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The Simpsons Album Imminent
December 31, 1996 ©1999 ABC News Internet Ventures.

The Simpsons, Fox’s long-running animated cult favorite, is no stranger to product marketing. T-shirts, dolls, posters, and even a blues CD have stocked store shelves since the show’s inception seven years ago. Now, Springfield’s most famous yellow residents are releasing a collection of theme tunes, songs, underscore music, and dialogue from the show. Rhino Records’ Songs in the Key of Springfield will consist of fifty-one cuts, including such favorites as the “Itchy & Scratchy Theme,” “Who Needs the Kwik-E-Mart,” and the “Monorail Song” from the classic episode penned by a pre-Late Night Conan O’Brien. Most of the music for The Simpsons is composed by Alf Clausen, a fourteen-time Emmy Award nominee who calls himself “the Susan Lucci of composers” because he has never won. The compilation hits store shelves this March.