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Fan Interview: Peter Hedlund

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Tell us, who you are and where you from?

My name is Peter S. Hedlund and I am from Denver, Colorado. USA.

When was the first time you saw The Simpsons and what was your reaction to it?

I was stationed in Germany with the US Army and I have to say that it was Love at First Sight.

Do you buy every item you see in stores?

I started that way and if money would allow I still would. I have recently had to narrow my purchases to certain items that I have to have, then want, then would like to have someday.

If you have to calculate, how much have you spent on your collection so far?

Not wanting, nor even able to put a precise figure on my collection, I would have to say that I have over six thousands of US dollars (way over)into it and it is growing everyday.

There are lot of people on the world collecting Simpsons merchandise. Do you have any advice for them, i.e. how to store, what to buy and what not?

I would say as for buying:
1.) Look around before you buy (there’s alot out there).
2.) Don’t get into the frenzy of bidding wars on the internet (you can always find another one).
3.) Research before you buy, know what they are worth.
4.) There are alot of knock-off’s, be careful (I personally own some of them, but I bought them for myself, not for re-sale etc.) know what to pay.

There are some things you are never going to find mint etc. well, that’s ok. If your collection is for yourself, enjoy, but if it’s for value and the future, take care of it. I personally purchase two (2) of everything so I can have one out for display and one Mint In Box (MIB). I would also suggest out of direct sunlight, smoke-free environmets etc. The standards apply.

If you could design one Simpsons collectible, what would it be?

To try to put all of the influences on this show into one collectable would be impossible. I would like to see something, and I truly think it would have to be numerous items, that show The Simpsons from it’s very humble beginnings to the glorious, cultural impact it now has. It would have to have pictures, interviews (from the stars to the collectors etc), figures etc. It would be numerous things that show what the show is, what it means to so many and the impact it has and has had on so many. I guess it would have to be something close to what I have collected plus so much more.