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Remember our past? Subway-station with Springfieldians walking thru and getting on the trains people submitted us around the world. Here they are introduced as 8-bit people.

alicia is webmaster of little miss springfield. appeared many times on our station as visitor.
bad boy who vandalized station by spraying “el barto” tags all over the place.
old man sitting in the bench a lot. often missed trains because his slow moves.
comic book guy
comic book guy loved to travel. he appeared almost every scene. seen many times on station.
rare character which was never used. imagine ladders and he is a climber.
darth vader
darth vader jumped on the top of the trains and did some wild things on the station.
door to hidden room.
eric w
aka owner of evergreen terrace. did some appearances with lardlad guy carrying chanel 5 signs.
mr frink was also one of the heavy users of the station. hangs with comic book guy a lot.
webmaster jukka’s wife was on the station with her dog indi.
homer did some graziness on the station. missed trains, used lot escalators and even lost maggie once.
webmasters and his wifes dog indi is boxer who pissed few times all over the place on the station.
webmaster of snpp is jouni who appeared many times with jukka on the station.
webmaster of the simpsons folder. creator of this shit.
kirk van houten hnags out with homer on the station. bit lost in my opinion.
krusty is another great user of submay. he appeared on every station and even with balloons!
lardlad adam
lardlad guy is aka as adam, webmaster of lets. appeared few times on station with eric.
lisa use to use all alone whole system. she didn’t needed any help to use station. she used our postbox.
maggie and her pacifier. maggie collapsed on the escalators once but nothing happened so…
marge did terrific job keeping homer on the sitting bench.
martin was underachiever of whole system even he is well brained boy bart and milhouse teased him.
bart’s friend on the station. often back up for vandalism but also a great user of train and escalators.
nakde lady
appeared once on the station. run through whole station.
aka owner of tree. right now he is pissing his own tree.
city worker
some city worker from springfield. cleaned floors and painted over bart’s el barto signs.
every time with selma and smoking on the station. didn’t use trains a lot, just hanged out.
trash is trash on subway, too.
everytime with patty and smoking on the station. didn’t use trains a lot, just hanged out.
aka webmaster of picks’ tribute. appeared once on the station. went on the trains and we never see her again.

sideshow bob
sideshow bob was bit grazy with his own train. idea came from matty jorissen.

trying to teach bart and milhouse not vandalizing the station. often running and never catching them.
snowball II
snowball II did hang out on the station few times.
arrested the bart and milhouse for vandalizm. user of whole subway.
krusty’s lovable balloons!

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