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Fan Interview: Jeff Walker

This document is done

Could you tell us something about yourself, where you live, how old are you?

My name is Jeffrey walker, I live in Ontario and I am 19 years old. I’m blonde, 6 feet tall and about 170 pounds. I am a student of Engineering at the University of Toronto and I am straight.

Hobbies off the net?

Recently, I’ve been playing a lot of ping-pong and fuse ball with some people from school.

Who is your favorite character on the Simpsons and can you explain why?

My favourite character is Mr. Burn’s; his robust physique and overall sexual appeal make him a role model for people everywhere.

How do you see future of The Simpsons?

I think the Simpson’s train has been slowly loosing momentum over the years. I’m not saying it should be cancelled right away, but I do think it would be wise for them to consider ending it within the next few years; everything that has a beginning has an end. It’s of course up to the producers whether they want to end the show on a high or low note. Personally, I think the writers are running out of ideas (which is expected, the show has been airing for a long time). As a result of the increase in bad plots, the writers are compensating by amplifying the personalities of the Simpson’s in hopes to win a few laughs. For example, Bart divorcing his parents, Bart is a troublemaker, but that is too extreme in my opinion. I’ve also notice some of the characters are going ridiculously out of character in order to maintain the audiences favour. For example, the episode that Ned slept with that celebrity.

What is your favorite episode?

I think I got the most laughs from [2F31] A Star is Burns, what Simpson’s fan could forgot a classic like man getting hit by football?

You are a man behind many Simpsons sites, from general to speciality. Where is this energy is coming from?

Currently, I have two sites; a message board and a character site. Neither of them requires much effort. My message board requires me to post every once in a while and make sure everything is running smoothly. The other moderators have been doing most of the work, they’re great – it’s really more their message board then mine. With university I just don’t have that much time anymore.

I use to own Beyond Blunderdome and I co owned The Simpson’s Mainframe with Nick Laws, those took up quite a bit of time. Most of the energy for that came from my parents going through a rough divorce and some other problems. Making a website was my way of getting my mind off some of my troubles.

Who/what inspired you to create your first Simpsons website?

I just felt it was a good stress reliever.

Your sites has been often filled with humour. Are you in real life funny guy or is the Simpsons just doing the tricks for you?

Well, it’s hard to answer that; from my perspective I’m just acting normal. However, I can be a bit wacky sometimes. For example, I was recently told by someone that if they didn’t know better they would think I was just some kid that was really good at math.

Currently there are only two websites of yours online: Message Board and funny Ned online tribute. What made you to create a website for Ned Flanders?

Actually, Im not a huge fan of Ned. I like him (non-sexually), but hes not my favourite. When I was looking to create a character site I wanted to do a Mr. Burns site, but there were already like 4 of those at the time, but no Ned site. Neds kind of grown on me, now hes one of my favourite characters.

Do you plan to bring back online some of your previous
No, probably not, but you never know. I just do not have the time anymore. Im more interested in collecting thumbtacks, would you like to buy a thumbtack?

Any memorable moments with your websites?
It felt good to know that hundreds of people a day were visiting. I remember a time I looked at the counter and it had reached about nine hundred unique visitors in one day, how that happened I do not know.

Do you have any new projects coming up that you can tell us about?
So many, I cant even count, but I never got around to actually implementing
them. I may make another smaller site in the future. I have some ideas that I think are unique and might be fun, but thats all I can say about that.

What do you think about the Simpsons sites on the net?
So many sites are still following the same design and content style. Im guilty of it also, however I was hoping that some people would be more creative and try something new. Ive always liked the folders style; its always been unique and interesting. I especially liked that time Jukka went crazy and had his monkey flip the main page header around and do a bunch of crazy things with it.

Any favorites?

The Simpsons Folder 🙂

What design styles you love and hate?

Just Doh It’s old design was so bad I felt like I had to burn off a layer of skin to cleanse myself of it’s horribleness. Eye On Springfield In terms of the look, it’s fantastic, but in terms of navigation it is very hard to navigate, which is not good.
The Simpsons Folder. Of course, I love you Jukka (rrrrowww)

What kind of computer system do you use?

I put it together myself
333 MHz
64 Meg of ram
4 Meg video card
2x did
36x cd rom
15 inch NEC monitor

What programs do you use for creating your websites?

Adobe Photoshop 6.0
Macromedia Flash

Describe your desktop. What do you see around your computer?

Okay, I have an L-shaped desk, black base and a light wood coloured top. My monitor is resting on one of the corners with a Kleenex box, speakers and some writing materials to the right of it. I have a lamp in the middle of the desk with a cherry wood arm and metal joints, base and shade. A phone sits by the base of the lamp avoiding sight, but within reach in case it rings or I need to make a call. The other half of my desk is cleared so I can use it to study.

Name 3 people from the community that you could meet in real life.

None, they all kind of freak me out. They seem too fanatic, like those people that line up to see the new star wars movie and act out scenes in full costume to waste time.

Any final comments?