mother] needs to do those things…” The reason she’s like this is the same reason your own parents discipline you; because she loves them.

Different people with high status have told how relevant The Simpsons are to real science, and religion. I believe the Pope himself once contradicted all the statements that The Simpsons were insensitive towards the different kinds of faith. Apu is a Hindi, and he shows it respectfully with his Vishnu statuette. The Simpsons are Christians, and regularly attend church, although they don’t really enjoy it. Well, do you?

Those are just a few good perspectives on my part. A great big “Congrats” goes out to all the actors, writers, producers…whatever for 10 great years of hell. Keep it up, boys!

Christopher Johns, USA

I like The Simpsons because they have been a Influence in my life. The show had a real impact unlike some of its compition. It’s been there on the good and bad days, its always made me laugh, even if some people whole-heartly disagree.The Simpsons have always cheered me up during hard times, and has lasted throught the tough times. I’ve always felt a connection between my family and The Simpsons. Examples; Homer: Me, Marge: My Sister, Bart: my Nephew, Lisa; My Other sister, Maggie: my niece. Well Thanks, Simpson Folder for giving me a shot and Cya!

Zack Olson, USA

I like the Simpsons because of how their life is in a way like normal families. Bart reminds me of one of my friends. I saw my first episode when I was about 8 and have been watching ever since. Simpsons are the funniest show I have ever seen. All the characters make me laugh but especially Barney. Those are just some of the many reasons I love the Simpsons.

Ayelet Evrony, USA

I like the Simpsons because they are funny there are so many characters and they have new episodes i have been watching them over the years and seen how the characters change and they dont make the Simpsons a too good to be true family like the brady bunch and my brother use to watch them so one day i sat down with him and soon i came to love the Simpsons homer is my favorite character when my brother went away to college i started taping them i especially like the tree house of horror Simpsons the main reason why i like the simpsons so much is that they are funny and it is not a perfect family.

Anthony Peluso, USA

Why do I like the Simpsons? Well, It’s just been something I grew up with really. The very first time I saw the Simpsons, when the show premired, I fell in love with it. While other 3 year olds were watching Bugs Bunny eating a carrot and saying “Eh, what’s up doc?” , I was watching Bart and Homer choking each other and swearing. I’ve seen every episode, lame or hilarious, no matter what, every Sunday and Thursday. I know every characters name, popular or non-popular. People say I’m weird for knowing so much about the Simpsons. But, I think they’re weird for NOT knowing so much about the Simpsons. It’s my favorite show, and actually part of my life, and I’ll never be the same when the show ends.

Ronald Weiler, USA

The Simpsons was one of the first things that my girlfriend and I found we had in common when we met 3 years ago. We have been in a long-distance relationship since then, and The Simpsons is one of the ways in which I feel close to her. On the “non-romantic” side, I am a true love of non-sequitors, and total random humor, and The Simpsons is FULL of it! I have almost 200 episodes in a private video collection with a full notebook cataloguing each episode cross-references with full descriptions of each episode. The Simpsons is also something that I share a common bond with many of my students (I am a music teacher), and it’s great! The Simpsons is a great source of stress relief, showing me that no matter how dumb something I’ve done is, it could have been dumber (and more painful!)

Nick Stanley, USA

There are numerous reasons why I like The Simpsons. I could say how funny the TV show is or how much I enjoy their certain morals that are in each episode but there are 2 main reason I like The Simpsons.

Reason number 1: The characters. Where else can you find a better cast of characters. The numerous episodes have revealed so many details about the different characters that allow us to really relate to them.

Reason number 2: The Family. The Simpsons represent every family out there in the world. No matter who you are you are similar to The Simpsons. They are the family that you never see in some people. They may look normal on the outside but they are always in the same situations and dillimas that The Simpsons face every episode. So in conclusion, I like the Simpsons because it is a great show. It has great characters and it represents every family out there. I thank you for reading this letter and I hope you consider me for the CD. If not, well that’s your choice, but if you don’t choose me “Eat my Shorts.” Smell ya Later.

Jonathan Thomson, England

To anyone watching you would discover that the simpsons is a hugely popular show. Mainly because of it’s large range of comedy. It’s ranges from those who enjoy watching people get kicked in the bum i.e Charlie Chaplin to the very witty very well thought out jokes which we all know and love.

Many would think of the show only relative to those who are in their youth, but i personally know several people over sixty you enjoy the daily doses of the Simpsons. Mainly because of the more suptle jokes, that only adults chatch on to. Also a large amount of the episodes are from or have a direct connection to, some form of film. Which more than often brings a smile to the watchers. Homers growing ignorence, Barts growing disobedience, Lisa’s growing intelligence, Marges growing stress, and Maggie who doesn’t seem to be growing at all. All add to this amazingly funny show.

Bryan Reiter, USA

The Simpsons signify the last remaing evidence of intelligently written television shows. Society is focusing on humor that does not require any thought processes. I have been watching the Simpsons since the days of Tracey Ullman. Every episode requires some sort of thought process. It is, by far the greatest TV show of all time.

James Bomhof, Canada

I like the simpsons plainly because over the years, they have mastered the ways to make you laugh, it is hard to find that kind of humor these days but the Simpsons does it. the only reason i like the simpsons is because of the laughs ps:they also have great drawers and voices too.

Arthur Louis Carter, USA

I like to watch the Simpsons because it makes me feel good after a long day. I can have the worst day of my life and go home, pop in a tape, sit back and laugh away. It also is a good show to watch because every time I watch it I pick stuff up that time, that I didn’t the last time. It is a good how to watch because sometimes I’m in the mood for slapstick comedy i.e. Homer falling down or running into a cactus and sometimes I’m in the mood for cerebrial humor and inside intelligence jokes. It also is good for all audiences for the fact that the kids and immature people can laugh at the potty humor and the older people can laugh at the political jokes and impersonations. That to me is a good show that is well rounded and long lasting.

Mark Navarro, Australia

Why do I like the Simpsons? You know, It’s interesting, The Simpsons have been my favourite television show for the last 8-9 years now and I’ve spent endless hours working on my website devoted to them, yet I’ve never thought about why I actually like the show. Well, now’s a good time for me to find out for myself.

10 years ago, when the show first started, I was about 5 years old. I used to watch it back then because the idea of a cartoon being on at night intruiged me, because up until then cartoons had always been on in the afternoon. Being a 5 year old, of course, I also just liked watching Homer fall down the stairs.

Now that I’m a lot older and my tastes have changed, I enjoy the show even more. I no longer laugh at Homer falling down, but instead, laugh at the subtle jokes and satire in the show. A lot of people miss the subtle humour in The Simpsons, which, in my opinion is the best part of it. After watching an episode for a second time you catch so many jokes that you missed the first time around.

The fact that my local TV station has not shown The Simpsons in 4 years makes it even more special to me. I only get to see new episodes when I’m out of town, so when I do get to see a new episode, I feel like I’m in heaven because it makes the occasion more special. Despite what many other people think, I think that The Simpsons still has several more years in it, because watching an episode that I’ve never seen before, old or new, is a fantastic experience and I know that many other people feel the same way.

“Very well. I must hurry back to my comic book store, where I dispense the insults rather than absorb them.” – Comic Book Guy

Susan A. Miller, USA

I like the Simpsons because it’s a good way to cap off the weekend. Sunday night sucks because I have school the next day. So watching the Simpsons is like saying a nice goodbye to the weekend.

Henrik Ono, Norway

I like the Simpsons because that’s the most original tv-serie ever. Thru all the years of Simpsons episodes are all the parodies on famous movies the funniest. I especially enjoyed the episode called “22 Short Films About Springfield” where they parody Pulp Fiction:

Lou: You know, I went to the McDonald’s in Shelbyville on Friday night
Wiggum: The McWhat?
Lou: Uh, the McDonald’s. I, I never heard of it either, but they have over 2,000 locations in this state alone.
Eddie: Must’ve sprung up overnight.
Lou: You know, the funniest thing though; it’s the little
Wiggum: Example.
Lou: Well, at McDonald’s you can buy a Krusty Burger with cheese,
right? But they don’t call it a Krusty Burger with cheese.
Wiggum: Get out! Well, what do they call it?
Lou: A Quarter Pounder with cheese.
Wiggum: Quarter Pounder with cheese? Well, I can picture the cheese, but, uh, do they have Krusty partially gelatinated non-dairy gum-based beverages?
Lou: Mm-hm. They call ’em, “shakes.”
Eddie: Huh, shakes. You don’t know what you’re gettin’.
Henrik Ono: Hehehe

Drew Karaniuk, USA

I really enjoy watching the Simpsons year after year because its one of the only shows that really make me laugh. I know a lot of tv now doesn’t do that anymore. Its all about sex and serious matter. Simpsons have stayed true to their colors and never really went that way. The thing that makes me laugh the most is when Homer always does the stupidest things.What really got me going was in the episode in season 12 “The Computer Wore Menace Shoes” when Homer was dragging his computer on the ground and he threw it out a couple of times. Even after so much episodes they havn’t ran out of ideas.

Besides the fact that it is outragiously funny its also made with quality. I mean how much tv shows now a days still use cell drawings instead of fast and easy computer animation? I know that when I am watching Simpsons that its made with quality.

Ryan Burrows, USA

The first time I ever watched the Simpsons, was sometime back in 1991, I was about 5 years old and I was used to the ‘low brow’ antics of shows like “The Jetsons” and “Scooby Doo Kids.” But when I first watched an episode of the Simpsons, I knew I would love this cartoon and I still do. There’s something about the realistic, yet ‘far out’ characters and stories, we have got to know over the 12 years the Simpsons have been running.

What first got my attention was Bart. He was bad, he was loud and he always made me laugh, I thought he was fantastic – much better than the baddies on Scooby Doo Kids. He did really funny things that I could talk about and still laugh at half an hour after it happened. I never really knew wether to call Bart a rolemodel or a bad influence and I’m still not really sure, all I know is that he has provided me for entertainment for over 200 episodes.

As I grew more mature, so did the episodes. – They we’re better quality and the jokes got a lot funnier, but even though the show seemed a lot better, the older episodes seemed still as great as the ones that are being produced at present.

I started to get the jokes that I didn’t understand when I was younger. – That’s a thing I like about the Simpsons, they have ‘hidden jokes’ that only real Simpsons fans will understand – That’s when I started taping the simpsons on VHS.

As I watched the re-runs (on tape) I started to realise there were hidden messages and things, if you watch some bits – mainly on when there’s writing – in slow motion, there are things that most people wouldn’t see, that’s what make the Simpsons so great, the small things.

Unlike cartoons like: Whacky Wheels, Josie & The Pussycat and most Warner Brothers cartoons, the Simpsons are drawn very well, that’s another reason why I like them.

They never ‘cheat’ animation by re-running backgrounds when the Simpsons are driving or walking (I mean they go past the same lamp or house over and over again) and they also don’t just make their mouths move – like on Dr Katz.

I could name hundreds more reasons why I like the Simpsons, but that would just take way too long. The main reason why I like the Simpsons is because of the memories. – The memories of episodes, the memories of the jokes, the memories of what you were doing while you were watching the show and the memories of feeling like you are the 6th member of the Simpson Family.

Michael Rosete, Canada

From the first time I saw the Simpsons, I knew I was watching something special. Ever since I saw my first episode (Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire), I was hooked. I absolutely had to see every episode after that. Ten years later, I can proudly say that I’ve seen every single episode, and I can remember specific quotes from every episode.

I know tiny little obscure details of the show, which makes my classmates wonder if I ever watch anything else. It’s an obsession. I love this show for its impact that it had on me. I’ve made several Simpsons sites, (none successful, I’m too lazy to keep them updated, which Homer influences on me) I have many Simpsons books, and I try to watch the show every day.

I love how the Simpsons makes a extremely funny situation out of everything. Daily life is never looked at the same way again. I never get tired of the Simpsons. If there’s an episode on TV, no matter how bad of a review it got, I’ll watch it. I don’t think I’d be able to survive if they stopped showing the show every day. In my honest opinion, no other show will meet the success of the Simpsons. From its vast list of guest stars, or it’s hilarious results of each episodes, the Simpsons is the best animated show.

Its look on the dysfunctional family is another reason I keep watching this show. Every episode always has “great family values” instilled in them. I always laugh when Homer strangles Bart. In reality, it’s a grotesque act of child abuse, but it’s made funny through the charm of the show. I absolutely love this show, it is one of the best reasons of why I watch TV. I’m sure if there was no Simpsons, I would have been watching a lot less TV. If there was no Simpsons, I don’t know where every one’s life would be, because for whatever reason, I think the Simpsons has changed the life of everyone.

Greg Featherman, USA

I was in the 7th grade when the first episode of the simpsons aired, and the show has carried me through at least my second year of law school (and further). I, like most people my age, have seen every episode of the Simpsons multiple times (i feel that Simpsons references constitute a new grammar between men between the age of 15 and 30- I can’t count how many times I have started a sentence with the clause “did you ever see the episode of the Simpsons where…”). The reason I enjoy the Simpsons so much is so complicated that it is an exercise in futility to clearly and accurately state it. It is the most feminist show on television, the most politically radical, it is both anti religious and spiritual.

In my opinion, the reason I enjoy the Simpsons so much is that the Simpsons, constantly and consistently, shocks me. I’m not talking about Bart’s bad boy antics (which, while leading to the show’s early successes is also one of the show’s weaker links). I am talking about the bomb set off in my mind about what comedy was. The Simpsons, very early on, showed me that, while most humor exists on a single plane, humor in general was limitless and boundless. Not only did The Simpsons, with its originality and creativity, ruin me us for other shows, it brought things to another level for me personally. that is why I love the Simpsons.

Tom Stephens, USA

I have been watching the Simpsons for last six years and it just keeps getting better. I am a senior in college and I just completed my student teaching in English. It seems as though every day I made some type of reference to the Simpsons in class and the students (juniors and seniors) LOVED it. I even showed two episodes, “Homer vs. the 18th Amendment” (in connection with “The Great Gatsby” and 1920’s America) and the “Treehouse of Horror” bit when James Earl Jones reads “The Raven” by Poe. They said, as I was leaving, that that is how they would always remember me – the Simpsons.

What makes the Simpsons a classic? Every person I’ve talked to – my parents, my aunt, my sister – all said that they couldn’t ever like the Simpsons. I told them to sit and watch one complete episode and if they still didn’t like it then I’d never bother them again. 3 of the 4 watch the Simpsons today.

It’s a type of humor that you have to watch to understand. Sometimes the jokes work when I repeat them over dinner, but usually not. It’s the kind of joke where you’d say “well, I guess you just had to be there”. Whenever I say to my parents or friends “I… don’t… know” or “Maybe I do, Son… Maybe I do.”, and of course the classic “DOH!”, (always in my best Homer voice) they may not get the joke, but they know exactly what I’m talking about. The Simpsons has so permeated American culture over the last decade that it’s part of our mythos. History will judge us by the Simpsons. Well, maybe it’s not THAT big of a deal, but it certainly has left it’s mark on the world.

My friends and I pull each episode apart and try to figure out where Springfield is (which of course is impossible) and laugh about recurring jokes. Like at Apu’s wedding when Bart says “I wish I had an elephant” and Lisa replies “You did. His name was Stampy. You loved him.” Or more recently when Ned tried in vain (?) to remind Homer about his Mr. Plow business and Homer began singing the Mr. Plow song. It’s moments like these that reward long time viewers while keeping the series fresh and new. To retell and old joke works sometimes better than telling a new one. That’s why it’s lasted. The Simpsons has grown and changed while staying fundamentally true to it’s roots. Good, clean fun.

But why do *I* watch? That’s easy. It’s the most accurate portrayal of the American family and lifestyle that you can find on TV. It’s not a sitcom – the Simpsons is an institution. A few years ago I gave a speech in an American Poets class on how great Walt Whitman was. Then I concluded by showing the clip where Homer finds Walt Whitman’s tomb. “I hate you Walt frickin’ Whitman! ‘Leaves of Grass’ my ass!”. The professor was in shock and the students were rolling in the aisles. I explained to the professor (a true Whitman fan) that the Simpsons makes fun of everyone equally. That’s why I watch. Even if they’re making fun of me, it’s still good stuff. Besides, as an English teacher it makes GREAT material for the classroom.

Craig Thompson, USA

My day isn’t complete without The Simpsons. There is nothing better to come home to after a day of work than two syndicated showings of Matt Groening’s masterpiece on sweet sweet television.

For me The Simpsons provides an escape from reality into the world of Springfield. No matter what stresses may be going on in my life I can always tune in to The Simpsons and for a few minutes leave my cares behind.

Marc Gilliland, USA

Hello! I love the Simpsons for one reason.
It is that it isn’t really just about the Simpson family. It’s about Springfield. Any episode could be about any character. For example, the episode when Maude Flanders dies (may she rest in peace). Most of the episode, if not all of it, was seeing Ned try to cope with his loss. Any other show would have the main charcters doing everything to help. The only help Ned got was Homer videotaping him for a dating service.

So in conclusion, I am a huge Simpsons fan. I know that there are many more. They probably have better reasons, too. And they probably deserve the CD more than I do. I just want to say “Thanks” for letting me express my love for the best show ever, The Simpsons.

Derek Skeen, USA

I like the Simpsons because they kick ass non stop. Every episode is filled with extremely creative ideas. And its so funny and true. I mean a typical family like a fat husband and skinny wife. Things as simple as that i see. I feel that it is the best show on tv and has been for 10 yrs. I take the time out of my day every single one to watch the episode though ive seeen them all 500000 times! Its pretty gutsy and i admire its originality. I feel and think like all the characters in some way. And i well always respect what the simpsons and creators have done for me.

Matthew T. Tokarsky, USA

Why I like the Simpsons is pretty simple. I feel without The Simpsons I would go crazy. I get made fun of sometimes and it makes me feel unhappy. When I watch The Simpsons though I laugh so hard that my troubles disappear and without it I think I would probably go crazy. I laugh so hard though because of Homer. He’s the funniest to me because the way he acts reminds me of myself. I can be lazy like Homer sometimes.

Joe Cams, USA

Why do I like the Simpsons you ask Jukka?
Well, I like the Simpsons mainly because its the only cartoon on television I actually enjoy to watch. The show may not be 100% realistic, but the jokes and characters of the show will bring a laugh and smile to me. The Simpsons gives me something to look forword to on those long hard, boring days of work. Even at work sometimes, i turn the Simpsons on (when my boss isnt there ofcourse.) But mainly why I love the Simpsons so much is because I have almost grown up with them. It haunts me to ever think the show will go off the air. What was that other question Jukka? No, I dont like the show Home Improvment.

Brad Strickland, USA

The quintessential angst of our quotidian world too often leaves one enervated, blase, and alienated from even the most inveterate hedonia; to this, “The Simpsons” offers a welcome antidote, stimulating the risibilities of its audience. Homer laugh me make good.

Peter Jeppesen, Denmark

Because of the:
a. humour
b. satire on American society – Primarily because it is fun!

Homer gets more and more stupid, each episode, and it is always fun to see, which stupid things he is doing in each episode.

Michelle Melo, USA

Where do i begin, I have liked the Simpsons ever since i can remember they have been there for me all my life and they are my life. Nothing can compare to them i have seen every single episode there is, even the shorts on the tracy ullman show. The Simpsons have touched almost every issue i can think of. when i was questioning my sexuality the episode with John came on and that helped me a lot. It also showed me that there would be people in this world like Homer that would be homophobics toward me, but than i thought you can’t please everyone and homer soon came around and accepted the fact that if one of his childern would be gay who would care, of course that just could have been the concusion talking. They are the greatest animated show that is in existence and i hope they are around for a very long time, because without them i would have to watch the other sitcoms like mad about you, home improvement, or third rock from the sun, and god knows that we don’t need anymore of that bullshit in this world. If the show would ever go off the air i would just die, not literally. but there would be this big empty space in my heart for all my life. This show goes all over the map with it’s outragiousness they are for all the diffrent age groups in this world.

Matt Budd, England

I love the Simpsons because it is pure comedy and has all the aspects of life crammed into one T.V. show . Eg;- theres black people, religious people and gay people (Smithers). I also like it because Homer is a real crummy dad but BART, LISA AND MAGGIE still love him. I started watching it because my friend told me about it three years ago and I’ve loved it ever since.

Bryan Reiter, USA

The Simpsons signify the last remaing evidence of intelligently written television shows. Society is focusing on humor that does not require any thought processes. I have been watching the Simpsons since the days of Tracey Ullman. Every episode requires some sort of thought process. It is, by far the greatest TV show of all time.

David A Johnson, USA

I like the Simpsons because this kind of humor is hard to find and for some reason it doesn’t get old. The Simpsons is all about the unexpected; everybody expects 2 doh’s or noooooo’s, but nobody expects a third one, hi-larious! Even the “supporting charachters” (i.e. mole man, etc..),where most shows lack in humor, the Simpsons exceed. It seems these characters much of the time show up just to make part of the script work, making it all the more funny. In addition, when watching the Simpsons I can sometimes see things in the background or inside the script that most people don’t notice. Probably the greatest reason for liking the Simpsons, I owe my sense “of” humor to that show, if you would call it “a” sense of humor.

Brett Allen, USA

I have been a faithful viewer of the Simpsons for a large part of my life. I even have some Simpsons episodes on my computer. The true reasons why I watch the Simpsons are many. My crave of Simpsons info and the humor of Homer. I don’t want to miss a special moment in Springfield, like clues of what state they live in, Homer’s past, or Smither’s feelings to C.M.Burns. Every time I watch a rerun I can’t help but laugh a few times. I am going to keep watching the Simpsons until the very last episode of the very last season.

Benjamin Fox, USA

It’s hard to express in words what the Greatest Show on TV does to keep me coming back again and again. I mean I could sit here and throw a couple of clichés at it, rub my hands together, as if I had done a hard day’s work, and walk away. This is probably what a fan of The Family Guy, or even Futurama might do, but I am a Simpson fan. I live for the moment when I get home from an excruciating day of work and walk in the door to those wonderful parting clouds.

You see, every episode of The Simpsons not only entertains me with tongue in cheek humor, and slapstick pratfalls, but they also comfort me in the fact that I am not alone. I’m not alone in the world when I may lose control every once in a while. We all felt for Marge when she got the huge SUV and unleashed road rage. I mean I live in L.A., I feel it more often than I probably should. Or how about Bart’s crank calls to Moe, haven’t we all done something similar as a kid? I could go on for some time regaling in the antics of America’s favorite family and yes, these antics do contribute to my connection with the Simpsons. But there is an even deeper pull to the show for me.

Homer Simpson.

What words would do justice to such complex and utterly hilarious character? I would expect, that if anyone had just come to me (without my having heard of Homer Simpson) and trying to explain his character, I would be turned off immediately. I mean here stands our hero: 300 pounds, obnoxious, bald, careless, dumb and yellow. I would think him just and overweight, yellow Al Bundy. But alas, fans, we have seen the real Homer. The Homer we all love. A man who could say things like Ahh, I see they have the Internet on computers now. And make us laugh at his idiocy. But later we see him opt for a replacement Saxamaphone for Lisa rather than an air conditioner during a sweltering summer. I guess what I am trying to say is, that Homer, and the rest of the Simpson family, keep us laughing at the stupid things they do every week (and every night thanks to syndication.) But they also touch our hearts in that special place, that may be a little selfish, or obnoxious, or naïve, or whatever rough edges a particular person might have in that special place, yet the fact remains: The Simpsons connect. Thanks for the Laughs!

Jessica Fazzary, USA

I love The Simpsons because they represent me. A show full of people who are just like me. Homer who is pleasantly plump, Bart who is full of trouble, Lisa’s intellect which is sometimes overlooked , Marges motherly ways, and Maggie who is just so darn cute.

Everyday i think of something i saw in a Simpsons episode and I feel better about life. When Auto broke the vending machine in the “pin pals” episode and ran off with the lobster harmonica, it had me in stitches for days. When ever there is an incident of psychedelic hallucinegen being comsumed i roll with laughter, not because i’m a druggy but because of it’s pure obsurdity. No matter what the problem is in Springfield it’s always worked out no matter what. And lastly I love The Simpsons because the show is friggin hilarious and Homer is so sexy when he runs around in nothing but his undies;)

Aaron Cline, USA

Four Reasons:
1. The characters have well developed personalities. And not just the Simpson family, Moe and the boys at his tavern, Mr. Burns and the workers at the power plant, Skinner and everyone at the school – every aspect of the show has been so well developed. From the look of the characters and the town, to the voices and especially to their actions and reactions. Very few, if indeed any, other television shows have such depth.

2. It remains hysterical even after all of the seasons that it has been on. Which is hard to do. Each new episode must actually out do the one before it, just so that it seems as good. Basically, the Simpsons seems to be getting better with each and every show.

3. The Simpsons remains on the cutting edge of comedy and decency – pushing both envelopes nicely. The “nothing is sacred” attitude of the Simpsons has led the way for Fox’s current line of excellent programming, Malcom in the Middle, King of the Hill, Titus, That 70’s Show and, naturally, Futurama.

4. The Simpsons has never taken itself too seriously. The self-deprecating humor is priceless. Whether it’s revealing time saving “secrets” such as looping the background, or references to how things always seem to wrap up in 22 minutes, the Simpsons shatters it’s own brand of reality even as it builds it up.

Jorge Diaz, USA

I like the Simpsons because, it’s a show about people who are what they appear to be. Ordinary people who do funny things. And not the kind of funny you see in other shows. Like hilarious one liners, that took a writer a half an hour to come up with. The Simpsons are funny because they say and do things that we find funny in our day to day lives. And we can relate to it, which makes it even more entertaining.

Anthony Stacy, USA

I work with “special need” children, who most of the time, are unresponsive to things that make them laugh. One night I turnred on the television and let the kids pick a program that they would like to watch. They picked the Simpsons, and spent 30 minutes laughing and cheering. Their favorite character is “Maggie” and Marge. Go figure. Now I am always told what time the show is on and it is time to pop popcorn for our weekly ritual. If this cartoon can bring a smile on a young face, it means alot. That is why I like the Simpsons.

Erja Pylvänäinen, Finland

I like The Simpsons because it shows how crazy life, especially family life, can be. I also like the interesting language (want to learn english!), I find lots of new, good expressions everytime.

Joshua Love, USA

How did it start?
It was the summer of 1987. I had just completed the purgatory that was sixth grade, little realizing the hell that is junior high that was awaiting to suck the life out of me. I had very few friends, was short, one of the “nerds”, socially awkward, and alienated from damn near everyone around me.

One evening, while staying with my sister at the house of my parents’ friend Pam (my folks were out of town), she had to run to the store with her daughter, me, and my sister. We went to Target. As was normal for me whenever stranded in a large store by the adults while they went shopping for food, clothes, or whatnot, I always seeked out the books/magazines section. In the humor section, there were three different white square-shaped books. The one that immediately caught my eye had a one-eared rabbit repeatedly writing “I must remember to be cheerful and obedient,” on a chalk board in a classroom as some sort of punishment. But it wasn’t the cartoon that caught my eye, it was the title: “School is Hell.” I started flipping through the book and was hooked, but broke. Even if I did have the money, do I dare purchase a book with such a title? The horror! What would my parents think? And inside the covers? Oh my… the occasional swear words, mentions of sex! Oh I could never get away with owning this little gem.

Two weeks later, my mom had to go to the store, and this time I had money. I had to have this book, the title was perfect, the humor connected with me in just the right way. I bought it, got home, and absorbed it from cover to cover. That night, my mother was watching a television show I had never seen before.

“What are you watching?” I asked.
“The Tracey Ullman Show.”

Just before the commercial came on, a brief cartoon appeared, with yellow, crudely drawn cartoon characters.

“Hey! Those look kind of like the cartoons from that book I bought today… only they aren’t rabbits!”

So, I started watching the Tracy Ullman show as well over the next couple years. On top of that, I bought all the other “Life in Hell” books I could get my hands on. In 1989, I was overjoyed to learn that the Simpsons would get their own series. I watched the Christmas episode in December of 1989, but didn’t tape it. But when the show premiered in January of 1990, I started taping beginning with “Bart the Genius” and have kept up with every single episode on tape. I have been recording it coming up on eleven years now. Sometimes I wish it would go off the air SO I COULD GET ON WITH MY FREAKING LIFE but then the doctor gives me another injection and I happy feel warm teddy bear sleep me good.

Where was I? Oh yes. So how come I like the show? There are many many reasons that I like the show. First off, it is probably one of the most intelligently written comedies ever. The humor appeals to various sensibilities, from basic sight gags, to obscure pop-cultural references, to political satire, to the characters acting in or out of character depending on the situation. The characters are brilliantly written, and the skills and talents of the voice actors to each bring several of these characters to life is simply amazing. The show has pioneered certain forms of humor on television, as you can see other series at times taking their cues from The Simpsons. Even crude humor isn’t as obvious as with oh, say, South Park, but something the brain has to pay attention for to notice (e.g. “Sneed’s Feed and Seed – Formerly Chuck’s” store name flashed on screen for a half-second).

The show is probably the most subversive series on network television. In the late seventies, Saturday Night Live filled this job (so I am told), but it is the Simpsons now that slides things by that most series would not be able to get away with. Whether it is mocking all political parties or our materialistic, consumerist culture (and even those who attack the materialism and consumerism), the Simpsons goes where few dare to. For example, the Simpsons is the first (and, as far as I know, only) comedy show to attack America’s love affair with SUVs. This is not a popular stance to take by far, but the Simpsons can get away with it because

a) they are funny in how they do it,
b) they do it intelligently, and
c) many still have the mentality of “It’s just a stupid cartoon anyway, so who cares?”

The Simpsons shows the best of people’s individuality and diversity and attacks the status quo and mob mentality. Mob mentality in fact, seems to be one of the biggest running gags on the Simpsons that isn’t easily recognized like a catch-phrase or character quirk. Many episodes seem to show how quickly and foolishly people are willing to jump onto whatever bandwagon they can find.

At this point, one of the appeals for the show to me is nostalgia. The Simpsons has been there for over half my life now and in some strange way, it connects me to my past. Growing up, I have made several friends through our mutual love of the show. There are a few people I know who I cam get into contests with where we try to stump each other with Simpsons trivia. I like the show so much, that a couple months ago I finally crossed the line into obsessive fanboyish creepiness and got a tattoo of Krusty the Clown’s face on my arm, wearing an eyepatch and biting down on a dagger in his teeth (which, you may recognize as Bart’s tattoo from the episode “Lisa’s Wedding”).

The show is interesting for me in a historical perspective as well. I feel as if I have been able to see a worldwide pop-cultural phenomenon evolve from damn near the very beginning. I may not be privy to what went on in the Fox studios or behind closed doors, but I have been able to watch from the other side of the curtain as the show went from being scorned by a good number teachers and parents to being considered acceptable without losing any of it’s edge.

There are many reasons I love the Simpsons, and I will continue to watch until the last episode, where, in the ultimate Zen act for myself, I will burn all my tapes in a large bonfire and dance around it naked.

Hari Michael Wierny, England

Why do I like the Simpsons? A harder question is, how do I start explaining why I like the Simpsons?

The Simpsons is a slice of American family life, with all the twists of sitcoms and movies, sprinkled with satire, and coated with emotion. In my opinion, the recipe for the perfect show.

But the reason I’ve been watching the show for so long is not because of this alone. After all, how could a little kid understand satire, one of the show’s key elements? As a child, I understood some of the intelligent jokes. But only some. I watched it because of Homer’s bonehead accidents, because of Bart’s rudeness to adults (the thing we all wanted to do), the typical annoying sibling combination, everything we all experienced but never saw on TV.

Years later I began understanding the more intelligent jokes, and I realized the show had many more layers than I had taken it for. It was no longer only about funny lines for me, I noticed parodies of movies I’d seen, realized how stupid Homer actually was, and decided this show was more real than most live-action TV shows. It was a show for all ages, all ethnic origins, all everything (and yet it poked fun at all of these, too). I loved it then, and I love it now. I’ve never stopped watching after all these years, even when I see an episode which I don’t like as much as a hundred others.

The reason I love the Simpsons is because of the funny lines. It’s because of the rewards you get by watching episodes again (you notice things in the background, freeze frame signs, and so on). It’s because you can watch it with your school dropout friend, and your scholar friend, and all have a good laugh. It’s because it makes you laugh, and it makes you cry. It’s because it pokes fun at things you love, and it pokes fun at things you hate. But if I had to summarise why I love the Simpsons in one sentence — it’s because watching it makes me happy.

Sean M. Benedict, USA

There are many reason I like The Simpsons. First, it is a clever show that works on multiple levels. Children and adults can watch the same scene, and laugh at different things.

Second, it does a fine job at pointing out our flaws and foibles, but in a way that is gentle, and ultimately, kind. The Simpsons allow us to laugh at ourselves and our society without resorting to preaching, cliches, or simplistic finger-pointing.

Third, it has evolved into an excellent example of the art of animation. As technology (and budgets) have improved, the depth and quality of the art work has likewise improved. For example, the lushness of the forrest in the last Treehouse of Horror episode is truly exceptional.

Fourth, The Simpsons have portrayed an American family far more realistically than many of its live-action counterparts. The relationships within the family are subtle and complex, with a wide range of events and emotions that are far superior to the one-dimensional sitcom family. The Simpsons truly care for each other, despite their flaws and eccentricities. Many of us can recognize ourselves and others in many of the characters on the show.

Finally, I enjoy the topical and subversive nature of the humor. One can enjoy the show a great deal more if one is well-read in current events. The show rewards intelligence in its viewers, and that too is rare in prime time.

Malcolm Thomas – Gustave, USA

To explain my love of The Simpsons is possibly a task that a million writers writing on a million computers for a million years couldn’t truly express. But an attempt shall be made to try in this short essay. I may just be a teenage guy from a small town, but even my life has been altered by the Simpsons for the better.

My love of the Simpsons has caused me to spend endless joy filled hours watching every episode into the early hours of the morning. For several years I have worked to tape off every episode and have gotten it down to ten that I don’t have on tape. I have seen every episode except one that was about the school being snowed in. I was unable to watch it because the power was out at my house and I fell asleep. When this happened I actually cried and upon finding the plot of the show I began to tear up (for a second imagine me a 6’5″ 350 pound afro clad guy crying over this show with no shame in telling this because the Simpsons is that important to me).

I have quoted continuously the lines that have so enriched my life to every member of my family and to every friend I have. I’ve bought posters, toys, and dolls just so I’ll see these things as I’m doing other things than watching the Simpsons which doesn’t happen often. Upon the mere mention of the Simpsons I think of all the scenes I’ve watched over and over. Some scenes that I love in particular are Homer fighting with George Bush, Homer continuously falling down the cliff, Homer falling through the sky light at Kim Basinger and Billy Baldwin’s I mean Alec Baldwin’s, and all the Halloween specials. I write this essay not because I want to win something but because I want to help others to love the Simpsons and to win something.

What really makes me mad is when people think that every cartoon show is stupid and for kids. Those people are the dumbest people in the history of the world or maybe even the universe. I become enraged whenever I hear words of hatred towards my favorite television show. Not only is the Simpsons incredibly funny but it is also incredibly smart and extremely well written thus shown through countless awards that shut up those with mean remarks for the Simpsons. Through countless physical gags (Homer’s crotch being hit by stuff is in many instances) and through smart political satire (subliminALmessaGOREs) the Simpsons apply to a myriad of people from all walks of life. The Simpsons are constantly bringing light to issues that are important to us all. Issues like accidentally becoming an astronaut, being forced into missionary work out of fear of PBS and Betty White, bringing dead people to an undead state and fighting the subsequent zombies, getting arrested for fraud in Australia, and fighting an evil super genius with weird hair.

These are issues that everyone is concerned with. The Simpsons showed me what to do if zombies attack so that I never fear bringing back the dead to my bidding. Who knows how many times I’ve been forced to fight an evil super genius, I don’t know about you but I know that every time this comes around I refer back to the Simpsons. In conclusion if some of the things I said didn’t make sense than watch more of the Simpsons (do that anyway). To conclude my conclusion there are four quotes that sum up everything that is the Simpsons. The first is from Police Chief Clancey Wiggum, the second is from a defective Malibu Stacey doll, the third is from the all-time laughinest bully Nelson Muntz, and lastly from a man that needs no introduction the Comic Book Store Guy. “Don’t snap my undies,” “My Spidey sense is tingling,” “Well you gotta nuke something,” and of course “Oh, I’ve wasted my life.” If those four don’t make you love the Simpsons then for one your simple and two you’ve lost the respect of all of us that love and I truly mean love the Simpsons. To conclude the conclusion to my conclusion the Simpsons are amazing and maybe now you’ll appreciate this beautiful work of art even more through the understanding of my love.

Benjy Shyovitz, USA

I like The Simpsons for the following reasons.
First, it is funny and clever even if I do not particularly like the episode that I am watching.

Second, I like almost anything that is a travesty of real life, and The Simpsons definately is. Whether it’s a sign, a movie, or just another person, there is never an episode which does not mock our society.

Third, I enjoy the massive cast… Not to mention each character’s catch phrase. I love to hear Homer’s “D’oh!” and the Sea Captain’s “Arr!”, and anything else any of the other characters have to say.

I have watched the show for the past nine years. About two years ago, I bought “The Simpsons: A Complete Guide to Our Favorite Family”, and since then, I have grown more and more fond of the show, the cast, the producers, and the merchandise. In fact, there is a little corner in my bedroom which contains more than one hundred and fifty Simpsons items, from my Simpsons calendars to my big, stuffed Homer. I hope that The Simpsons lasts as long as possible, and that when it inevitably goes off the air, it leaves behind a legacy that will last forever.

Jamie Badham, England

I like the Simpsons because it is like looking in a mirror an ordinary family. It has jokes which will make anyone laugh.You don’t have to be old or young to watch it. The storylines are great and they include as many people as they can. It doesn’t just show their house it will take you around everywhere like the Kwik-E-Mart and Moe’s Tavern etc. I probably watch mainly because of the character’s personalitys.

Michael J. Melton, USA

Simple…the stories, the jokes, it’s all as if I had written it myself. The common life experiences most people can relate to are in there: grade school, family life, work stress. The way the show points out the everyday stupidity we endure through advertising is especially delightful. I have found that people that don’t like the show tend to have a narrow or almost non-existant sense of humor, and are unable to laugh at their own problems in life. It is unfortunate, because they are really missing out on the whole point of life…to live and laugh.

Jeff Marion, USA

My obsession with the four-fingered, yellow-skinned world began when I was just about Bart’s age. A co-worker of my mother, an older fan, snuck me valuable VHS tapes that I watched for hours. The Simpsons mesmerized me…the Halloween episodes mixed story lines that, if done in Hollywood, could be frightening, but on the Simpsons were full of clever jokes and situations. Now, every Sunday night everyone piles into a common room the bask in The Simpsons warming glow. The Simpsons are people everyone has met sometime in their life- the ultimate ingredient to the successful show is that we can relate to Homer’s absurd idiocy and Bart’s chaotic antics. One resounding aspect of the show is that the humor is surprisingly universal. Not a day goes by without getting the chance to insert Simpsons quotes into normal conversations. So, every Sunday night you will know where to find me- attached to the television, eyes wide, a subtle grin plastered on my face- anticipating the humor that always delivers.

Sam Bucheli, USA

Why shouldn’t I like them? I mean, they’re funny and really great. It’s one of the few shows on tv I like. They’ve got a lot of humour, and it’s also a kind of sarcastic, i.e. it’s a mirror of our own society. I like to laugh about my own behaving.

James Kahn, USA

I don’t like The Simpsons. I love The Simpsons. It is the only show on television that I actually make time to watch.

I have been watching since 1989, I was seven at the time. I was a lot younger back then, but The Simpsons reminded me of my family at the time. Both families had 5 people in them, and both families were a little less than normal. Over the years, I began to see the social and political issues this show tackles, with great ease I might add. The Simpsons is a satire that is funny for so many reasons, I guess that’s why I keep watching. They present issues that are serious, in a way, that you just cannot help but laugh at them. There hasn’t been an episode yet that hasn’t made me laugh out loud. I still fall off the couch laughing when I see re-runs.

The Simpsons are almost a part of my everyday life. There is not a single situation I’ve been in that I could not somehow assimilate to something that happened in an episode of The Simpsons. The Simpsons, to me, is by far the greatest comedy on television, and I cannot foresee a day when they won’t be funny, that is why I love The Simpsons.