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The Simpsons Folder : Special : How to Get a Job as Writer on the Simpsons

thoughts and “thoughts”

Jake Lennington: I actually looked into the process a few years ago and from what I recollect, you have to:

  • Move to L.A. since most of the writing for TV is composed there.
  • You have to be accepted into the West Coast writer’s Guild of America (a writer’s union). To do this, you have to submit some scripts (look up how) to them. Out of every 20,000 applicants, usually only a hundred make it in every year.
  • Get a talent agent and be prepared to do a lot of writing and spending money to get your scripts spread around.
  • You have to write a ‘sample’ script (called a “Spec Script”) and for legal reasons, the script you submit to your future boss can’t be the same show you want to write for. Example, if you want to be a Simpsons writer, you have to submit a Seinfeld, or King of the Hill script.
  • Unless your future boss thinks you Spec Script is the second Holy Grail in writing ability, you’ll start off on the ground floor doing minor writing assignments and once you climb the ladder, you’ll be assigned more pertenent work. Also, it is important to remember: the episodes that are written for the Simpsons are assinged to by the Executive producer. The individual writers don’t seem to have 100% control over who’s or what ideas to write scripts for.

Peter Griffin: You cant just be fresh out of College and get the job…you have to work for it, write for other show, since the simpsons is a really popular show why would they take a newbie writer…. I dont think they even need writers for now.

Jukka Keskiaho: I think you have to have really good idea’s and mind like a truck.

salary issue

Q: What is typical writer’s salary, and how does a Simpsons writer compare?

A: Typical writer’s salary will usually result in the writer having to work two jobs. Many people actually lose money starting out, as Jake said, you often have to put up alot of money to get your script out there. You can find the starting salaries from checking out the WGA website.


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