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Fan Interview: Jonah Flynn

This document is done

Tell me something about yourself.

My name is Jonah Flynn, age 16, living in beautiful Toronto, Ontario. I’m just starting the 11th grade, so since the marks I get this year will actually be looked at by universities and colleges I apply to, I’ll actually have to..<gulp> Oh well, I guess all I can do is enjoy my last few days of summer.

How long you have been a fan of the show?

The first full episode of The Simpsons I watched was “Bart Gets Hit By a Car” on January 11th, 1991. Therefore, I’ve been watching the show for 10 years, seven months, and fifteen days. God, I hope I did that right. Would be pretty embarassing if I didn’t. Although I didn’t really understand everything that was happening in the plot, because of all the law terms and all, and because I was 6, I somehow enjoyed the episode, and continued to watch and record every episode ever week. I guess it was Bart’s mischief that I liked about the show at first.

Who is your favorite character and could you explain why?

I’ve always liked Bart and Homer the most. But lately, Homer’s become overused (a bad thing) and Bart underused (another bad thing). Homer probably still provides the most laughs, but I really appreciate when the minor characters show up, like Comic Book Guy, Chief Wiggum, Moe, Ralph, Milhouse, Gil, and Apu. Those are some of my favorite characters.

Is there anything you hate on the Simpsons?

Don’t get me started. Don’t EVEN get me started! Heh, well, like most
people, there are some things I hate on the show in the past three seasons. Too much Homer, too little minor character episodes, some plots are too crazy and far-out, and the lack of appearances by Patty, Selma, Jacqueline Bouvier, Grampa, Bumblebee Man, Martin, Mrs.Krabappel, Itchy and Scratchy, and others. Also, I’d like some more of those serious episodes, like “Homer’s Triple Bypass” and “‘Round Springfield”. I guess that’s all I hate. Oh, that and “Simpson Safari”, of course. 🙂

Could you tell us about your Springfield Shopper. What kind of site it is and what are your plans for it. What are your favorite sites?

My site, The Springfield Shopper, is an informative and original site that unfortunately, isn’t too interactive, but makes up for it with creative content. I try to thing up exclusive and never-before done ideas and sections for my site, so that way people will keep visiting for things they can’t see at other sites. My up-to-date news updates also draws people over. I plan on continuing to make new and original content to please everyone. My favorite Simpsons sites are Evergreen Terrace (which I also work for), The Simpsons Archive, The Simpsons Folder, and The Simpsons 100. Other than
that, my favorite site is probably

You are man behind sequel for the books “Complete Guide to Our Favorite Family” and “The Simpsons Forever!” How did you got the idea to make those up-to-date pages?

I was looking through my ‘Simpsons Forever!’ book, and thought it would be nice to have a new book for the later seasons. Inspiration just hit me at that point. I got on my computer and through together a page for “A Tale of Two Springfields”. It looked good, so I put it on my site. It just continued from there.

Do you collect Simpsons merchandise?

Yup, I’m a big Simpsons collector indeed. I sometimes fork over some big bucks for the stuff too. There have been so many animation cels that I’ve come very close to buying, but backed off. I always think to myself “Is $500 really worth a picture?”. If it is or it isn’t, I’m not prepared to pay it. The only ‘cel’ I have is the Bart-O-Lounger cel, which is a limited edition one, but not a production cel. Plus, I have a picture of the Simpsons, signed by Matt Groening, ALSO with a picture of Bart he hand-drew himself onto the picture. (Man, he does suck at drawing Bart), which was a special gift for me on my Bar Mitzvah.

I collect the action figures and playsets, and have all of them (series 1-5), except for the Toyfare exclusive crap, which I hold no respect for. I don’t think I’ll sell them at any time though, because, it sounds stupid, but you grow attached to them. When you work hard to find all these figures, you don’t feel like getting rid of the whole collection. All my figures are on their cards, all hanging from pegs on my walls, as well as every issue of Simpsons Comics hanging in order, taking up a whole wall. I also have lots of other miscellaneous pieces, but my favorite piece of Simpsons merchandise is hardly a piece of merchandise at all. It’s the full-size, hard to find 1990 Simpsons Pinball game by Data East. It’s my biggest, most expensive Simpsons product.

Do you have any new projects coming up soon that you can tell usabout?

Nothing specific at the moment, but I’ll probably make another cartoon at some point, following up my Cape Feare movie, which is the only Simpsons cartoon on the net with dialogue. At least that I know of. I know for sure that I will continue making ‘Complete Guide’ pages when the 13th season starts.

Describe your desktop. What do you see around your computer?

My T.V. is right next to my computer, so when I’m working on my PC, I always turn the TV towards me. It’s entertainment for when I’m doing something reeeeaaally boring and stupid. For instance, right now I’m watching “Treehouse of Horror V” on Global while I’m writing the answers to your questions, Jukka. (snicker).

The Comic Book Shop playset is also next to my computer monitor. When I’m low I can always push the button and hear one of CBG’s hilarious quotes. I also have some model cars and a huge video and DVD collection, with classic films from Ace Venture: Pet Detective all the way to Wayne’s World.

Final comments?

I enjoy working on my site for all of you visitors out there. For something almost entirely non-profit, it gives me personal satisfaction. It’s a hobby, I guess. For all of you who have given up on The Simpsons lately, consider jumping back onto the banwagon this season when Al Jean takes over. Some of your problems with the show may just vanish along with Mike Scully.

Jukka, it’s been great talking to you, and I wish you great luck with The Folder. With fans like me, and many others, you won’t need it. Congrads!