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Fan Interview: Eric Wirtanen

This document is done

Could you tell us something about yourself.

Yes I can. Right now I’m a 21 year old university student from Cape Cod, Massachusetts. If you want my home address, ask Jukka himself, since I don’t want any stalkers hanging around me. As we know, there are obviously numerous people out there itching to stalk Simpsons webmasters. Anyway, at college I’m an Information Technology major, which means that a couple years from now I’ll spend my week listening to people bitch about how their PC blew up.

Do you have hobbies off the net?

At the moment I’m working for a local Toys ‘R’ Us retail store in Massachusetts. The job isn’t glamorous since I mostly work in their storeroom, but I get paid well and I set aside all the latest Simpsons merchandise for myself. I could be working at a software company right about now, but I’m still in college and I figure I spend enough time on the PC as it is. Aside from work, I spend a lot of time with my friends and girlfriend, collect Star Wars merchandise, add to an impressive collection of CD’s and DVD’s, consume milk and cookies, and stalk fellow Cape Codder Eric Hynds of I also enjoy driving all around the New England region every now and then, since it’s a beautiful part of the United States.

Any final words?

No, get me out of this interrogation room. Did you have to strap me to this lie detector?! And for the love of God, stop shining that light on me… this interview’s over!