tonly few dozens of really good sites and lots of memories...


... when Last Exit to Springfield was known as The Aussie Simpsons Extravaganza?
... when ICBIASS we're around?
... when Dave Hall actually updated his (the) Pages?
... when i had the Woo-hoo?
... when The Definitive Frink launched their current design. And design before that and that...?
... when i first entered to The Simpsons Sourcebook?
... when Simpsons Directory existed?
... Homer Archive said Merry Xmas on your own language?
... when original Sourcebook we're finding a new site owner?
... ?

In late 90's, Eric Wirtanen opened a website titled as Evergeen Terrace. It started to grow and evolve and during its peak it got everyones attention, including Fox. ET reached on its peak over 3500 unique visitors and it all began as a tribute to the best TV show of all time. it was a fun ride while it lasted. Today, NHC message board is continuing its legacy.

one question - three answers -
three questions - nine answers. this is three by three.

1) three biggest things happened on this community are...

2) three biggest flaws ever happened on this community are...

3) three favorite designs ever on a simp-site are...

Adam from LETS

opening of, cease and desist orders, opening of no homers club

cloud background era, icbiass never came back!, everything looking like a jon levin (btl) design era (now)

the definitive frink, simpsons folder (house design), original simpsons sourcebook

Brad from Krustuly

Behind The Laughter, Krustylu Studios, No Homers Club

Simpsons Zip, Krustylu Directory, SimpsonsRank

Key To Springfield, Behind The Laughter (last version), Simpsons Folder

mikeymansimpsons from Simpsons Home

c&d's, nohomers, jukka =P

Krustylu Studios x3


Henrik from Leftorium

nhc, snpp, simpsons channel headlines., closing, kts not opening.

(current versions of) the simpsons folder, lets, simpsons channel.

Tim from That's Unpossible

FIST, SNPP, #springfield

immaturity, cliques, apathy

BTL, LMS, Remedial Genius

Malachy from Simpsons Zip

Jouni's birth, ET shuts down, EP acknowledges community (Jean's letter on NHC)

Brad Clarke's Krustylu Studios, Alltoons fiasco, Maggied shifts away from OFF.

Folder's House, BTL's Squares (the one before Rainbow), That's Unpossible Pink

Tomacco from defunct Springfield Shopper

NHC, SNPP, site interaction with Simpsons staff like Jean, Oakley, Weinstein, McMullan, etc.

Not sure I understand the question, since I don't think anyone's site was detremental to the community in any way. But, I'll go with C&D's being the biggest set-back in the history of the community. The loss of the Simpsons 100 and Evergreen Terrace were blows too.

Folder, Last Exit, Evergreen Terrace

Scott from Simpsons Crazy

- Simpsons Folder return! :P
- LETS big redesign a few years back
- Evergreen Terrace C&D/closing

- The word "grabpic"
- The episode download trend
- Lack of creativity

- The Simpsons Odyssey: purple one with the Simpsons house
- Behind the Laughter: rainbows
- LETS: design before current (Bart skateboarding)

grissom from Springfield Files

NHC, the Archive, Last Exit To Springfield.

Anti-NHC communities on other forums, lack of originality in new sites, loss of talented webmasters like Jon Levin.

BTL's final design, Simpsons Top 100's "Deep Space Homer" design, this one from Destination: Springfield

Eric from defunct Evergreen Terrace

- the simpsons archive
- the springfield message board
- fox's legal department

- webmasters losing interest due to the show's declining quality
- lack of new simpsons archive episode capsules when A.T.S. grew less popular
- taking over the simpsons sourcebook

- last exit to springfield
- mcbain: let's get silly
- picks' tribute to the simpsons (late 90's)



The Simpsons Archive
Hundreds of pages about the Simpsons from episodes to merchandise lists. It's maintained by various people around the world (including me!). It is your number one visit for Simpsons information. It's like Simpsons-encyclopedia online! Simply one and only.
Last Exit to Springfield
LETS has come a long way. Today it is your top Simpsons site to visit. It features eye-catching design + smooth flash and content varies from gamely-interactive to information.
The Simpsons Crazy
The Simpsons Crazy is a site which offers news about new Simpsons products reporting. Bit of slow to load. It has own Kwik-E-Mart store and it is also home of SNN radio.
Funny new site!
Simpsons Zip
Updates are frequent, content is good and knowledge is there.
The Simpsons Gallery
General site coming from Norway, The Simpsons Gallery. Site offers tons of (i mean) and tons of Simpsons framegrabs from old episodes to latest one. Check out cool wallpapers for your computer's desktop plus interesting trading cards.
A Guide to Springfield
This is one hell of a beast! Jerry and Terry has made many fans of dreams possible by creating real map of Springfield City. Hold your breath because this baby will give you lot to chew.
The Springfield Files
Lots of activity on here.
The Simpsons Channel
The Simpsons Channel is brought to by Adam who delivers latest Simpsons news of The Simpsons world.

Simpsons Math
The Simpsons Home
Just Simpsons
The Simpsons Comics Site
The Simpsons Animation Cels
Springfield Weekly
Springfield Springfield!
Lotsa activity and content to seek.
CBG's Video Game Collection
The Simpsons-O-Rama

Milhouse File
Collecting Simpsons
Legitimate Businesman's Social Club
Sideshow Bob Archive
Picks' Tribute to The Simpsons


Adam from Last Exit to Springfield
Alex from Eye on Springfield
Alicia from Little Miss Springfield
Bill from Collecting Simpsons!
Ben from Simpson Crazy
Brian from The Simpsons Archive
Bruce from The Simpsons Archive
Bryan from Simpsons Top 100
Eric from Evergreen Terrace
Graham from Simpsons Fanworks
Haynes from The Simpsons Archive
Jeffrey from Beyond Blunderdome
Jerry from The Springfield Map
Jonah from The Springfield Shopper
Jonathan from Serious Burns
John from The Sourcebook
Jon from Behind the Laughter
Jouni from Simpsons Archive
Matty from an Unofficial Simpsons
Nate from The Simpsons Tree
Nick from Simpsons Showcase
Peter from The Simpsons Archive
Ryan from Simpsons Web
Shannon from Picks' Tribute
Simon from New Springfield
Tammy from Simpsons Archive

(2000) Haynes Lee
The Original Krusty the Clown Homepage
Homer's Head Sound Archive
A to Z List
The Simpsons Archive
(1998) Looks pretty classic!
The Simpson Treasury
The Simpson Treasury
(2001) This guy did a fantastic job.
Dave Hall's Simpsons Pages
(1996) A true classic!
Last Exit to Springfield
(199?) Yes!
Maximum Homerdrive
(2000) Bob Jung.
Picks' Tribute to The Simpsons
(2000) My two cents.
Remedial Genius
(2000) Mike.
(2000) Classic of an own era.
The Simpsons Central
(2000) It's a fuddbeerdotcom.
The Simpsons Radio
(2000) Ryan and Nate discuss new sites, character sites, Dennis Wilson and underground Simpsons sites and much more.
Simpsons Surplus
(2000) Brad.
Springfield Uncensored
(2000) Ed.
Milhouse File
(2000) Holy crap. An update? Nope... it's not, but there will be one soon.
The Simpsons Directory
(2000) The Simpsons Community News.
The Simpsons Folder
(1998) Jukka.
The Simpsons Sourcebook
(1999) John and Jeff.
The Springfield Shopper - Page
(2000) One interior.
The Simpsons Tree

The Simpsons Tree
(1999) Halloween look.
(1999) Alicia.
'Round Springfield
(2000) Duffless
The Ullman Era
Beyond Blunderdome
(2000) Jeff.
Evergreen Terrace
(2000) You get the picture.
Eye on Springfield
(2000) Aaron.
(2000) Rip-off of Simpsons Folder.
I Can't Believe it's a Simpsons Site!
(199?) Test version.
(2000) Bigger than Homer's underpants.
Maggie & Eric
(2000) Jake.
The Simpsons Mainframe
The Simpsons Mainframe
The Simpsons Showcase
(2000) Nick Laws productions.
The Simpsons Tree
(2001) Gilmore.
Omar's Simpsons Site
(1999) Old old old.
WOO-HOO - The Simpsons World (1997) The Simpsons Folder
The Simpsons Web
(2000) Ryan finally made it.
The Boy Who Knows Everything
(2000) Sascha!
Barthomolew's Quest for Knowledge
(2000) New Springfield
Behind the Laughter
Behind the Laughter
(2000) Justin Polokoff
Cypress Creek
(2000) CC.
Fandom: The Simpsons Sourcebook
(2000) big sell-out
(2000) Haynes Lee

(2001) Joe Cams
The Futurama Outlet
(2001) A classic!
The Simpson Action Figure Station
The Simpson Action Figure Station
(2000) DaToupee
The Springfield Connection
The Springfield Message Board
(2001) Infopop!
The Homer Files
(2000) Evan Denis
Omar's Simpsons Site
Behind the Laughter
(2003) Jon Levin
Click on Springfield
The Simpsons Top 100
and the List (1998) and Bryan first site titled as Homer Simpson is here
Seven Forty-Two
The Simpsons Library
The Springfield Source
The Simpsons Extravaganza
The Simpsons Extravaganza
The Simpsons Down Under
Last Exit to Springfield
Last Exit to Springfield
Last Exit to Springfield
The Simpsons Channel
The Simpsons Channel
The Simpsons Channel
The Simpsons Channel
The Simpsons Channel
The Simpsons Channel
(199?) Adam Wolf.
More to come! If you have something to share in this area - .


This banner appeared on one of Nate's site in the 90's.


Aaron Florian is famous for outstanding designs and coding. His las work from 1999 is one of the best designed Simpsons character site on the net, filled with asp technology and inspirative ideas.

Adam Wolf has created many great designs for his S-websites. He has a good eye to use pastel colors. He ran two websites; LETS and The Simpsons Channel. Both of them are up-to-date we speak and it's been like that last ten years.
Last Exit to Springfield
The Simpsons Channel
The Milhouse File
The World of Bart Simpson
The Aussie Simpsons Extravaganza
The Simpsons Down Under

Most of his designs has been from the beginning most cleaniest seen, colors in harmony and everything layed on the page so normal user can easily use the whole site.
Eye On Springfield

Simpsons for Sale

Brian Petersen is the man behind the Simpsons Archive's current layout. While many says it's dull and lacking in graphics, i say it's very good to use and after many years of use it hasn't been wash out at all!
The Simpsons Archive

Ed Slavin's designs gives a good vibes! Nice little work, except third one which is above others.
The Springfield Gallery

Eric Wirtanen's work has been all the same from the beginning - basic L-structure. However - simple layout paid off with 3,000 visits everyday which is by far the best scores in S-site, ever!
Evergreen Terrace
Simpsons Top 50
Stu's Disco

The Simpsons Sourcebook was originally created by Ryan Johnson. After Ryan shut his site down in '97, John Fiedler re-open it with almost same look and later with his own design. John's work is clean and his miniature Globex Corporation website is just great!
The Simpsons Sourcebook
Fandom Sourcebook
The Simpsons Top 50
The Springfield Connection
Globex Corporation

Jouni started on the net with his own website which was based on character voting. Results are now added on the Simpsons Archive's. Nowdays, Jouni is webmaster of the SNPP.
The Simpsons Character Poll

Truly magnicifient flash (at that time) work done by french fan. Everything is working smoothly, graphics are clear and sharp and functionatility of the layout is superb.
The Cletus Farm

Lee's designs are peacufull and clean from the beginnning but his fourth and especially fifth are truly remarkable, even it has normal L-structure layout. Design elements are done perfectly, not trying to look bigger or better than it is.
The Simpson Treasury
Try N Save

Matty Jorissen is famous for his great flash animated Simpsons sites. He uses lot of interactivity on his work and it's makes his site more alive than others. He loved to design sites using theme which gives more depth and originality for his work.
The Simpsons: Unoffical
The Simpsons Hollandaise
Duff'n Pretzelz
Springfield, USA
Stonecutters Network
Simpsons Sea
Trashcan: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Nate Gilmore is famous for his McBain: Let's Get Silly site which was serving its visitors many years ago with really nice look of that time. He sort of always tried to achieve something nobody else haven't done in design scene and that's makes all his work interesting.
Mc Bain: Lets Get Silly
The Simpsons Tree
Simpsons Radio
Legitimate Businessman Social Club
Unused Mc Bain: Lets Get Silly

Nicolai Dypdahl's sites we're around 2001. Nicolai uses pretty simple and easy to follow look. He is from Norway.
Highway to Springfield
Tribute to Snake

Legendary Ryan Johnson. Now gone but some of us has still small place in our hearts for him. He is famous from his Simpsons Sourcebook, which was in 1997 best Simpsons site on the net. He is also behind the Simpsons Archive's first design and Alf Clausen's 1997 website.
The Simpsons Sourcebook
Alf Clausen (official)
The Simpsons Archive

Simon Lau's layout with stuff divided on left and right but it has been given more cartoony feel than it's many competitors.New Springfield
Barthomolews Quest for Knowledge

All kinds of shit that happens on the Simpsons websites but might not ever got into public more than 10 minutes.
Jukka's update at Evergeen Terrace
Coming page for Bart Archive
Preview of The Simpsons Channel
Unused design for Ullman Years
Collage of websites from March 1999

Alicia Tishenko from New York makes interesting designs and usually pretty different stuff than others.
Little Miss Springfield

Alex Mansell (aka Mango) has given excellent looks for his site.
The Simpsons Picture Central

Collecting Simpsons! started in 1996. It has been redesigned two times and both of them are very unique ones.
Collecting Simpsons!

Bryan Ludvigsen main project was Simpsons Top 100 and he was the man behind SMB, also.
The Simpsons Top 100
Springfield Message Board
Channel 6 News
Simpsons Radio

I Can't Believe It's a Simpsons Site and 1996. It was a site which had very kinky, different look when comparing it to others.
I Can't Believe it's a Simpsons Site

Eric Hynds has been designing his 'Round Springfield site a lot and always with a nice, clear theme.
'Round Springfield

Sunday's of Thunder was Esa Eslami's online project in summer 1999. It had nice clean design all the way and everyone loved this site since day one!
Sundays of Thunder

Jon Levin has been influencing many Simpsons fan sites over the years. His latest project was Behind the Laughter. Please note that some of his work we present here are unused.
The A Milhouse Divided
The Springfield Town Hall
The Springfield in Pixels
The Planet Hype
The Behind the Laughter
The Viva Los Simpsons
The Various designs

Jukka's first Simpsons page opened in 1995. Today it's THE Simpsons Folder.
The Simpsons Folder
The Springfield Zone
The Springfield Connection
Jukka's Simpsons Page'95

Matt Thom was owner of absolutely massive and fabulous Homer Simpson character site which really had some attitude from the day one. It was way ahead of it's time, using elements and images nobody used before.
The Homer Archive

Mike Gibb uses really nice little elements which sort of give depth to his work.
The Remedial Genius

The Simpsons Showcase opened in 2000. Since the day one, he has been given new face to his site frequently and designs went in good direction.
The Simpsons Showcase
The Simpsons Mainframe
The Simpsons Exchange

Ryan Irvine started with The Simpsons Web and it seem to be his latest true Simpsons project on the net. His work has always been clean and simple. Take a look at trashcan of (this was possible ET design when it was planning to return the net on 2001).
The Simpsons Web

Shannon Vieira (also known as Picken) has been influence for many Simpsons webmasters when they we're creating their Simpsons websites. Her work we're professional. Shannon also made a design of Collecting Simpsons! which unfortunately has been dead many years.
Picks' Tribute to The Simpsons
Collecting Simpsons!

One hit wonders and worth a see classical Simpsons sites from the beginning of the community.
The Simpsons Surplus
Thano's Simpsons Webpage
The Simpsons Channel
Hari's Simpsons Site
Official Simpsons Sites
Evergreen Terrace
The Full Monty
Montage of Minor Characters
Much Ado About Simpsons
Brian's Tribute to the Simpsons
The Simpsons Zone
Springfield Art Exhibition
Dima's Simpsons Page
Channel 6 News
The Simpsons Top 50
The Apu Files
The Simpsons Central
The Ned Flanders Realm
The Simpsons Matrix
The Simpsons Mania 2000
L'aggegioso Favoleggio
Beyond Blunderdome
Insert Caption Here
Skinny on Springfield
The Simpons Trivia Center
The Sprinfield Shopper
That's Unpossible
The Springfield Source
Sprinfield Knowledgeum
South of Springfield
Behind the Laughter
Maggie and Eric
Eye on Springfield
Twisted World of Marge Simpson
A Burns for All Seasons
The Boy Who Knew Too Much
Virtual Springfield
Simpsons Database
Grampa Online
Homer Files
Krusty Burger
A Home for Lenny
Maximum Homerdrive
Spirit of Springfield
Springfield Outlet
The Simpsons Top 50
Ullman Era
Springfield Uncensored

        if you're really reading this i would like to saythe simpsons folder you