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Here are some writings from ‘My First Simpsons’ -contest on August 1999 on this site. We received nice collection of essays and stories about your first encounter to the Simpsons. Where we’re you when you saw them first time on television or did you see them on telly at all? Contest prize was Skybox’s tradig card featuring Itchy & Scratchy from Skybox series II. Winner was Hari Wierny’s story, but Airen Fullen’s story was also so great that we decided to give him a card too!

Winner Story by Hari Wierny

Summer 1989 was when I first came in contact with the show that would change my life. I was sat in my bed room playing on my NES, when my dad walked in with a big grin on his face. He told me a new cartoon was on it’s way and would be much bigger than the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Being a big TMNT fan, I was in denial, yet I was intrigued by the thought of such an enormous hit. About a year later, Simpsons-mania had broken loose. Kids wore t-shirts, and adults quoted Bart or Homer. Most of us hadn’t yet seen the show, but we knew it was good. We knew Bart was the rebel we wanted to be, and we just knew The Simpsons was huge. The first instance I remember seeing The Simpsons was in June 1990, when I went round to my friend’s house. He had collected about 20 Simpsons trading cards, and taped them together and let them flick down like photograph flaps in a wallet. The cards had Bart – the spikey haired hellion – on them, saying phrases like “Eat my shorts” and “I’m Bart Simpson, who the hell are you?”. I didn’t know cartoons could say such things, which prompted me to take interest in the show I’d never seen. About a year went by, and I finally got the chance to watch an episode of the show. My family and I went on a week out to a coast-side town called Bridlington. The hotel we were staying in had Sky TV, and it only clicked about five minutes after it began that the Simpsons would be on TV! Those next twenty two minutes were magical. The Wierny’s were listening to every damn hilarious word, and sitting wide-eyed all the way. There was so much to it. Marge’s voice wasn’t how I expected, Bart’s t-shirt was orange unlike the blue-shirted merchandise I owned, and Homer was stupid! My obsession grew from there on. Seven years and many spent hours later, I’m the Simpsons fan I am today. Had it not been for that fortunate hotel, I could have lost interest in this phenomenon and turned out a whole different person. But let’s not even go there.

Winner Story 2 by Airen Fullen

I was just a kid. My brother and I snuck into the living room one night after bed time to see the premiere episode (I think it was the one where Homer and Bart get Santa’s Little Helper). My mom couldn’t find out that we were watching the Simpons, one because it was past our bedtime, and two, she had seen the previews and decided it wasn’t a good “family show.” We turned the TV on very quietly, and sat real close. We began to watch. Halfway hrough, the smoke alarm went off, and my brother and I jumped. My mom, who had been working at the kitchen, ran past us, not noticing the show we were watching, and up the stairs. It turns out, my dad who had been watching the Simpsons as well, was carelessly smoking and set the bed on fire. My mom was pissed, my dad was sorry, and my brother and I….well, we continued to watch the Simpsons and afterwards went straight to bed. My momforgot the show was forbidden, and my brother, father and I have been religiously watching the Simpsons ever since. The End. 🙂 (it’s a true story. Honest).

Michael Richards

I still remember the 1st encounter I ever had with the simpsons. I was only 4 years old, and i could barely understand the jokes they had. The episode was the simpsons go to the zoo. I saw it on the Tracy Ullman show. I was laughing so hard when Bart and the monkey got switched. Even though it was cheezy, I kept watching. Through its first season at saturday, to thursday, and now Sundays. Even though the Simpsons lately have lost there creative edge, I will never give up on the show, and I will never stop watching. No matter what happens. Thank you and good nite.

Steven Diab

Well, The first time I saw The Simpsons was when I was cleaning my room. I found a really old Bart doll and I said to myself, “Who is this?”. I ran downstairs and asked my friend who “it” was. He told me it was a Bart Simpson doll, and to watch the show tonight. So I sat down and watched. The show made NO sence!!! All of this crazy stuff was going on and I was confused. Turns out, it was a Halloween special. The next day I watched it again and was addicted to it. The date was October 31,1996. That is when I saw my first episode of The Simpsons and love it to this day.

Joe Cams

Well, I first got int othe Simpsons in 95 when they were getting more and more popular. My friend Mike one day came over to my house with Itchy And Scratchy comics and a Radioactive Man comic. I did’nt know wha tthey were or anything. And then I read them, he told me al labout the show and I started watching them, taping them, getting the comics. And I thought it was awesome, and very funny. So from then on I got Simpsons everything, tee shirts, cards, hats, all the comics (I have, now al lthe simpsons comics ever made) and now I also have The simpsons cards seris 2. If it had’nt been for Mike ::tear runs down face:: I would have never heard of the Simpsons. And today, as there is little Simpsons material as in t-shirts, cards..I wonder where it all went, what happened are the Simpsons just slowly going out of style. I dont think so, i think that Matt Groening just decided to stop making merchandise. Well, that is when I first heard of, and saw the Simpson! ps. Wel, im now happy I got to tell someone, its been on my mind for 4 years 🙂

Andres Pardo

Hi my name is Andres Pardo, and I live in colombia. Well the firts time that i saw THE SIMPSONS was when I got cable at home and there was fox and suddenly i saw the simpsons, I was surprised it was the best cartoon i ever seen in my live , i almost got a heart attack from the emotion, the year was 1991 and since then i have become a simpsons fan, and i will keep . Know i have a big box full of simpsons stuff like caps and games, and then when i saw futurama on a commercial i went running through all the house shouting of happines, well i have to tell very much becouse i love the simpsons and i saw your letter and i want to send one so please tell me where to send i letter like yours becouse l have alot of question, and tell in how much was the letter answered oh and i want to know more about the simpsons movie can you tell where to search. D’OH AND i ALMOST FORGOT YOU HAVE AN ECXELLENT PAGE and its true its not to show off. THANKYOU VERY ! MUCH WISHING YOU LUCK ,ANDRES PARDO.

Eric Cockrell

The first time i watched the simpsons was in 1992 and i was only 6 yrs old at the time. i turned on the t.v. to channel 11 and a comecial for an episode coming on made me laugh so at 8:00 o’clock i sat and watched it and i liked the charachters most of all and i have wathed it for 7 years now and bart has been my favorite charachter ever since.(bart and i have alot in common thats why).

Esa Eslami

First time I actually saw the show? That would probably be back when I was in the first grade — I’m in eleventh grade now, you do the math. I don’t remember much, I only remember that just about everyone in my school watched the show and talked about it all the time. I probably wouldn’t have gotten into it if I didn’t go to that school, or if all the other kids didn’t watch it too. You know when you’re little, you try and do what all your friends do just to fit in, or at least feel like you fit in. That’s what the show was to me, a way to fit in. I also remember that one of my friends had a little rubber piggy bank of The Simpsons. I don’t know why, but I just remember it. It was cool, I only saw it once, but I still remember it all these years later. It’s kinda funny, I can’t remember that friend’s name. I can’t remember what he looked like. I can’t remember anything about him, but I remember that he had a little rubber Simpsons piggy bank that I thought ! was cool.

Jonathan Conyers

The first episode I ever saw was when I was 6. My dad had put it on in his computer room for the very first episode to be aired while he could work on his work. Now being as young as I was, I couldn’t understand it all and most kids my age weren’t able to see it, so I guess it made me feel special. I think, not sure, it made me sad to see the dog mistreated though:). Although it is a fad fading a way at junior high, I’m still a fan at 13.


The first time I seen the Simpsons I was 3 years old. It was 1993 and I was only in my first year of pre-school. My sister and brother was flicking the channels and then my older brother said how about we watch the Simpsons. My sister was like cool! hurry,turn it on! I asked ,”Whats the Simpsons? You will see they said. When it started I thought it was a real cool show and I would watch it everyday.Its 7 years later and I’m 10 years old.And I would have to say that it is the best show on television.


It was late 80s when I fist saw these quite rough, yellow characters in Tracy Ullman show which aired here in Finland too. I was about 7-8 so I can’t remember which specific shorts I saw back then but the show and its characters seemed interesting enough to get my attention.

Jukka Eronen

When the half-hour show started here in fall 1991 I watched it with a friend and I can remember it just like yesterday. Seeing the opening animation for the first time was something special. Bart’s chalkboard saying, Maggie “driving” the car, the couch scene and all… I taped the episode and its followings just in case if it was going to be something big. It definitely was. Many great seasons to the Simpsons family to come!


The first time i saw itchy and scratchy!was about 10 years ago when iwas 2 i tapt it but now i carnt find it i wach simsons evry day at 7.00 till 8.00 on sky one the date was 4.12.88 and im still waching it now the ones on the week end are best i started because of my dad he liked them but he dusent wach them eney more my frend cas likes them two i have pichers of them and recard tapes of them there beter than south park i like that two my best program is the simsons then south park then king of the hill i love the simsons in 12 sos my frend im calld mark moizer skilbeck.

Lars Helge

The first time I saw the Simpsons was in 1991. It was the first episode who came to my country. I red an article in the newspaper about it. I love cartoons so I just have to give the Simpsons a shot! So the clock turned 19.00 and I turned on the TV. There it was, my first Simpsons episode. I just loved the intro. So I watched the whole cartoon and the day after I told all my friends about it. Some of them had also seen the Simpsons and they loved it! Well, since that day I allways liked the Simpsons. I have seen every episode of the Simpsons and I have collected Simpsons card,games and other Simpsons things. Now I watch the Simpsons every day.You can`t get enough of the Simpsons!


The first time I herd about the Simpsons was about in 1995 I was 8.Me and my parents went into some building,My parents went into a room but I had to wait in the waiting room.In the room there was a bucket with toys, in it there were some plastic toys and some stuffed toys including a stuffed bart so instead of doing nothing I played with that for a while. Now I am 12 and the Simpsons are 1 of my top favorite shows!

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