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Fan Interview: Nick Laws

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Fan Interview: Nick Laws

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Could you tell us something about yourself, where you live and how old are you?

Well, my full name’s Nicholas Peter Laws and I live in the UK and am 16 years old.

Any disgusting personal habits?

Saying yes to answering interview questions, playing with mobile phone at the worst possible time.

What is the Simpsons Showcase? What inspired you to create it?

The Showcase is exactly as it sounds, a Showcase for my Simpsons content. It has been a project ever since I first got on the net and I originally created it for my love of the show, the great community surrounding OFF on the net and the fact I had too much time on my hands at that point in time. The Showcase has been the site I have used to learn an insane amount of stuff about how the internet works and the code originally used in the Showcase has helped me to develop into a PHP Programmer and as I have moved hosts etc and have always wanted my site to succeed other stuff has come my way from it, such as my job as head sysadmin at uzipp. I like having a site/design people can go “wow!” at when I first meet them on the net and this is another reason I leave it online. While I actually haven’t watched many of the new Season 14 episodes, if any, I still love the show and watch the oldies daily and they always inspire me to continue my work on the site. While the main focus was once to become the biggest Simpsons multimedia empire on the net, when Fox shut the site that was set to become that my focus changed and I decided to go with a more personalised site, showing off my merchandise and opinions. It will remain on the net, though unupdated, for the next few years at least.

What do you think about today’s Simpsons sites on the net?

I tend not to visit them anymore since, no offense to the webmasters but most bore me to hell now. Maybe it’s me and my changing interests on the net or maybe Simpsons sites are getting more boring, whatever the reason, I tend to hardly visit simp sites anymore.

Are there any Simpsons websites with an attractive design and layout in your opinion?

I’ve changed my focus when visiting sites to design and content rather than just design which it used to be. I love all Adam’s work, LETS, Channel are both visited on a weekly basis by me and that’s about it. Top 100 has a nice design but since I’m not interested in the sites so much there’s not such a draw to visit the site daily as there was a year or so ago.

What is the worst Simpsons site you have visited?

The Simpsons Showcase, if I didn’t consider it inferior to others then I wouldn’t have the drive to keep working at it.

What are design styles you love and hate?

Hard to say since the styles I like are the ones which are different to a specific style. I hate the left nav/right news/top logo designs though.

What is your favorite episode on The Simpsons and why?

The Springfield Files because It’s filled with great quotes, Bart and Homer getting on with each other which tends not to happen so much now and the awesome song at the end of the episode rounds it off perfectly.

How do you see future of The Simpsons?

Tough one, I can’t really answer till I watch Season 14, I like the show but I think after Season 15 they should start to draw to a close on the show. It’s gone up and up and up in popularity, you can see it slowly falling now in my opinion.

What kind of computer system do you use?

P3 600 mhz processor with 256 ram and 40 gig HD. Will be getting a 1-2 ghz P4 with 1 gig ram in the next few months. But for now, the P3 has been awesome, comparable to that of a 1ghz AMD Duron in my opinion.

And when designing, what programs do you use and why and where do you get your inspiration?

Photoshop, Notepad and Frontpage if I forget a piece of code J Inspiration comes from, uhh I have no idea, life around me and the show itself. Simpsons books also inspire me too.

Describe your desktop. What do you see around your computer?

I see about a million windows in the task bar where I’m trying to do too much at once for UZIPP and trying to talk to people on AIM at the same time. My wallpaper currently is Homer stuck in a chimney in santa suit from Gotta love Adam’s wallpapers. When it’s not Xmas I have Buffy on my desktop.

Any final comments?

Keep watching the show and have a great 2003.