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Fan Interview: Nate Gilmore

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Fan Interview: Nate Gilmore

This document is done

Could you tell us something about yourself, where you live and how old are you?

i’m 22 and live in jacksonville (florida) at the moment.

Any disgusting personal habits?

no. i look sort of messy or dissheveled most of the time. so you might assume i don’t shower. i do though. i like aveda shampoo.

Hobbies off the net?

i like music. independent.. indie pop. post punk. singer/songwriter stuff. stuff on that tip. i’d like to make my own someday. i like going to shows. sitting around with people and watching bad tv and good movies. drinking. reading. dancing. all at once, i can do it. i can show you.

You we’re running the Simpsons Tree many years. Who/what inspired you to create it?

oh, but i didn’t. there was once a man named aaron. he’s like 30 and has a wife and kids now. anyway, i ran into him like 6 years ago on AOL, right as he was making his “simpsons tree”. he suggested i make a website for a simpsons character, so i did. then he told me to get into his pickup truck because he had a puppies 🙁

anyway, i built a mcbain site. then when he died of dysentary, he gave his grandfather’s simpson tree, which i then treasured for a number of years until..

…The Simpsons Tree closed its doors few months ago.

Did you lose the interest for it or what happened?

certainly i lost interest in simpsons websites. probably 2 years ago, but i sort of kept the tree up because people seemed to enjoy what i was doing, and it seemed sort of pointless to shut down when keeping it at least somewhat up to date was so easy. several moths ago, there was a lot of talk of kids making some tree-type sites. like top20 character sites, or some such, which i thought was great. believe me, i would have shut the tree down a lot earlier had someone come up with a decent replacement.

but alas, their top lists sucked. i still could’t quit. but .. one day, when an update was long over-due i got a sort of funny email that i chose to close the tree with (actually displayed at what remains of the tree at and i guess i thoguht it would be a cute note to end on. plus, i think bryan’s top100 has a character toplist available (if it doesn’t, he
should get on that).

You have still your personal blog at Tell me about it.

oh.. it is? fuck. yeah, it is. always. it’s just a place for me to talk about stupid things i like. movies and music generally. or just talk shit. and show off my medicore photographs. but i don’t really consider it a blog. or what i connotate with that word. i try to write it for people that don’t know me at all.. no name dropping or bothering anyone with my lame problems. its all about stupid music and quirky tidbits.

What do you think about today’s Simpsons sites on the net?

i don’t think anything about them really. i don’t visit them. i like the sites by the people who actually present intereting ideas (such as yourself), but still. i don’t know. the show isn’t too hot these days, so i can’t really pretend to be enthusiastic about it. i’m digging the yearly DVDs though.

Are there any Simpsons websites with an attractive design and layout in your opinion?

yeah, i like alicia’s stuff. i like matty jorrisen’s machines. and i mean, there’s a lot of sites out there that aren’t BAD, they’re just not really interesting or anything. but really, i have no business commenting on it, as i don’t visit any of them at all really.

What is the worst Simpsons site you have visited? get some pictures and sounds, then we’ll talk motherfucker.

What are design styles you love and hate?

uhm. just, unconventional looking pages. if it looks like something i’ve seen, it better have some goddamn SNPP calliber content (yes, i do really like snpp).

What do you like and hate about the net?

well, it’s basically responsible for my entire music infatuation. i basically just steal music and talk to people online. so yeah, napster (which begat audiogalaxy which begat soulseek) and AIM are the two greatest inventions in human history. the third greatest being the cotton gin or perhaps physics.

i don’t hate anything about the internet. i mean, sure, it’s turning us all into robots, but i think robots are way hot. you know?

What is your favorite episode on The Simpsons and why?

marge vs. the monorail. i enjoy episodes that deal with the town as a whole. any episode with the entire town in a big room, at least that scene is going to be fucking funny. and it’s got phil hartman. it’s got a musical number. leonard nimoy.. yeah man

How do you see future of The Simpsons?

the time for it to naturally end has long since expired, so who the fuck knows. i’m sorta looking forward to the eventual classy 1 hour special series ending episode it’ll probably recieve. then we get the movies. for better or for worse it never ends

What kind of computer system do you use?

i use a few. i’ve had this 400mhz pentium for fucking years that i use most of the time. but then i have access to two brand new computers a lot of the time, they’re both dells. nothing’s networked or anything, so it’s really confusing, but i use them all about an equal amount

And when designing, what programs do you use and why?

photoshop. because.. kinda, whowever made it was a fucking genius. i don’t even use a a tenth of what it can do probably, and i can come up with some pretty cool shit. i know illustrator as well, but it’s not as vital. i’ve tried to learn flash about 20 times, but i just can’t get into it. i prefer homesite for html’ing, but dreamweaver is fine too

Describe your desktop. What do you see around your computer?

piles of cds. empty glasses and bottles and cans. random stickers and nonensical magazine clippings and some music posters and shit. a casio keyboard and a toy piano. don’t ask

Any final comments?

yeah, i was thinking you should do audio interviews. i’ve always wanted to be audio interviewed, and to be interviewed by someone with a thick finnish accent.. that’d be pretty hot. kinda like i’m the drummer from journey or something doing press in belgium. right?

Thick finnish accent???