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posted by alicia 04.02.03 …
A great website makes its comeback .. visually! New Springfield has had a redesign. The new site features great use of Flash throughout its pages. The overall look is now clean, white, and organized.

posted by jukka 03.02.03 …
Tony Blair is to make a guest appearance on The Simpsons, according to the Daily Star today.

In an episode to be shown later in the current (fourteenth) series, Bart wins a trip to London for him and his family, who are greeted by the PM upon arrival. A Downing Street spokesman denied the reports, however. “We have not received an invitation for Mr Blair to appear in The Simpsons,” he said. “Until we do it’s difficult to comment on this.”

posted by jonah 02.02.03 …
Al Jean just e-mailed me to tell me that last night The Simpsons won the Annie Award for Best Animated Series. Although it isn’t listed anywhere, Al informed me they won for specific episode “Half-Decent Proposal” which they submitted for consideration. Also, he said King of the Hill won for Best Script (“Bobby Goes Nuts”) and Futurama won for Best Directing (“Roswell that Ends Well”). Just goes to show the quality animated programming we’re lucky to have every Sunday night. The Simpsons took home this award last year as well.

posted by jouni 01.02.03 …
Here’s a rundown of recent online Simpsons articles:

EW’s Top 25 episodes
Homer’s Odyssey
My Favorite Episode
Funny and Irreverent

Also, several photos and a PDF brochure of the new Simpsons pinball game are now available on the manufacturer’s site.

posted by jukka 01.02.03 …
The Museum of Radio and Television in NYC will celebrate the 300th episode of The Simpsons (airing Feb. 16, 2003) by presenting a panel discussion with creator Matt Groening, executive producer Al Jean, and several of the actors who bring voice to television’s original dysfunctional family on february 12th.

Wednesday, February 12, 2003
8:30 to 10:00 p.m. Eastern
5:30 to 7:00 p.m. Pacific

Here’s a PDF poster from the event.

posted by jouni 30.01.03 …
Ever since Homer Simpson’s e-mail address was revealed in a recent episode, fans trying it out have received replies from “Homer Simpson.” It has now been revealed that the e-mails have been penned by Simpsons writer-producer Matt Selman, who registered the address before the episode aired.

In web news, to many fans’ disappointment, Haynes Lee has shut down his truly original site.

posted by alicia 30.01.03 …
The issue of PEOPLE magazine for February 3rd, features an interview with Homer Simpson (p.22). Here’s an exerpt:

Q. Is her blue hair a turn on (referring to Marge)?
A. Absolutely, If Jennifer Aniston was a blue-head, she could have done way better than Brad Pitt.

posted by jukka 29.01.03 …
“I didn’t expect to be on the air this long,” Groening said at Fox’s winter showcase for critics in California recently. “One of the great things about doing an animated show is your characters don’t age. So your show stays fresh, and you keep the audience fresh. I love ’60 Minutes,’ but the people who make it are starting to look like the people who watch it.”

posted by jukka 29.01.03 …
Get your own copy of an issue of Hollywood Reporter which features the 300th episode of The Simpsons with a special issue devoted to behind-the-scenes looks at the hit series.

Much anticipated crossover of your two favourite shows has arrived. Issue 3 of Futurama Comics is out.

A Hitchiker’s Guide to Springfield – redesigns.
D’oheth – redesigns.

posted by jukka 28.01.03 …
Upcoming episode: The Strong Arms of The Ma. After Marge gets robbed she decides to “buff up” and get even with her mugger. Febuary. 2nd at 8PM/7C on FOX.

BTW, official airing date of forthcoming 300th episode is 2/16, but unofficially it is 2/2. The unofficial one is the actual 300th episode. When you list all of the episodes in order and count them, the 300th one will air on 2/2. The official one is actually number 301 or 302. It’s because Fox wants to hype and promote it as the 300th episode.