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The Simpsons Folder : Special : Stanley Kubrick

  • Stanley Kubrick and The Simpsons
  • Stanley Kubrick on The Simpsons
    – Spartacus
    – Paths of Glory
    – Lolita
    – Dr. Strangelove
    – 2001: Space Odyssey
    – Clockwork Orange
    – The Shining
    – Full Metal Jacket
    – Eyes Wide Shut
  • Not yet…
    – Barry Lyndon
    – Fear & Desire
    – Killer’s Kiss
    – The Killing
  • Credits

Stanley Kubrick was a big fan of The Simpsons, and sent word and a request for tapes to the producers in ’93 or so – and they were absolutely thrilled. Shortly after his death, his daughter Katharina gave an on-line interview that discussed/revealed this request and his real affection for the show.

stanley kubrick on the simpsons


Brockman’s report in “Kampy Krusty”: “A group of school-aged Spartacuses…”;
“Sportacus” sporting-goods store in “Bart Star”,
“Fish called Selma” has the line “school-age Spartacus”;
blackboard gag of “THERE IS NO ROMAN GOD CALLED FARTACUS” in “Realty Bites”;

Paths of Glory

“the last refuge of a scoundrel” in “Bart Gets An F” (though the original quote is much older);
there’s a parody of POG’s “ant-hill shots” that I can’t recall;


Amber Dempsey was modeled, in looks, after Sue Lyon in “Beauty Queen”;

Dr. Strangelove

Homer riding the bomb in “Homer the Vigilante”,
the “…and how I learned to stop worrying and love legalized gambling” subtitle to “$pringfield”,
the war room in “Sideshow Bob’s Last Gleaming” w/ Frink as the Doctor, and Bob whistles “We’ll Meet Again”,
Scorpio’s “Doomsday Device”;
the couch gag for “Wild Barts” has the family riding the couch like the bomb;

Clockwork Orange

Bart dresses as Alex in THOH III;
Bart reaching for the breast-like cupcakes but unable to grab them in “Duffless”;
Santa’s Little Helper’s film-clip treatment from Burns in “Dog of Death”;
Bart asking if he can miss school because “I got a pain in me gulliver” from “Marge vs. the Monorail”;

2001: space odyssey

Homer’s monkey/monolith dream sequence in “Lisa’s Pony”;
“Spare two dimes” has Homer’s recliner-trip;
“Deep Space” has a ton: Itchy attacking in the space-pod, Homer eats chips in the spinning pod to “Blue Danube”, Bart throws the marker that becomes a spaceship, hitting Homer as the Star-child,
“Bible Stories” has Marge make crude tools like the moonwatcher ape;
Abe as the Love-Tester sings “Daisy” as he’s unplugged, a la HAL, in “Spin-off”;
TOH7 has Clinton and Dole drift off like Frank Poole;
“Homerdrive”‘s auto-driver has the voice of HAL and say’s “I’m afraid I can’t do that…”;
Homers belly eclipsing his feet to “Also Sprach Zarathustra” in “15th Season”;
Pierce Brosnan as the futuristic house parodies HAL (in voice, in “eyes” and in the way Homer pulls out its memory-cards;

The Shining

Milhouse’s “kcip pu trab” in “Brother from the same planet;
Maggie spells ‘Redrum’ in blocks in one of the TOH’s;
All work and no play makes Bart a dull boy – blackboard gag from “Last Temptation of Homer”;
“The Shinning”, in total;
THOH5’s “Redrum Richard Raynis”;
“Realty Bites” has Todd going “Red Room” and doing the finger-talk;
“Springfield Files” has Homer typing “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” repeatedly;
Otto says his bus and he have “a shining thing going on” in “Boy Who Knew”,
in “Bart to the Future”, Bart is alone at a bar when the ghost of Billy Carter talks to him – and they’re on Indian ground!

Full Metal Jacket

referenced in “Bart the General”‘s chants and jungle gym/obstacle-course in silouette,
Private Pyle’s rifle is Charlene – Homer gives Bart’s putter the same name in “Dead Putting Society”;
Skinner dresses and drills like Hartman in “Badasssss Song”;
the rifle-range scene in “Secret War”;
“SSB’s Last Gleaming”‘s Hapablap is pretty similar to Sgt. Hartman, and of course he’s also voiced by R. Lee Ermey, and says “What’s your major malfunction?”,
“Hungry Hungry Homer’s “Me so hungee” line (also used in another ep);
a desperate lawyer says “me soooo litigious!” in “Sweets & Sour”

Eyes Wide Shut

“Jaws Wired Shut”.

not yet…

Barry Lyndon

Fear & Desire

Killer’s Kiss

The Killing



This list is compiled – though I’m sure its not complete yet – by Roger Myers III.

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