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Season 17

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Season 17

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This page will guide you to the Simpsons season 17 by revealing every week bit by bit more and more about upccoming episodes.

season 17

confirmed Guest Stars (without episodes yet)

Ricky Gervais, and he will also be writing the episode. No word yet on a plot. Eddie Izzard.

The Girl Who Slept Too Little


When a new stamp museum proposes locating itself next door to the Simpson house, the family protests it. As a result, the museum decides instead to build on the former site of a cemetery… and the bodies get moved to a new lot on Evergreen Terrace. Thanks to the new neighbors, Lisa develops sleepnessness because of her constant fears. After numerous attempts to get herself to go to sleep in her own room, Lisa decides that she must confront her fear and spend one night alone in the graveyard. This was originally intended to air May 15, but it was pre-empted by Fox in order to air The Father, the Son and the Holy Guest Star in its place as the season 16 finale. Look for this episode to possibly become the season premiere this fall.

Treehouse of Horror XVI


The sixteenth annual Novemberween trilogy, which will most likely air shortly after the end of the World Series.

The Bonfire of the Manatees


No description yet.

Milhouse of Sand and Fog


No description yet.

Marge’s Son Poisoning


Bart finds himself spending more time with Marge (with the aid of a tandem bicycle) until bullies accuse him of being a “mama’s boy.”

See Homer Run


Mayor Quimby faces a recall election, leaving Homer with the opportunity to run.

Last of the Red Hot Mamas


No description yet.

My Fair Laddy


Lisa attempts to transform Groundskeeper Willie, the brutish Scottish janitor at Springfield Elementary, into a proper gentleman as her Pygmalion-esque experiment for the annual science fair.

Loose Ends

Reported probable plotlines for upcoming episodes. These plotlines may serve as either A- or B-stories… nothing is truly official on these until they get tied to a title.

Moe discovers a knack for poetry, with a little help from Lisa.

Al Jean: “We do have a fight coming up in an episode between serious Homer and fun Homer and we see the death of intellectual Homer.” (This is probably a small scene in an episode, but it does sound interesting.)

The Simpsons go to a town in Italy, only to find that Sideshow Bob (Kelsey Grammer, in his ninth appearance in the role) is the mayor. Jonah says this episode could potentially be called The Italian Bob.

Homer has a heart attack , so the family sends him to a weight-loss camp. (Despite the similarity to The Heartbroke Kid, this will apparently be a different episode with a different story.)

Homer thinks that Grampa might not actually be his real father. Michael York guest stars as the man Homer thinks might really be his dad.


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