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sticky update for a day or seven . if you want newsfeed, just press the N (on the right).

it looks like the simpsons websites are no more as active as they use to be. everything is more upside down as official website is more active than fan site. well, time goes on and here’s our latest upgrade to the site featuring:

oct 19 – upgrade 5

long time no see. looks like i managed to gather something special today:

– fifty (50) fan-art images are added to gallery. they we’re given to folder few years ago and been on the todo -list to this day.

marge is in the playboy this month and here, too. get the magazine now!

the simpsons stamps at 30dpi – here.

– in honor of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics, here’s scott Beale’s 7 photos of graffiti mural.

if you plan to contact me – you can leave me private message at i’m jukka on there.