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Double Play For Simpsons Hank Azaria
Reuters/Variety – © March 31, 1997.

Even if “The Simpsons” holdout voice Hank Azaria isn’t able to agree on a new contract to return to the Fox series for a 10th season, he’ll still have at least one regular voiceover gig to fall back on.
It turns out that Azaria, the voice of such characters as Apu, Moe and Chief Wiggum on “The Simpsons,” has also served as the uncredited voice of an on-air promo campaign for Atlanta Braves baseball on TBS since last season. And he just cut 20 new spots for this season last week.
Just what Fox chairman Rupert Murdoch needs: Turner Broadcasting boss Ted Turner lending a helping financial hand to Rupe’s unhappy campers.