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Who is Haynes Lee?

I am an internet virus that goes around dispensing Simpsons information (some of it true). But seriously I am a thirty-something computer programmer in Kingston, Ontario, Canada.

When did you start watching The Simpsons?

It got hooked on The Simpsons when Global picked it in season 2. Before that I used to see all this Simpsons merchandise and wonder how such a funny looking looking cartoon could be so popular. Seeing The Simpsons the first time in the episode “Bart Gets an F” showed how great a show that it is. But I really don’t discuss The Simpsons outside the internet because noone I know will admit to watching it.

I have seen your name popping on a lot many years ago, answering newbie questions and posting lists and guides. How much a.t.s has changed over the years?

I have been active on a.t.s. since early 1995. Back then it was mostly university students but now the posters are a lot younger. The traffic is now much higher and there is quite a large number of threads that I ignore completely.

You have website ‘CompuGlobalHyperMegaNet’ on the net filled with Simpsons information. How long you have been maintaining your site?

I have moved several times but I have been maintaining my website continuously for over five years.

What’s the story behind your domain?

The CGHMN domain was originally registered by someone else within five minutes after Marge suggested the domain in “Das Bus” on Feb. 15, 1998. He was trying to sell the domain or lease some subdomains but there seems to have been no takers. It went offline a month or two later and its registration expired in late May. On that same day I picked it up for no more than the standard Internic registration fee.

Your site has good amount of Simpsons information but it doesn’t have ‘trendy design’. What’s the story behind your layout? (why you choose to be loyal to simple table layout?)

My layout was inspired by Dave Hall’s lists. The more advanced table design was from what Brian Petersen adopted for the Simpsons Archive. But I see no way of improving this format. Alot of my time goes into formatting the entries and I don’t have time to be “trendy”.

Do you visit on other Simpsons fanpages?

I don’t go to the multimedia sites because it’s pointless when you have already seen the episodes ten times over. I just visit the ones with information concerning the show: Simpsons Source, Evergreen Terrace, Simpsons Folder (whaddat?!).

You also maintain some pages at The Simpsons Archive. Have you ever considered move all your pages from CGHMN to The Archive?

Many of them are already on the Archive. I don’t think the Simpsons Anti-FAQ will be there because bringing the Anti-FAQ and the LISA FAQ together will produce pure energy.

Do you collect Simpsons merchandise?

No really. I only get the books, magazine interviews, newspaper articles, and Bongo comics.

What is your favorite episode?

“Cape Feare” because it’s a classic spoof of a classic remake of a classic movie.

What is your favorite Simpsons season?

Everything up to season 5 was good. After that the show became more of a promotion vehicle for Fox with the Critic crossover, countless clip shows, and that “Who Shot Burns” that got discussed half to death that summer.

How do you see future of The Simpsons?

The Simpsons still has a number of years ahead as long as it still continues to be profitable for Fox. As older viewers stop watching the show, new viewers who weren’t even born before the Ullmann era are now watching it. I just wonder if it can survive a change in the principal voice cast.

If you could change something on The Simpsons, what would it be?

I will like to see a less emphasis on celebrity guest star appearances and replace them with gladiators. Also, a Simpsons family trip to Canada is long overdue.

Same kind of feelings but replace Canada with Finland. 🙂